Friday, September 29, 2023

Uniquely in world history, the SNP have a majority fringe

So, rather helpfully, we have six exact names of people belonging to this fringe malcontent group.  Of course one thing that all fringe malcontent groups, all over the world, have in common is that they have very little support, but it's usually not possible to measure in precise detail just how pitifully small their support is.  In this particular case, though, we have a rare opportunity to do just that, because remarkably, no fewer than two of the six leading members of the fringe malcontent group actually stood for the SNP leadership only six months ago, so let's refresh our memories of just how dismally they performed.

Kate Forbes took just 40.7% of the first preference vote.

Ash Regan took just 11.1% of the first preference vote.

In combination, that suggests the fringe malcontent group commands the support of a mere 51.8% of the SNP membership.

Oh wait, that's an outright majority, isn't it.   I'm sometimes accused of being overly-pedantic, but I'm not aware of any version of the English language in which the majority of an organisation can be described as its "fringe".  Maybe it's the Humza cheerleaders who are the real fringe malcontents, who knows.

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  1. I think the 48 MSPs who suspended the real SNP last night are the fringe group who have taken control of the bleating politicians.

    The question is, will the party members put them back in their boxes?

    "I think". Strictly verboten in the NuSNP.

    1. From the Herald: "His other backers (Ewing) were leadership candidate Ash Regan, who resigned as a minister over the gender reforms last year, Ms Forbes's campaign manager Falkirk East MSP Michelle Thomson, MSP for Cunninghame North Kenny Gibson and Jim Fairlie, the MSP for Perthshire South and Kinross-shire."

      Looks like Kenny Gibson will be getting my vote in 2026. I would have been surprised if he'd voted for the suspension.

      But if things don't change for Independence, I will be spoiling my ballot for the list (regional vote) with "INDEPENDENCE" written diagonally across it.

    2. Admiral, I welcome your realisation that the SNP under the control of Sturgeon's gang are not interested in Scottish independence. However as Grousebeater would say " only eight bliddy years late."

  2. The full list of MSPs who voted AGAINST suspension:

    Annabelle Ewing, Christine Grahame, Michelle Thomson, Kenny Gibson, Colin Beattie, and Jim Farlie (as well as Fergus Ewing himself).

    Those that abstained:

    Ivan McKee, Ruth Maguire, Ben Macpherson and Stephanie Callaghan

    Notable No Shows:

    Humza Yousaf and Nicola Sturgeon.


  3. The MP for whom I campaigned vigorously three times between 2015 and 2019 is not on any of those lists. Poisoned by careerism and now part of the problem.

  4. # Who's now sorry with the fringe on top? #

    [Apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein]

  5. Knock Me Doon Wi a Feather

    " We are going through a period at the moment where we've chosen the wrong path" Fergus Ewing.

    Oh yeah pal!! Spot oan, only eight bliddy years too late!

    The words of Grousebeater.

    What do the numpties on WGD have to say about it. Yep you guessed it. Ewing is a Unionist - a Tory Unionist no less - they say.

    Aye what a fine mess these numpties who have been fooled by Sturgeon's gang have made of the SNP. Many years of excellent opportunities for independence wasted.

    1. So often we talk about Wings (which I don't think much of) as being a hinderance to Independence but I wonder if Wee Ginger Dog trumps it. There is no room for a differing opinion - IF you can get your opinion onto it! I don't even got there anymore as there is noting to read. It has decayed from vital to dull, from discussion to closed - it is nothing but a fan site. I have not visited it for some time as it seems to just put out the same England bad SNP good articles all the time. That or the same article juggled about a bit several times.

  6. Fergus Ewing is a Tory, it's no secret he's always been a Tory but he's also always supported Scottish independence and it's a lie to suggest that anyone called him a unionist
    In a future independent Scotland there will be room for many views on how our country should work, Fergus Ewing has his place amongst those views

    1. A Tory is a member or supporter of the English Conservative and Unionist party. By definition calling someone a Tory is to call them a Unionist and that is what you called him. - so you are just the same as the numpties on WGD - probably one of them - clueless.
      So don't call me a liar.

      Pricks like you used to call me a liar and a Unionist when I said Sturgeon, Swinney, and Blackford and all the rest of them would never deliver independence. They couldn't even deliver a referendum. Is the 19th October still saved by you?

    2. Only posts I can find on WGD which mention Ewing are these from Dr Jim

      "Poor old Fergus Ewing is still getting a ton of stick for being a Tory but folk should remember that Fergus has always been a Tory, the difference is he’s a Scottish Tory that want’s Scottish independence, not an English Tory like DRoss and Sarwar’s lot who don’t want independence from the English British state that they serve"


      "SNP MSP Fergus Ewing has always known that, that’s why he’s always been a Tory in the SNP , he has principles about the governance of Scotland belonging to the people of Scotland"

      Neither of those are calling him a Unionist. In fact they explicitly say he isn't. Did I miss one?

    3. Sure thing Cubby, but you're still a liar

    4. Fergus Ewing is a Scottish Tory Douglas Ross is an English Tory there's a difference
      Scottish Tories want independence for Scotland English Tories want English rule
      Is that too much for your teeny weeny brain to understand?

    5. Which of you anonymous pricks posting above is the initial anonymous prick. Or are all the posts from the original anonymous prick. So many anonymous numpties.

      There is no such thing as a Scottish Tory that wants independence - read the definition of a Tory. There are plenty right wing Scots who may want independence but they are not Tories. A Tory BY DEFINITION supports the English conservative and UNIONIST party. Is that too much for your teeny weeeny brain to understand - obviously it is.

      Numpties make up their own definitions of words. Try using the phrase right wing instead of Tory if you want to use the word accurately.

      Just over two weeks now to indyref2 - you must be getting excited.

  7. Paul Hutchinson comment on STV on Ewing I thought was very unkind and unprofessional. "Too right wing even for the Tories."

    Like a wee boy with prepared lines. Embarrassing.

    For what it's worth I disagree with Ewing on DRS and other issues but he's only saying what many people are thinking.

    I also don't think he is immune from discipline and a week isn't the be all and end all.

    He's made his point and I think that's fair enough. I wouldn't have voted to suspend but I can see the argument for doing so.

    1. Actually, it is great that Ewing is "Too right wing even for the Tories." for an independent Scotland must allow people of that sort to feel at home there. I'm a socialist, but I want to stand side by side with every Tory who wants an independent Scotland. Scotland must be for everyone, black, white, Tory, Labour otherwise it's not worth having.

  8. I've heard and read Scotland being called and described as a region many many times by Britnats and their media but funnily enough I have never heard/read England being called a region.

    The truth is that Scotland is treated like a colony of England. Neither a nation nor a region of a state. If you have been treated as a colony for hundreds of years, well the hard truth is Scotland is in effect a colony and will only escape from being a colony when this fact is recognised and accepted by the people of Scotland.

    A Treaty of Union only confers powers/rights when the people of Scotland and its politicians have the courage to use it. At present the SNP leadership has no such courage or desire because it is a mixture of grifters and infiltrators from Westminster.

  9. Rob here with a request for a wee promo for Saturday's AOUB march in Edinburgh. A chance to focus on something more than the SNP.

  10. We really need to have a "hands across the divide" moment as alluded to by Angus McNeill . If we're ever to get 50+1 of the vote again it will require a collective effort and trust.

    I would like to see Salmond, McNeill, Forbes, Yousaf, Harvie, Robertson, Sturgeon stand together on a platform and announce a united Scotland campaign. Not that there even needs to a new party. Not that they agree or even like each other but they are willing to put egos aside.

    Will it ever happen? If we are to see independence in my lifetime, I reckon it will need to.

    And they need to do it well in advance of a vote so people can heal and move on together.

  11. Hello James, just to let you know that my wife and I have both received an acknowledgement for our nominations to NEC etc.:
    "Noted, thank you, Yours for Scotland
    Corri Wilson
    Senior Policy Development Officer/
    Deputy General Secretary
    on behalf of the
    The Alba Party

  12. The Tory prick called Sunak has announced the money saved by cancelling the rest of HS2 will be spent in the North and Midlands - £36b - on infrastructure. I look forward to the amount in GERS re HS2 being removed in future as it clearly is not a U.K. Project ( never really was in the first place).

    Message to anonymous pricks if you want to see a Tory turn on your telly they are in Manchester. You won't see Fergus Ewing there.

  13. In a A9 debate on Debate Night last night Tory party representative Graham says the SNP priorities are wrong and says " They make priorities about spending on international affairs or setting up Embassies abroad but they don't spend the devolved money....... " That's right he actually tells the audience the Scottish government have set up Embassies. Sadly nobody thought to ask Graham where these embassies are. What a bunch of numpties. Of course the UK have Embassies and Scotland may be given the odd room in some of them for specific purposes but Scotland does not have Embassies and will not until it is an independent country.

    Later on Keith Brown makes out that the SNP are champions of free speech within the party🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  14. A very strange affair the SNP forcing a Westminster by election exactly two weeks before the Sturgeon guaranteed Indyref2.