Friday, March 10, 2023

VIDEO PREVIEW of the new Scot Goes Pop opinion poll on independence - results will be released later tonight


  1. Looking forward to some measured, sensible, no-spin and factual analysis, away from all the establishment right wing media hysteria.

    Great blog James.

  2. Edinburgh Hustings

    First question - The unbiased Keith Brown just happens to pick someone who brings up equal rights for gay people. Spoiler alert - they have them. It gives Yousaf once again the opportunity to bang on about culture wars. He is a minority you know he says - like people who go to private schools are a minority - or was that not what he meant?

  3. Edinburgh Hustings
    Yousaf says he disagreed with Sturgeon over a de facto referendum as it would disenfranchise EU citizens living in Scotland.
    Really - is he saying he doesn't know about a Holyrood de facto referendum. Hard to believe. Plonker.

  4. Edinburgh Hustings

    Finally, someone refers to GERS. Forbes mentions its failings - U.K. controls 70% of tax and 40% of spend but she doesn't say she will bin it.

  5. Edinburgh Hustings

    Yousaf loves the Greens. He twists the fact that the Greens were saying they would not work with candidates to make it that the other two candidates would be tearing up the agreement with the Greens. Disgrace.

  6. Edinburgh Hustings

    Yousaf punts a rebuttal unit - one that works this time - with Keith Brown who was in charge sitting along from him. Yousaf says the SNP are stuck with him.
    Forbes says Scotland will move to our own currency when the time is right - well let's hope so. Yousaf vague on timing. Regan right away.

    Forbes gives the impression that she will use an election to get independence in the future when more people are convinced. So has sec 30 been binned - don't know - process not clear by Forbes.

  7. I never knew a poll launch could be so exciting😀 Can't wait - an SNP hustings and an independence poll on the same evening - does life get any better?

  8. Humza Yousaf is now so unpopular on WGD that Scottish Skier keeps having to repeat "I have no preferred candidate" when he's pushing him. Many of the posters there claim to be SNP members, so this could be a good sign for Kate Forbes.