Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here we go again

I wonder if I was the only person today who saw the headline "Prince William announces engagement" and then spent the remainder of the day avoiding newspapers and the TV news at all costs.  (It's a coping strategy I perfected when England won the Rugby World Cup.)  I think I'll probably just about be able to cope with the horrors of the day itself - with plenty of notice and medicinal assistance.  But when it's a bolt from the blue, 24 solid hours of Royal Syrup is more than I can take.

The only breach in my defences was that I saw about ten seconds of David Cameron doing his "I know I speak for the whole country" bit (no-you-don't) with the sound down, and even that was enough to make me feel distinctly nauseous.


  1. I'd like to think you were accompanied by the majority of the population in trying to avoid the drivel about Prinz Wilhelm but I fear not. I do think that your '24 hours of the royal syrup' is overly optimistic - 6 months more like.

  2. I watched Newsnight last night, and it became really difficult to switch it of just to see how hysterical Simon Schama and the racist bigot David Starkey were going to become, they were positively orgasmic, I though Schama at one point had actually given birth in his chair such was his wriggling squirming leg crossing adulations. Rachel Johnston was having to keep her own crisis to herself as these two drama queens camped it up, and revelled in their own exaltations. What a revolting display of sycophancy and grovelling subservience, as only the wannabe Anglosaxophone aristocrats can do. God help us when the wedding ceremony is performed, with any luck these two will be so overcome with them selves they will be unable to speak.

  3. Yes, we can expect this for the next 6 - 8 months.

    And of course Dave "I know I speak for the whole country when I say we are all in this together" Clegg, will take every advantage possible of it for getting his latest dreadful ill thoughtout nonsense released just on the day when the maker of "the frock" is to be announced.

    He's already managed to hide his climbdown over the Prime Ministerial soft focus photographer, the payment of compensation(and therefore tacit admission of guilt) for torture of suspects. What else will he get hidden?

    Even the Today programme was full of it this morning.

    I wonder if the date of the ceremony will be around election time, so that the Tories don't do so badly in the English elections...

    I'm just glad I don't have to pick up the tab...Oh, wait a minute...

  4. Spot on, Tris. People go into apoplexy about the idea of the poorest people in society receiving benefits, but are seemingly delighted about shelling out for the unimaginably extravagant wedding of two unimaginably privileged people.

    I believe that's known as 'cognitive dissonance'.

  5. That's exactly what it is James!