Friday, May 27, 2022

Those #AbsoluteMenaces have done it again - the Alba Party's vote DOUBLES in latest YouGov poll

When I posted about the new YouGov poll the other night, it was quite late and my eyelids were drooping heavily, so I didn't get round to adding the Holyrood numbers.  Here they are now.

Scottish Parliament constituency voting intentions:

SNP 47% (-1)
Labour 23% (+4)
Conservatives 18% (-3)
Liberal Democrats 7% (-)
Greens 2% (-)

Scottish Parliament regional list voting intentions:

SNP 39% (+1)
Labour 21% (+2)
Conservatives 18% (-1)
Greens 10% (-1)
Liberal Democrats 8% (+1)
Alba 2% (+1)

The percentage changes listed above are from the previous YouGov poll around six months ago, so the swing they show from Tory to Labour is pretty much already factored in - there's nothing really new in it, and it reflects what happened in the local elections earlier this month.  All the other changes are not statistically significant, but that in itself is very important, because it would suggest that the SNP, the Greens and the mainstream media have utterly failed in their attempts to use the local election results to either kill off Alba completely or to persuade the electorate that Alba should be regarded as being "as good as dead".  In fact, Alba's vote has increased from 1% to 2% in the last six months, so if simply surviving as a party after the local elections is the test, it seems Alba has passed with flying colours.  It may even be that the local elections have actually been helpful in boosting the party's profile.

In practice, of course, Alba will need to double its vote to have a good chance of winning a seat or two in the Holyrood elections in 2026, or triple its vote to win a significant haul of seats.  It looks like first preference votes in the local elections are a pretty good guide to the votes Alba would have received if a Holyrood list ballot had been held this month - which makes perfect sense, because the Holyrood list is not a second preference vote, and the SNP will presumably keep pushing the "both votes SNP" message.  So standing still on the roughly 2% vote share Alba achieved in the wards it stood in at the local elections will not cut it, but it's a pretty decent platform for a new party to build on over the coming four years.  

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  1. WGD numpties will be raging. Hamish and Jimbo's heads will be swivelling. The SNP is NOW just another Britsh political party more concerned with winning elections and keeping themselves on the gravy train. Both votes SNP and vote SNP and no other are policies that show they are happy for Tories to get elected before other independence parties. Like New Labour Nu SNP will be rumbled by the electorate and then someone will find out what Murrell is keeping hidden in the SNPs books. Just how much of the Indyref2 fund has found its way into Murray Foote's bank account?

  2. WGD numpty Alex Clark says: - " The BBC is an utter disgrace, absolutely nothing at all on the rule changes to the Ministerial code in order to save Johnston's skin........"

    Now now Alex you cannae say that about the BBC your idol Sturgeon says the BBC is a key and valued institution.

    On a point of detail are you sure Alex that the changes are retrospective or does it only apply to any events from today's date. Being a numpty I wouldn't be surprised if you got it wrong.

  3. Thanks, James. Onwards and upwards.

  4. Will the results from the latest census show a marked increase in No voters settling in Scotland from England?

  5. Nasty WGD numpty Dr Jim thinks your selling yourself a big dodd of delusion James. This from the deluded nicophant Jimbo who clings on desperately to liar Sturgeons' referendum 2023 carrot.

  6. WGD nasty numpty Dr Jim has this to say: - " I suppose if you are going to sell yourself something it might as well be a big dodd of delusion. "
    ( Jimbo is referring to your article James)

    And no one does self delusion more and better than Jimbo. Jimbo has convinced himself that Sturgeon will reveal her secret plan at the SNP conference this year and it will be earth shattering and the whole world will suffer " nuclear fallout". " will be not be just the starting gun but the starting bombshell."

    Numpties are now also using "free in 23" to bolster their self delusion.

    Jimbo says Sturgeon can keep a secret but Jimbo claims to know the secret. What a numpty. Talk about self delusion.

    What date is Indyref2? Alright how about what month next year Jimbo? Go on Dr Jimbo let me know so I can avoid booking a holiday that clashes with Indyref2.

    1. A day later Dr Jim posts this: - " I believe what might stand in the way of independence is the likelihood that Boris Johnston will call a snap GE next Autumn........."

      So the earth shattering nuclear fallout announcement from Sturgeon at the SNP conference may be a damp squid. The numpties are getting their excuses ready.

      There is no reason for a GE to prevent independence. Just use it instead of a referendum or just have both.

      What is certain is that people like Jimbo are complete and utter numpties.

    2. That would be the most fatuous excuse ever. Boris Johnson isn't going to call an early general election, for very obvious reasons. "Oh but he's LIKELY to" - no he's not. On what planet is he likely to, and why?

    3. Well James, fellow WGD numpty Alex Clark says this:- " You might well be right Dr Jim about a GE next year. Johnson's Deputy Chief of Staff said so on Wednesday."

      The source of this info? GB NEWS!!!!!!! I have noticed that the numpties are referencing Britnat media more and more. Irish Skier seems to like the Daily Mail a lot.