Friday, July 6, 2012

Photos on Friday : Rubbish photo of the Queen edition

Long-term readers of this blog will of course recall the irregular 'Photos on Friday' feature (irregular in the sense that it appeared once). I thought I'd give it another outing to mark the occasion of me successfully managing to take the world's most rubbish photo of the Queen.

I had to be in Edinburgh anyway, so I decided to wander down to Holyrood to see the festivities, which basically consisted of a band called Whisky Kiss, a group of Highland dancers, a Robert Burns impersonator doing a reading of To a Louse, and umpteen pipe bands. I must say the whole thing seemed strangely under-rehearsed, as if it had been hastily thrown together at the last minute. But it was good fun all the same.

(Click the photos to enlarge)

You'll be encouraged to hear that it was saltires and Lion Rampants all the way - I did spot a couple of Union Jacks, but they looked very lonely among a sea of sky-blue and white.

Afterwards, I started making my way up the Royal Mile, but I noticed that people were still lining the street. I overheard a policeman say to someone : "I don't have a time, but soon. Stick around." From which I inferred that the Queen was coming, so I waited a few minutes to see what I could see.

In case you're wondering why everyone was looking at the car behind the Queen, it's because Kate Middleton (or the Cambress of Dutchton, or whatever her name is supposed to be these days) was in that one. I didn't get a photo of her, but I dare say the world can survive without one more of those. Nor did I get a snap of Princess Anne in the third car, although I imagine all I'd have to do to put that right is pop round to Murrayfield in November with a long-lens camera.

I'm slightly embarrassed to confess that I waved to the Queen as she went past. Having said that, if waving at someone is to be taken as an indication of political support, it should be remembered that the Queen also waved in the general direction of little old republican me. So it's swings and roundabouts, really.


  1. She's looking well.

    erm, I think....

    I remember from a long time ago that she doesn't require a number plate. I always thought that was a rather silly way of drawing attention to her, from a security point of view.

    After all, apart from one or two people from our less gentile estates, she is the only person in the country who would be numberplateless.

    And given that the car is painted all one colour and appears to have all its lights, there can be little doubt that it doesn't belong to some Edinburgh ned.

    Congratulations on getting a wave though James... On the one occasion I saw HM, at Braemar, she studiously ignored me!

  2. Tris, I read about the number plate thing when I was growing up, and I lost count of how many cars I saw that I assumed must have the Queen in them, because the number plate had fallen off!

  3. Perhaps this wee ditty on the Daily Mail site will save you a few blushes.

    Looks like she may be starting to count her days in Buck Palace. I wonder if she and Philip will qualify for a council house in Chelsea?

    How will Charlie Farley take the news that he will not be king, oops I forgot he already knows that! :lol:

    Do you think Lizzie would mind having Charlie and Mrs Parker Bowles as neighbours?

    I wonder how Harry and William will take the news that they are in the armed services for the full 22 years, unless of course they have friends in high places who will still talk to them!