Saturday, October 28, 2023

Update on the Alba internal elections

Ash Regan's defection was in fact the second big surprise of the day for me in the Alba conference hall, because I had been waiting to hear my own result in the Membership Support Convener election, and also for the start of the Ordinary Member ballot for the NEC.  Neither of those things happened in the end - all of the Office Bearer elections have been nullified and will be re-run in the coming weeks, with the NEC election taking place during National Council (although I presume that will still be an online vote for anyone who registered for conference).

There was a lengthy explanation given for this totally unexpected decision, but it was given during private session (before the livestream commenced), so I'd better not repeat what it was.  But the bottom line is that I'm afraid you'll have to put up with yet more shameless self-promotion from me in the next few weeks!  From a personal point of view, I have mixed feelings about this development - no matter whether I'd had a good result or a bad result today, any votes I received would have been hard-won and honestly-won, and it's frustrating they haven't even been recorded.  But on the other hand, there's now an opportunity to do better on the second bite of the cherry.  When I arrived in the hall this morning, every single seat had a huge pile of glossy, professional-looking leaflets from various NEC candidates, and I suddenly thought "how was I ever supposed to compete against this?"  I now have a bit of time to try to come up with an answer to that question.


  1. If this happened in the SNP we would strongly suspect some jiggery pokery was going on to change some unwelcome results.

  2. There was an extensive explanation for what happened. Transparancy and fairness were paramount. e.g. I was under a misapprehension about what 'Review your vote' meant so maybe the wording needed looking at.
    I don't do social media at all, so was unaware of any unpleasantness on behalf of or between candidates.
    The glossy, professional-looking flyers were a surprise so late on into the voting period. But I would think most people had already cast their votes. The delegates were a small part of the Alba membership.
    Can you use social media to get your message out? I would rather vote for someone who had a reasoned argument than be influenced by pretty flyers. I will vote for you again even if you don't have a bright piece of paper punting your name.

  3. .... well, as the old saying goes "sh*t happens" ... you'll still get my #1 vote on the re-run, James.

  4. Yousaf and Scottish Skier ( or is it Irish Skier today) both prattling on about how Regan should resign her seat and show some integrity - she won on an SNP ticket etc etc.
    Well the whole bloody lot of the SNP MSPs should resign then and show some integrity as the chancers stood on the SNP ticket of having Indyref2 and then allowed Sturgeon to go off and get a London court to declare your colonial masters say no.

    So I say resign all you MSP chancers in the SNP and have a de facto referendum in a Holyrood election or forever be branded phoney chancers.

  5. I was reminded earlier on today of the old days when the SNP faithful would regularly claim that Sturgeon had a secret master plan to deliver independence. Being a secret plan it it obviously had to remain secret - you cannae tell the Britnats what your secret plan is. What subsequently happens - Russell tells the whole word the plan is his infamous 11 point plan. Even then numpties said aye but that's not the real secret plan that's a secret. Now you might think numpties would have learned by the experience of what actually happened - but no. Sturgeon's actual secret plan was to trash the SNP and try and prevent independence.

    How was I reminded of this - I read an exchange between Peter Bell and me mungo pony where Bell continually asked for details of the new SNP( the Yousaf version) plan that the tosser pony said he and his branch colleagues had worked on for the upcoming conference this October. Pony kept saying it is a secret. Talk about deja vu, Groundhog Day and the song remains the same.

    Come on pony or any of the other numpties tell us the SNP plan to get independence. You have had nearly a decade since indyref1 to work on it. Surely the party that likes to boast it is the ONLY vehicle for independence has a roadmap or satnav or something.

  6. James I have not had anything through about this yet, but I will be voting for you as number 1 on the list as will my wife. Great news about Ash I wish some others would follow her, could be a game changer right enough.