Saturday, October 15, 2011

ComRes poll : Independence backed both here and UK-wide

Many thanks to Marcia on the previous thread for alerting me to the new ComRes poll showing majorities in favour of Scottish independence both in Scotland and across the UK. Here are the full figures -

Scotland should be an independent country

(Scottish respondents)

Agree 49% (+11)
Disagree 37% (-9)

(UK respondents)

Agree 39% (+6)
Disagree 38% (-4)

It's not quite as good as it sounds, though, because of course the only salient figures are the Scottish ones, and they're based on a very small sample size. Information about how the UK as a whole feels about independence is a bit like the polls in days gone by showing that the world outside the US wouldn't have been daft enough to elect George W Bush as President - good to know, but tragically academic.

Nevertheless, this poll is another straw in the wind that lends further credence to the data from last month suggesting that support for independence is building. And Alan Cochrane will be fuming - ComRes inexplicably didn't use his preferred 'neutral' wording of "Scotland should be completely separate from the rest of the United Kingdom, cast adrift without food, shelter, or warmth..."

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  1. I think that the opinions of the rest of the UK could possibly affect the attitude of Cameron to the "take over" of the referendum, and the rewording of the question as you propose above.

    Clearly Cameron given not a stuff what Scots think of anything. However, he may be more sensitive to the mood of England.

    Clearly the figures would have to be much more strikingly decisive than at present, and the geography would be critical too. If the people in Tory marginals want rid of Scotland, and all the alleged expense of keeping it, perhaps he would be less inclined to be seen to stand in the way of a fair referendum.