Thursday, November 5, 2009

YouGov subsample : Labour lead trimmed to just four points

The detailed figures from the latest UK-wide YouGov poll have been available on the company's website for a while now, but for some reason I've only just been able to access them. The Scottish breakdown shows a relatively stable picture, but will nevertheless provide some encouragement for the SNP after the mild disappointment of the recent full-scale YouGov poll covering Holyrood voting intentions.

Labour 33% (-1)
SNP 29% (-)
Conservatives 20% (+1)
Liberal Democrats 9% (-4)
Others 8% (+3)

Scotland continues to be the only part of the UK that doesn't rate David Cameron as the best potential Prime Minister - and given that Gordon Brown has a net satisfaction rating north of the border of minus 24, it really isn't looking too promising for the Tory leader in these parts!

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