Monday, June 1, 2009

The big tent just got even bigger

AM2 has revealed on Jeff's blog - apparently in all seriousness - that he took the questionnaire at the EU Profiler website, and that his political views came out as being closest to the SNP. I've actually taken that test myself (naturally I came out somewhere between the SNP and the Greens) so I know that it's not just a blunt instrument - it gives you the opportunity at the end to weight the relative importance you place on each question you've been asked. So, even in spite of the fact that AM2 would doubtless have given his unionism the maximum possible weighting, he turns out to be a Nat In Denial. Truly extraordinary.

A new slogan for the SNP - "delivering on AM2's priorities..."

1 comment:

  1. This AM2 would be willing to say he had intimate relations with a Mongolian Yak to try and gain cyber cred. He is nothing but a pathetic attention seeker.

    He is inextricably linked to the Scotsman and is on that forum night and day, agitating and spoiling debate. His arrival on the Scotsman forum was, marked by his trumpeting that he was of Northern Irish extraction and was married to a Catholic whilst he himself was Agnostic and NO he would not engage in debate about NI politics, despite wrapping himself in Unionism and portraying Loyalist fanatical sympathies.

    He also claims to have mistakenly taken the identity of one Andrew Moulder who hails from Hamilton and was selling a Volkswagen Bora. He then stopped posting as AM2 claiming his life was threatened and now posts as various monikers but his style is unmistakable.

    His utterly pathetic blog is a tirade of lies and spin and anti Scottish and anti SNP. He is a racist bigot of the highest order and the SNP do not want or need his brand of fanaticism. He is better left in the cyber wasteland he has created.


    This person is as nutty and obsessed as a fruitcake and needs to be avoided like the pox.