Tuesday, May 1, 2018

More red faces at Labour propaganda site as "exclusive poll" finds electorate split down the middle on whether independence should be a priority

For the second time in a few short weeks, CommonSpace's very favourite Labour propaganda site "The Red Robin" has come bob-bob-bobbin' along with some dubious coverage of Scottish polling.  In fairness, this time they've jointly commissioned the poll themselves, and they've used a proper BPC pollster so that we can see the datasets.  They may wish they hadn't done that, though, because the datasets reveal that either Survation or the Labour propagandists themselves made a schoolboy howler when framing one of the questions, which asked for views on the coalition SNP-Green government led by Nicola Sturgeon.  Somebody had better let Patrick Harvie know that he's been Deputy First Minister all this time, because I'm fairly sure he's still in the dark about it.

The website claims that the poll shows voters want the Scottish government to prioritise public services over independence.  At best, that's a rather misleading claim, because respondents were never actually presented with that straight choice.  Instead, they were asked separately whether the Scottish government should be prioritising the improvement of public services, and unsurprisingly gave a resounding yes to what is essentially an "Are motherhood and apple pie good things?" question.  When asked if they thought independence should be a priority, they were split roughly down the middle - 36% said yes, and 41% said no, which is more or less a statistical tie once the margin of error is taken into account.  Again, it was always utterly predictable that the result on that question would closely reflect what we already know about public opinion on independence itself - ie. that approximately half are in favour and approximately half are opposed.  What the Labour propagandists think they've proved with the new figures is anyone's guess.

Even more mysterious is what they think they were proving by asking whether respondents would prefer a Labour government or a Conservative government at Westminster.  For what very little it's worth, 60% said they preferred Labour and 40% said the Tories.  That's right up there with the poll that found that 97% agree with the statement that "the Pope is a Catholic" - except of course that 60% is a much lower number than 97%, and is humiliatingly low for a party that once utterly dominated the politics of Scotland.  How far must they have fallen to have reached the stage where 4 in 10 of the population prefer the hated Tories to them?

If the Labour propagandists had got the emphatic result they evidently expected on that question, we'd have been entitled to ask why they didn't ask more salient questions, such as "Do you agree that your preference for Labour over the Tories means you should never vote SNP in a Westminster election?"  But it seems Labour's problems run much deeper than the fact that voters are not returning to the fold from the SNP (or not in sufficient numbers, anyway).

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Your cut-out-and-keep guide to what is and is not news (source: the mainstream media) - 

The fact that the UK government want to use Brexit as an excuse for removing powers from the Scottish Parliament: Not News

The fact that the Scottish Tories failed to make good on their promise to use their "influence" to ensure that the EU Withdrawal Bill was amended at the Commons stage to prevent the power-grab: Not News

The fact that the Scottish Parliament voted overwhelmingly, and on a cross-party basis, to pass an emergency Continuity Bill to protect devolution from the power-grab: Not News

The fact that the Tories, having been soundly defeated on the floor of the Scottish Parliament, are going to the Supreme Court in London in an attempt to have the Continuity Bill struck down: Not News

The fact that the Welsh Government caved in and accepted the power-grab, thus allegedly leaving Nicola Sturgeon "isolated" and "under pressure": HOLD THE FRONT PAGE

The fact that Labour and the Liberal Democrats belatedly backed Nicola Sturgeon's decision to continue resisting the power-grab, thus demonstrating she is neither "isolated" nor "under pressure": Not News


  1. Unfortunately for the Labour supporting Commonspace and Red Robin when the UK public are polled on who makes the best PM, Jeremy Corbyn now falls a long way behind May, and when polled on voting it is even split Tory/Lab or the Tories are ahead.
    So again it doesn't matter a squat what voters in Scotland might like, they will get the English decision, which is very, very likely to be Tory.
    And the public services in Scotland are affected by what happens in England in terms of funding, and Barnett is going to be taken away.
    In the new Ind Ref these points should really be shouted out.

  2. I watched both STV and BBC Scotland news last night and could not believe they did not introduce the Lib dems and Labours support for the First Ministers/Scottish Government to reject the terms on offer. I have never been a conspiracy theory type of person but particularly over the last few years our news media has become a mouthpiece for their multi millionaire owners.Its hardly surprising then that Scottish Nationalist have rejected the print and Tv news publications due to their perverse/bias nature.Perhaps the British Nationalist will now do the same especially when you couple it with the the smearing of Corbyn that has been to prevalent since his election.

    1. Poor wee Jeremy Corbyn. Was he a supporter of the fascist Sinn Fein IRA, Hizbollah and Hamas. Was he a hater of Jews and Israel. Did he support the attack on the Falklands. Who knows, maybe MI6 does.

    2. State of this.

  3. Regarding the ~60/40 split, doesn't that remind you of anything? How about 62/38?

    I would suggest that the Scots polled for this have answered that question more or less on the basis of Brexit. Leave voters want a Tory government to get on with it and Remain voters want a Labour government to abort it.

    Unfortunately, their "full dataset" only shows past votes for GE 2017 and Ref 2014.

  4. Leading questions, m'lud. The jury should ignore the answers.

    Anti-Scottish Britnat media. Boycott the lot of them.

    The only answer to this unfair union with England: independence.

  5. Inspite of the remoaning EU crawlers and their House of Lords pals we will leave the EU Mafia and Scotland will remain in the Union. Up yer jock straps nat sis.

    1. State of this.

    2. Auld Francis reporting from Vatican news.

    3. State of this.

  6. In other news ruth has emerged from her bunker and is retwatting another daisley rantathon about the evil SNP. Apparently the SNP is the only party trying to destroy devolution because they want an independent Scotland. His little drones and fellow PIE members are loving it as usual. WHen will he be investigated by operation ORE or is his beloved JKR protecting him again?

    1. Ruth needs to be left alone with the wean on its way and to be looked after as well as all her kitchen duties. The affairs of state in this instance need to put on pause. The poor laddies on the street have no voice and the increase in Frosty Jack has caused alarm.

    2. The Nat sis are evil. They want to divide an integrated British people and sell themselves to a corrupt EU. They are not Scottish friendly and probably most have no Scottish heritage.

    3. State of this gibberish.

    4. She is a pro-independence person trying to wind people up by writing the sort of crap you'd expect from wacky ex-professors, dog food salesmen or other extreme British nationalists.

    5. Demelza, you go down the tin mine and give some comfort to the boys.

    6. State of this misogynist.

    7. She didn't complain when we pleasured each other in the caravan with her strap-on down at Polperro. She loved it.

  7. The Tories are doing extraordinarily well in the latest Ipsos Mori Scottish sub-sample. I wonder if the SLab vote is not beginning to collapse now? It has been extremely resistant over the years, but the profound lack of talent throughout the entire SLab base must surely be taking its toll. Apart from its MEPs, they have no quality MPs and only a handful of half-decent MSPs and councillors. The rest are total, and obvious, duds. After a while folk cannot help but notice. Unionist inclined Labour voters may be about to make a mass exit rightwards.

    Ipsos Mori Political Monitor
    Scottish sample: 117
    Fieldwork: 20-24 April 2018
    (+/- UK GE)

    SNP 38% (+1)
    Con 37% (+8)
    Lab 19% (-8)
    LD 5% (-2)
    Grn 1% (+1)

    Giving seat distribution:
    SNP 34 seats (-1)
    Con 22 seats (+9)
    LD 2 seats (-2)
    Lab 1 seat (-6)