Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Staggering sensation as UK's "gold standard" polling company shows big majority for independence - and a settled will

Ipsos poll:

Should Scotland be an independent country?

Yes 54%
No 46%

Details and analysis to follow...


  1. But yet 54% is a failure, so exactly what is the SNP benchmark for challenging the UKG on the constitutional question?

  2. .... oh! Aye .... could this be our turning point ? ... all the sewer politics and corrupt "pork barrel Deals" (Michelle Mone PPE ?), BoJo & Sunak ... "they are only old people and will die anyway", No. 10 "Partygate", Braverman - Rwanda, Sir Kid Srarver - no hot meals for poor weans, no call for a "Cease Fire" in Gaza from either Sunak or Stamer ... MAYBE this time Scots have had enough !! .... we can do SO MUCH better.

    1. This poll registers YES support at 54% (54.3% using the raw numbers, excluding don't knows and applying likelihood to vote factor) and compares with the most recent Ipsos poll (field dates 15-21 May 2023) registered YES at 53% (53.4% using the raw numbers, excluding don't knows and applying likelihood to vote factor). The prior one by the same company (field dates 28 Nov - 5 Dec 2022) posted YES at 56% (55.6%). The latter was no doubt boosted by the UK Supreme Court ruling so spiked upwards.

      I'd say there's really been little underlying change.

  3. If Scotland had a large political party which clearly saw independence as it's prime objective we would be in an intense campaign now as the incompetence, nastiness and collapse of the UK have never been clearer.
    Do we then have a smaller party filling the gap ? As a non party member I don't know as that party, to an external observer, seems to be knotted up in itself and unable to effectively deploy the energy of the experienced activists who are/were it's core membership.
    That leaves an organised federation of YES groups which on the face of it seems to be able to build it's organisational structure while simultaneously actively campaigning for independence - and to raise decent amounts of money while doing it.
    At present it is the parties which risk us failing to seize the time. When ambition and place seeking replace the cause; insurgent movements fail.
    Time for some people to get a grip or bugger off out of our way !

  4. After the events in the middle East, nobody in the Glasgow muslim community is for Labour anymore, maybe this poll has already factored in this

  5. Surprise surprise… WOS aren’t reporting the 54%…