Saturday, September 4, 2021

WATCH in Glorious Technicolor: the Scot Goes Popcast interviews with Yvonne Ridley and William Duguid

When I started doing the podcasts a few months ago, I was strongly advised not to use Zoom.  But as the months have gone on, I've belatedly realised that the disadvantages of all the other options probably outweigh the disadvantages of Zoom, so I've given in to the inevitable.  And one big side-benefit of using Zoom is that it means I'll sometimes be able to bring you a video version as well.  So here, for your delectation and delight, are the full videos of the two podcast interviews I've done over the last few days, with Yvonne Ridley and William Duguid.  Yvonne spoke about the Taliban's return to power and her strategic advice for bringing about Scottish independence, while William spoke about the current state of the pro-independence New Media, the SNP-Green deal, the UK government's apparent contingency plans for annexing the Helensburgh area in the event of independence, and the Demographics of Independence report from CommonWeal.

If you have any problems with the embedded players below, the direct links to the videos are HERE and HERE.


  1. Great watch - well done.

  2. I much prefer the video to the podcast. Hope this is the preferred medium for future broadcasts.

    The WGD Numpty Quote of the Week.

    As ever there has been a large choice but the award goes to that well kent liar and all round bampot Scottish Skier for his post that the SNP/ Greens/ Scottish government have no excuses now for not calling a referendum.

    " There are no excuses now". says the WGD numpty.

    Even the dogs on the street know that is absolute nonsense.

  3. This Elections Bill the Britnats will be debating in Westminster this week is an attack on democracy - England's democracy.

    Here in Scotland we may put a cross alongside some politicians name every so often but we do not live in a democracy. We live in a colony with legal protections which over the last two centuries Scotlands politicians have ignored as they colluded in turning Scotland in to a colony.

    There was no democracy in 1707 when the people of Scotland objected to the creation of the Union and there is still no democracy today in Scotland.

  4. James, you have been given some free advice by the well Kent liar Scottish Skier. Seems he is a data analyst again this week.

    "My own advice to ALL Indy sites is as per WGD, i.e. stay positive and the readers keep coming/ people keep listening." says the Skier.

    There you are James just what you needed free advice from a liar and a bampot. No mention of telling the truth of course being a necessity. It wouldn't enter someone like Skiers head that perhaps the truth should be an essential requirement. Just remain positive and avert your eyes - ideally stick your head in the sand - and of course do this long enough and you will eventually die of suffocation but it will be a positive death.

    Numpties the lot of them on WGD.

    1. Hmmmm. I'm biting my tongue for now but I may not bite it forever. Particularly in the light of certain messages in my inbox which may be a great many things, but "positive" isn't one of them. The hypocrisy is genuinely breathtaking.

    2. Well James the nasty numpty Dr Jim on WGD has a nasty go at you this evening. Not much Kop these WGD moderators. WGD doesn't seem to be keeping to his agreement with you.

  5. Now the nasty numpty Dr Jim also seems to think it fine that Craig Murray is jailed for eight months for telling the truth. Nasty Jim likes that type of Scotland - a Scotland where people like him can assault women as he has admitted himself but not get jailed. A Scotland where Sturgeons sister gets her charges dropped but a journalist is jailed for telling the truth.

    The Tories may be the nasty party but Sturgeon and WGD have their own nasty numpty.

    Sturgeons Scotland.

  6. Can't say I often manage to read through an entire WGD blog. There's only a limited amount of appeal to the "aren't the Tories nasty, independence is coming" narrative. It's little more than childish name calling.