Saturday, October 15, 2011

Poll : Should an independent Scotland join the EU or EFTA?

The last time I conducted a poll, it was on a subject that was bound to produce a North Korean-style result. But this one might attract more of a divergence of views. Realistically, I presume most nationalists who don't favour EU membership would want to join (or rejoin) EFTA instead, so those are the two choices. Membership of EFTA would almost certainly entail remaining within the European Economic Area, which would mean we'd still be subject to laws relating to the Single Market. However, we wouldn't be part of the Common Fisheries Policy, nor would we have a presence in any of the EU institutions, such as the Council of Ministers or the Parliament.

You'll find the voting form in the sidebar, and the poll closes tomorrow.


  1. Join? Are we not already in the EU?

  2. It's a hard one, but I'm inclined to think that we should probably be in the EU, despite the fishery policy.

    Once we have our own representation there, instead of English Fisheries ministers talking for us, we should be more likely to be able to influence the debate in favour of some sort of common sense.

    Being in EFTA would in some ways be better, but there are so many EU regulations that EFTA countries have to abide by, and as Gro Harlem Brundtland advised Norwegians, there is great frustration in being subject to rules over which you have no say at all.

    That said, Norway has done rather nicely out side the EU.

    Too hard for a Saturday afternoon, James.

  3. The N.Sea fisheries are on the edge of permanent decline because of over fishing, habitat destruction and increasing pollution which will never be resolved by being a member of the EU as too many members benefit from access to this resource.

    Why does the EU need this force?

  4. An informed choice between the EU and EFTA would depend on the deal on the table and the political and economic landscape of the future. And there's a big difference between the EU "discovering" that a soon-to-be independent Scotland was already a member, with only some tweaks to existing treaties needed, and the prospect of full-scale accession negotiations, accelerated or not.

  5. there is an interesting poll in tomorrow's Independent on Sunday.