Saturday, January 23, 2021

Video Exclusive: the Scottish Parliament voting intention numbers from the Scot Goes Pop / Survation poll


  1. The Lib Dems up 3 points in the constituency and 1 point in the list and giving an increase of 7 seats. Really - who votes for these diddies.

    This first second vote question just messes up people's understanding of what they are
    voting for.

    Good a single party majority for SNP. No excuses for inaction by the SNP on independence - sorry spoiler the current leadership will always find excuses - the pandemic being my take on the excuse for no action.

    Get it up you Dross back to third place.

  2. See a new Independence poll .52% Yes 48% No .Panelbase Sunday Times .
    Looks like they asked a non standard question .
    They asked the question how would you vote in an Independence referendum ? for Independence or remain in the UK

  3. You’re getting better at the videos James

    1. What because he doesn't appear in them?😂😂😂😂

    2. I'm sure that's probably hilarious, but after multiple attempts I still don't understand it.

    3. Sorry about that James I forgot I previously promised not to try to be funny. Failed.

      My mistake the picture froze but the sound continued and you are not in the frame at the beginning. So you are right not to be able to understand it. But it does show I focussed on what you were saying.