Sunday, December 3, 2023

The nearest of near misses in the Membership Support Convener election - but remember there's still time to vote James Kelly #1 for the Alba NEC to push for radical democratisation of the party

Congratulations to Daniel Jack on being elected Membership Support Convener of the Alba Party, and I wish him every success in his year in office.  My goodness, though, the result brought a little tear to my eye (in a good way), because I led narrowly on the first round and very nearly won on the second round.  Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me - you've helped lay down some sort of marker that there is large support for radical democratisation of the party (meaning an NEC and other national committees directly elected by the whole membership), and of course you can make that marker even stronger by voting for me with your first preference vote in the ongoing election for the ordinary NEC members, which will close later today.  There are eighteen candidates on the male ballot, with only four slots available, so I really will need every vote I can possibly get to have a chance.  I'm really keen to get back on the NEC, and I think I could make a big difference if I was there.  My focus would be solely on winning independence - I have literally zero interest in being part of the bizarre cliquishness or factionalism that led to the original elections being scrapped.  All of that stuff is incomprensible and irrelevant to most party members and certainly to the wider public, and we need to simply bury it and focus exclusively on the real goal.

Alba Party Membership Support Convener election result:

Stage 1:

James Kelly - 42%
Daniel Jack - 41%
Scott Fallon - 17% 

Stage 2:

Daniel Jack - 50.5%
James Kelly - 49.5% 

Is this the point where I have a Damascene conversion to first-past-the-post?  Er, nope.

You can watch the two parts of our unofficial hustings for the NEC elections below - 



  1. That was no exaggeration to say it was the nearest of near misses. Hope you have better luck in the next election.

  2. Nasty WGD numpty Dr Jim continually post comments about Alba and Salmond that are nasty untruths.
    Dr Jim says:- " So I hear Alba are going to stand lots of candidates in the general election in the hope of helping out the Labour Party. "

    Dr Jim also says:- " You know what though, I bet Salmond doesn't stand because when he loses bang goes his promised seat in the House of Lords if he doesn't deliver sufficient split vote numbers against the SNP to boost the Labour Party. There are words for what Salmond is, they used some of them in court, the rest we all know "

    I know what words apply to Jimbo - liar, nicophant and numpty.
    Questions for Dr Jim and the other numpties. Why did the SNP buy a luxury motorhome and park it unused for years on the driveway of Murrells home? Where is the ring fenced money? Why has St Nicola not been offered the international job you all said back in February would happen? Will all the money Sturgeon gets for her book titled - How I faked it for years and ran away - end up in Salmond's pockets as her Vietnam plot is exposed? What use is an SNP MP when 56 SNP MPs out of 59 did nothing previously?

    The SNP - full of Britnats and supported by numpties like Dr Jim.

    1. He lives in your head rent free

    2. I do not read WGD but your constant moaning about this guy is what put me off reading this blog as well
      You say what you want, he can say what he wants, it's the blogger that decides if he wants it on his blog or not

    3. Anonymous ( WGD numpty 1)- aye he is too miserable to pay a decent rent. Try something original ya numpty.

    4. Anonymous ( WGD numpty 2) - if you don't read this blog then who posted your shit. If you read the blog more often you would see that I moan about a lot of WGD numpties like you and Irish Skier. Sadly top thicko Hamish100 seems to have departed the scene on WGD. Anyway thanks for your comments ( it's not you is it Hamish - missing you). I take it you didn't want to answer any of the questions I posted but preferred to just have a moan. - fair enough.
      James, I love your dedication to free speech that you let anonymous numpties post their shit.

  3. Good luck.

    Anyways, from the Herald:

    "People in towns and cities will not have to install heat pumps"

    Not much point in back-pedalling while going downhill (whee), unless it's a fixed wheel bike in which case he'll go flying over the handlebars.

    That's gotta hurt.