Thursday, September 2, 2021

Scot Goes Popcast with special guest William Duguid of Yes Perth City

The Scot Goes Popcast is very much like the proverbial London buses - you wait nine weeks for one to come along, and then two turn up at once. Joining me today for the second half of this week's double-header is the Twitter legend, benevolent dictator of Yes Perth City, and all-round good egg, William Duguid. The last time William and I met in real life was way back in the summer of 2015 at the launch party for CommonSpace, which by a strange quirk of fate has just shut down (in its later guise as Source News). So I thought it would be a good idea to start by asking William for his thoughts on the current state of the pro-independence New Media. We both agreed that the audio and video side of things is going from strength to strength, but that perhaps more conventional blogging isn't having its finest spell. 

I also asked him about the SNP-Green coalition/non-coalition, the reports that the UK government are apparently toying with the idea of annexing the area around Helensburgh after independence, and the new 'Demographics of Independence' report from Common Weal. 

Incidentally, I had a complete brain freeze towards the end of the recording when for a moment I couldn't remember how many list seats the SNP won at the May election. Just disregard what I said - they of course only won two (Emma Harper in the south and Emma Roddick in the Highlands and Islands).

You can listen to the podcast via the embedded player below, via the direct link to the Soundcloud file HERE, or on either Stitcher or Spotify.

You can also catch up with previous episodes of the Popcast -


  1. James, I am not a great one for listening to podcasts but you and your guest Willam were certainly very easy to listen to.

    Some thoughts for you.

    Your house will certainly have plenty of Union flags in it after a delivery from Sainsbury's.

    My take on why Ross is leader is simple. He sucked up big time to Johnston - what a snivelling boot licker Dross is.

    Good to hear a discussion on the yes poll movement from its high to the current level. Not sure the discussion came up with clear reasons for what has happened but of some merit nevertheless. The Sturgeonites used to use this polling to justify turning a blind eye to what was happening to Salmond. Wheest they would say look at the polls - look where she has taken us. The numpties on WGD avert their eyes now from the polls. Pathetic people who cannot face facts and the truth. The truth is that she is taking them on the road to perdition. Sacrificing their morals and integrity for a few months of good polls which Sturgeon was never going to take action on or maintain.

    The story about the UK preparing possible options to Faslane is just nonsense to bolster Sturgeon. The numpties jump about going even the Britnats think there will be a referendum soon. I very much doubt Campbell suggested a 50 year lease but I may be wrong. He did suggest a lease I believe but for a shorter period.

    Re the war amongst blogger comment. Most bloggers are anti Sturgeon so I do not think it is fifty fifty amongst bloggers. Nor do I think it is fifty fifty amongst voters. Most voters are still pro Sturgeon. It takes a long time for the public to change but the direction of travel is against Sturgeon - her ratings are down. Slowly but surely voters will see Sturgeon for what she is but by then she will have wasted a decade and a great opportunity for independence.

    Your guest William comes across as a really nice guy but also very complacent about the intentions of the SNP leadership. Having said that he certainly did not give them a ringing endorsement either. It is not much of an independence leader that needs to be pushed to consider independence.

    Strangely enough when discussing new media you didn't cover why the Scotgov can give millions to the anti independence MSM but not a penny to the new independence media. Surely helping to establish a significant media outside the control of Westminster should be a given for an Independence Party/government.

    I asked Donald McGregor the question about how many SNP MSPs did all those votes achieve on the list on a previous thread. No answer - I guess he had a brain freeze like you or was doing the SNP thing "avert your eyes " from troubling facts

  2. The SNP the supposed party of Scottish independence that never debates independence.

    Sturgeon is making fools of you.


  3. Jumping well in to the lead for the accolade of WGD numpty of the week quote is the recent addition to the collection of WGD numpties is the well kent liar Scottish Skier.

    The Skier (or whatever he claims to be this week) says this about Sturgeon not calling Indyref2:

    "There are no excuses now". Covid YA NUMPTY for one.

    Of course there are excuses but being a liar and an outright Sturgeon propagandist he likes to keep giving his fellow numpties hope.

    1. The liar Skier has an endless capacity for coming up with numpty comment after numpty comment. That is why I always said he would be more at home on WGD.

      "For me the referendum bill should set everything but the date."

      This is Skiers latest gem. Straight out the Sturgeon handbook of delay delay.

      A reminder to numpties Sturgeon first said there would be a referendum after the EU referendum. Aye Skier no date has been the case for many many a year now.

      Sturgeon must be really pleased with herself for getting away with this for so long. She probably never thought there were so many spineless numpties in the SNP.