Saturday, August 16, 2014

Testing, testing, one, two, three, four...

I'm sitting in Dover Pier, waiting to catch a ferry (you probably would have guessed that), and as I feared my mobile is playing up horribly, so I thought I'd try a very quick post as a test.  The first casualty of this trip is that I've just been asked to take part in Referendum TV tomorrow at the Edinburgh Fringe to talk about the polls that are apparently coming overnight, but obviously I'll be several hundred miles away.

Talking of the Fringe, I didn't get round to doing my annual reviews, but if they're still on I can highly  recommend The Tulip Tree (about a young Enoch Powell and unrequited love) and Agamemnon, part of The Bunker Trilogy.

As usual, I also saw the open air play in Duddingston, which I had mixed feelings about this time (it's 'Mary Stewart') but it's still worth a look.  Oh, and there was a barking mad and borderline-tasteless musical about Jack the Ripper.  Bliss!


  1. I'm sure Scottish Skier would make for an ample substitute!

  2. Mike Smithson just tweeted about a new poll. Tweet is here

    Its panelbase and he is saying 42Y/46N/12DK 48Y/52N excluding DK's

  3. Bonnes vacances James...

    You'll be missed.

    Off to Edinburgh next week to see what there is that's seeable(and affordable), and to play on the trams.

    That's a cheering poll result, Laukat!

  4. Mysetrious polls!

    National Colletive tweeted too and like Smithson's Tweet - both are now gone!

    Enjoy your trip, James. You deserve and look forward to your next anaylsis of the next polls.


  5. Looks like there might be positive ICM poll for Yes out tonight form Scotsman on Sunday as well as panelbase