Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Murray Foote reels in disbelief as bombshell poll reveals most people think the Daily Record is ghastly

Many thanks to the 609 of you who participated in Scot Goes Pop's groundbreaking research into public attitudes towards the Daily Record newspaper.  As you'll recall, the survey consisted of a straight Yes/No question, so the results you're about to see are pretty startling.

Is the Daily Record a good newspaper?

Propagandists : 458 (75%)
"Scotland's Champion"?! Don't make me laugh : 447 (73%)
An embarrassment : 446 (73%)
Notoriously inaccurate : 440 (72%)
Found guilty by industry watchdog : 421 (69%)
Mistrusted : 412 (67%)
Driven by hate : 410 (67%)
Hypocritical : 407 (66%)
Falling circulation : 388 (63%)
Wreckers of lives : 332 (54%)
Seduced by Cameron : 239 (39%)

The one minor piece of salvation for Mr Foote is that "only" 39% of you think that he's been seduced by the dubious charms of David Cameron, so that's something, I suppose.


  1. Wull knoack mae doon wae ah feathurr

  2. Off topic, but James, what about an article on where the SNP might be now in the Westminster stakes if AV had passed in 2011? We can't assume everyone would stick with a straight unionist or independence ticket, but it would surely have facilitated the tactical voting some of the BritNats are now pursuing so fervently.

    What a pity it was mostly them who campaigned so hard (and so dishonestly) against it at the time!

    1. Interesting that Jenny Hjul's piece in the Herald characterises the typical unionist tactical voter as someone who thinks Ed Miliband would make a terrible Prime Minister, but who is grudgingly voting Labour because the policy difference between Labour and the Tories isn't that great.

      If Labour hold a few affluent seats because of that, it's going to be a hell of a moral mandate for them.

    2. James, There is a good chance this tactical voting alliance could backfire.

      Many traditional Labour voters in Glasgow will be APPALLED to see Labour politicians or supporters urging people to vote Tory. Or Tory supporters voting Labour.

      It would be good to see a bit of aggressive 'attack' campaigning from the SNP on this issue, instead of ignoring it.

      Targeted leaflets in high majority Labour seats in central Scotland with quotes of Labour and Tory figures suggesting this alliance.

      Perhaps not in 3-way seats, in case it actually encourages them :)

      It's hardly going to help Labour with their 'Red Tory' stigma.

      Although many No voters recognise it's not a re-run of the referendum, and may be 'tactically' voting SNP to get more powers - so this plea may fall on deaf ears anyway.

  3. The daily Ranger is almost as ludicrous as the Herald, once of Glasgow.
    Apparently the SNP have u-turned on the flagship, POST INDEPENDENCE cut to Corporation tax.

    Scotland not being independent or having the power to cut corporation tax doesn't seem to matter to the scum who write their lies every single day. Gardham, robinson and the like are the true heirs of Goebbels. Without their ilk state propaganda can never work. Hope they all rot.

  4. As far as I am concerned Murray Foote is ghastly as well as his tatty rag.

  5. The Record editor seems to have put his foot in it lately. I suspect trying to pick a fight with Wings over Scotland is like trying to knit with candy floss. It won't work.

  6. A bit O/T, but still Record related. How about if G. Brown was the author of the vow, thus giving deniability to everyone else .

  7. Pardon me asking James, but when are you going to comment on the Guardian proyection of 51 seats for the SNP?


  8. I see in the latest UK Yougov poll that the LD's have dropped to 5%. Most of you won't remember but the lowest the SNP polled since 1970 was 7% in 1983. Started at 9% at the beginning of the 1983 GE then slipped to 7% then bounced up to 13% but polled just short of 12% on election day.

    1. Sub-sample: SNP 40, Lab 27, Con 20, Others <6.