Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When oh when are Labour going to start bashing the SNP hard enough?

There are times on Labour Hame when it's fiendishly difficult to know whether what you're reading is a spoof or not. However, it seems Richard Olszewski genuinely intended the following to be taken as a serious piece of strategic counsel -

"I don’t think we need to change that much. We just need to shout a bit louder to get our message across to the voters and bash the SNP harder."

That, of course, is the rough equivalent of a Tory activist in 1995 saying something like this -

"No cause for alarm, chaps. All we need to do is bang on about Europe more, and remind people that John Major is far more charismatic than Tony Blair, and then everything will be as right as rain."

Or, to borrow my old mate Kevin Baker's favourite (and typically porn-flavoured) catchphrase, "Do it again, only HARDER!!!"


  1. It's no wonder that poor wee Tommy Harris cries himself to sleep under his Dr Who duvet at night. Desist with this bullying!

  2. Popular bomber Harris phrases,

    "Oi ! teenage nat. You're barred."

    "Jeff, James and Aidan love me even if you bustards don't"

    "Do you think Ruth has a position for me?"

    "Thatcher, there was a leader"

  3. Is it just me or does betternation have a labourhame-esque moderation policy?

    I know I'm posting, but rare for one to get through where as Aidan and Duncan "SNP are anti-English Racists" seem to have no problem

  4. What are you posting Anonymous? The comments on BetterNation seem reasonably well-balanced to me, though with the recent changes in contributors I do wonder if the site is going to morph into an SNP-sceptical zone and become more like Labour-Hame. In which case they'll need to do something about their "Work as if you live in the early days...." logo.

  5. What I am saying is that I know posts I have made are not getting through moderation.

    They are on topic and not offensive, but are favourable to the SNP

    They've let a Labour activists calls SNP supporters racists, and his comment stood, and he continues to post.

    Looking at the recent thread, last I saw it it was all Duncan and Aidan commenting, not much there from the SNP

    Since Malc left, it just seems more slanted to Labour, hardly even a green issue there

    Look, latest two contributor posts, Aidan (Labour)

    So I say it s becoming more of a Labour blog with Labourhame like moderation policies

  6. I'm still shaking my head over that Curran interview at Holyrood Magazine:

    "I think if Alex Salmond went under a bus tomorrow – not that I would ask who drove that bus ..."

    Good lord. And they wonder why they can't win in Scotland any more.

  7. I've missed the racist comment, Anon, but I've read stuff like that and I know what you mean. I find Aidan S one of the more readable and interesting Labourites, but Better Nation in its most recent postings has started to resemble a kind of "LabourHame with Jeff", and that's not a good thing (apologies to Jeff!)

  8. Anonymous said...

    Is it just me or does betternation have a labourhame-esque moderation policy?

    No it's not just you and I have given up there as correction to falsehoods is verboten.

  9. I'm afraid Bitter Nation decided there were too many cybernats for their liking.

  10. EricF

    It was the first response to a Pete Wishart post in October

    James did a post here where he mentions it

  11. I don't suppose it would ever occur to Labour that a bit of constructive opposition, given the mess that the UK (and thus Scotland) is in, might go a long way towards making them look like a real party, with ideas of how to solve the problems.

    Now I know that they started off as second rate, not because SNP people are cleverer than Labour people, but because, by and large, Labour send their best to England, and Holyrood gets what's left.

    And I know that they lost some of the best of the second best in the rout in May, but for God's sake is there not one of those that are left who can come up with some sort of constructive opposition?

    And even yet, after being shown the door by the Scots. over whom they have had sway for the best part of 70 years, they still think they are doing well, and all they need to do is a bit more whining and greeting,louder and harder.

    To quote one of them: "Bring it on".

    Incidentally, I heard a bit of a debate between the three hopefuls...

    Dear heavens, nothing to get excited about there.