Monday, June 6, 2022

The result of the confidence vote is a total vindication of the strategic genius of the SNP-Green government in guaranteeing that the independence referendum will be held BEFORE the next general election

In many ways, the tight result of tonight's confidence vote is the dream outcome for the Yes campaign in #Referendum2023.  Even by the standards of Tory PMs, Boris Johnson is horrifically unpopular in Scotland, and now he will stagger on, further weakened, and be the vision of government that unionists present as the alternative to independence next year. The hardening of Brexit, which also forms a key part of what the Yes campaign will be arguing that Scotland needs independence to avoid, will also now not be thwarted in the interim by the election of a more moderate Tory leader.

But of course these massive advantages for Yes only hold true because the majority SNP-Green government have guaranteed that the referendum will take place well before the general election in 2024.  If they hadn't done that, and if there was any question of the referendum not taking place until after 2024, tonight would have considerably eroded the prospects for independence.  Labour are more likely to win the 2024 election now that a weakened Boris remains in harness, and Brexit is thus more likely to be softened a little after that election.  The post-2024 environment would be a much less favourable one in which to seek a Yes majority.  So there can no longer be any doubt that the SNP leadership did absolutely the right thing by facing down those in their own party calling for a further kicking of the can down the road, and instead saying absolutely firmly, "no ifs, no buts", the referendum simply MUST and WILL be held during 2023.  Bring it on, because we all know that now the promise of a 2023 referendum has so wisely been made, we can count on the SNP-Green government to deliver it.


There are just 213 days until the earliest possible date for #Referendum2023 (5th January)

There are just 563 days until the last possible date for #Referendum2023 (21st December)

(Note: the Countdown Clock calculations assume that tradition will be maintained by holding #Referendum2023 on a Thursday, and that it will be before Christmas.)

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  1. Any more of this stuff James and you'll be getting invited to join Skier in the Dughoose where they actually believe it!😂

  2. No doubt Britnat in Chief Sturgeon was waving her union jack in joy when Johnston won the vote because she can blame not holding the referendum on him and even more of the independence fund can be paid into Murray Foote's bank account. The WGD nicophant numpties will still be true believers chasing their pot of gold at the end of the SNP rainbow.

    1. Hamish100 thinks that 'Red Tory' Kevin McKenna should head off to the Herald, which is the 'National's' sister paper

      OK hamster – how about engaging the old brain cells and thinking about the implications of “sister papers” in the modern media and political world? And how much subsidy should each paper get in the leaner, meaner world of Holyrood governance?

    2. Imposter at 1.11pm. The WGD numpties complain about my posts and then come on and post as me. Total numpties.


    "There are two interesting things about this advice, but neither of them are included in the page-and-a-half of A4 published...

    ...the really key legal question around a referendum is whether the Scottish Parliament could legislate for one, even without a transfer of power from Westminster.

    Of that, there is no mention - either because ministers have managed to keep that advice private, or because they haven't asked for it in the first place."

    Anyone absolutely convinced the SNP/SG have actually bothered to ask for that legal advice...?