Sunday, August 21, 2022

Nominations for Alba NEC election

This is a message for fellow members of the Alba party.  As you probably know, all of the elected positions within the party - leader, depute leader, office bearers and ordinary members of the National Executive Committee - will come up for re-election shortly.  I was lucky enough to be elected as one of the eight ordinary NEC members last year, and I'm going to attempt to stand for the NEC again, but to do that I'll need to clear the hurdle of the nominations process.  In order to make the ballot paper, I'll need one of the following -

A nomination from a LACU at a properly constituted meeting


Nominations from ten party members

I can't really predict whether I have any chance of being nominated by a LACU, and to the best of my knowledge there's no imminently planned meeting of my own local LACU (unless I've accidentally fallen off the North Lanarkshire mailing list or something - it's all gone very quiet on that front recently!), so with the deadline being quite tight I'm going to see if there are ten individual members willing to nominate me directly.  The procedure is different from last year, because I have to fill in a form with a list of the members (or the LACU) nominating me.  

So if you're an Alba member and you'd like to nominate me, the way to do it is to contact me directly.  My contact email address is:

As I said at this time last year, whatever you may think about me, there's no way anyone could ever accuse me of being an unknown quantity - my views have all been well-rehearsed in public and there'll be no surprises further down the line.  If you'd like those views to at least be part of the choice on offer to Alba members at the conference in October, I'd be really gratefully for a nomination.  And rest assured that if I don't hit the magic number quickly, I'll keep plugging away until the deadline!


  1. Nomination emailed to you just now with best wishes

  2. The international LACU meeting is this Sunday. I will see if I can get this on the agenda.

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