Sunday, November 19, 2023

VIDEO: Vote James Kelly #1 for Alba's Membership Support Convener - at this moment of maximum opportunity for Alba, let's nip factionalism and cliquishness in the bud

* Voting in the re-run of the Membership Support Convener election is now open and all Alba Party members can vote.  The online voting link should have arrived in your email inbox on Friday.  The previous running of the election a few weeks ago was voided, so you need to vote again if you want your vote to count.

* I have nothing to do with the factionalism and cliquishness and secret plotting that led to the original election being voided.  I think you all know that if I want to say something, I say it openly and publicly, and I don't skulk around in cowardly fashion plotting on secret Whatsapp groups.  So voting for me is a good way to quickly move away from this nonsense at a moment of maximum opportunity for the Alba Party.

* If I win, I will use my long experience as one of Scotland's leading pro-independence bloggers to engage with members creatively and re-engage with inactive members to make it less likely that they will drift away and leave the party.

* I will also try to help ease some of the communication problems that have bedevilled the party.

* I support the democratic empowerment of *all* Alba members.  Roughly half of the NEC are currently only elected by conference attendees - those voting rights should be extended to all members.  All other national committees should also be elected by the whole membership, which is not the case at present.  And all members should be able to vote on conference resolutions, regardless of whether they are in the hall or not - this is perfectly achievable by online vote.

* A fully democratised party will have a far better chance of attracting new members, who will know that they're not just joining a fan club or a chat show.

* Only full democratic empowerment of Alba members can protect against a "Sturgeon / Starmer scenario" in which a future new leader comes in and bypasses the members to take the party in a new direction, for example by putting independence on the backburner.  Once that happens it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle - the only protection is to get the structures right *before* it happens.


  1. Absolutely on the ball James . I will vote for your good self once again

  2. Good policies. All the members should have a voice if they choose to use it. I voted for you.

  3. Haven't received voting email. Worried.

    1. If it's not there (it should have arrived on Friday lunchtime), and if it's not in your spam folder, I would just send in a query.

  4. Found it; done. Another vote for James Kelly.

  5. You’ve got my vote James

  6. I see Irish Skier is back to his old shit that Salmond is not suing the Scottish government. He used to say that the Judicial Review ( unfair, unlawful and tainted by apparent judgement decision) had nothing to do with Sturgeon as she has nothing to do with the Scottish government. In Skier's mind you are First Minister of ??????? Oh that's right it's a First Minister of a cabinet not the government of Scotland according to Skier. Is Skier mad, an SNP propagandist or both?

    So I'm guessing in the Skier mind when Yousaf said today :- " Unsurprisingly, to anyone listening or watching the Scottish government will defend its position robustly but I will say no more because it is a live case." Skier must think Yousaf is just a communications officer.

    Or what about Sturgeon. Well she seems to have lost the power of speech as a spokesperson says today:- " Nicola utterly refutes Salmond's claims, as she has always done." Well Skier if it is all the bad British/English at work here why is Sturgeon refuting claims or are you saying Sturgeon is a Britnat. The truth is Skier you are a liar and a complete diddy.

    I've also had a good laugh at the WGD numpties getting egg on their faces about Mathieson and his convoluted IPad story. It was all the bad British again they said making up SNP bad stories. Mathieson is a hero said Irish Skier. Others said he was a man of integrity. The numpties just keep on proving they are n to the power 2 - numpties and nicophants.