Friday, October 13, 2023

VIDEO: Vote James Kelly #1 for Alba's Membership Support Convener to democratically empower *all* party members

* Voting for Membership Support Convener opens TODAY and all current Alba Party members can vote.

* If I win, I will use my long experience as one of Scotland's leading pro-independence bloggers to engage with members creatively and re-engage with inactive members to make it less likely that they will drift away and leave the party.

* I will also try to help ease some of the communication problems that have bedevilled the party.

* I support the democratic empowerment of *all* Alba members.  Roughly half of the NEC are currently only elected by conference attendees - those voting rights should be extended to all members.  All other national committees should also be elected by the whole membership, which is not the case at present.  And all members should be able to vote on conference resolutions, regardless of whether they are in the hall or not - this is perfectly achievable by online vote.

* A fully democratised party will have a far better chance of attracting new members, who will know that they're not just joining a fan club or a chat show.

* Only full democratic empowerment of Alba members can protect against a "Sturgeon / Starmer scenario" in which a future new leader comes in and bypasses the members to take the party in a new direction, for example by putting independence on the backburner.  Once that happens it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle - the only protection is to get the structures right *before* it happens.


  1. ..... you got my #1 vote, James .... good luck.

  2. It's beyond me how anyone with a modicum of intelligence can actually think the SNP is a party of independence.

    Yousaf says:- I won 29 seats in the GE gonna gie us the powers to hold a referendum.

    Westminster says laughing:- Pissof.

    Yousaf says:- Awright then but I'll win another mandate at the next election.

    Westminster says:- Do I look bovvered.

    Covid was Sturgeon's cover for years. Gaza is Yousaf's.

    Cowards, grifters, charlatans, devolutionalists, Tories and British State operatives take your pick as to who is what but they ain't independence supporters.

    1. WGD numpty Capella seems to think this is a plan for independence. Mind you she thought muppet Mike Russell's 11 point plan was a plan for independence as well.

      This is now beyond embarrassing.

      Anyone worked out how many points are in Yousaf's plan? - to infinity and beyond is my take on his plan - there are no shortcuts to independence Mr Yousaf tells us you know.
      A Groundhog plan - vote SNP - ask for the power to hold a referendum - get told to pisssof and repeat until the universe ends.

    2. It really is truly desperate stuff from Yousaf and the SNP. Do they really think Westminster and the global community will take this seriously if they do get a majority of seats?
      Plus, if they get less than 29 seats the UK government will just say, you’ve had your referendum, now move on.
      You really couldn’t make this nonsense up!

  3. What do you make of this, James?