Saturday, November 26, 2011

An unintentionally vivid insight into the modern Tory view of women

Neil Benny at Tory Hoose, speculating on why Alex Salmond has 'held back' with Ruth Davidson thus far -

"Salmond has a problem with women. When he debates them in his normal manner he looks like a monster. It’s OK for him to rough up Ian Gray, he’s a man and can take it. Doing that to a woman would look terrible on TV – like kicking a puppy or punching a cow."

So let me get this straight - debating in a robust fashion with a female politician would look like "kicking a puppy" or "punching a cow"? Just remind me, is Ruth Davidson a confident and articulate 33-year-old woman, or is she in fact an eight-year-old girl with braces and pigtails?

It's as if they think they've elected a human shield...


  1. This sounds like the beginnings of the excuses for her mediocre performance at FMQ to date. That is what you get when you elect as leader someone who does not know what they are doing. She blundered into a situation on the ECHR where Alex could literally have torn her to pieces. Instead he adopted his air of explaining something to a child and saved his thunder for other new kid on the block Willie Rennie. Who he tore to shreds.

    Three outings for Ruth now and in all three she looked out of her depth. I hope she is not expecting an easy ride for ever. Did Tory Hoose not notice that their last leader was also a woman? Did she also get an easy ride on that account? Because if so I did not notice it.

  2. "...kicking a puppy or punching a cow".

    Freaky. Women are puppies and cows. I wonder what other farmyard animals qualify as surrogate women in the Tory mind set.

    Wait, actually no, I'd prefer not to know.

  3. "She blundered into a situation on the ECHR where Alex could literally have torn her to pieces."

    That really would have looked pretty bad on TV.