Saturday, January 21, 2023

Why is a campaign on "the right side of history" characterised by hate speech and threats of extreme violence?

Does it matter that several SNP parliamentarians were today photographed smiling in front of placards calling for women to be murdered, mutilated and cannibalised?  In one sense it shouldn't, because in most circumstances it would be obvious that any politician in a situation of that sort must have found themselves there by accident rather than design - and in any case, the arguments for or against the GRR Bill don't become any stronger or weaker depending on the character defects of those on either side of the debate.  

One problem is, though, that many of the proponents of gender self-ID have repeatedly suggested in the past that the characteristics of campaigners should in fact be taken into account.  For example, when there were competing protests outside the Scottish Parliament a couple of weeks ago, I saw people on Twitter drawing a contrast between the supposed anger and hatred displayed by anti-GRR campaigners, and the sight of pro-GRR campaigners bringing fun and sunshine to the occasion by doing the conga with huge grins on their faces.  The implication was that the people on one side of the argument are likeable and 'normal' and the people on the other side are 'abnormal', and thus there must be a lesson to be learned about which side was in the right, and on the "right side of history".  That was always a completely bogus narrative, because we all know it's extremely common for pro-self-ID protests to feature placards riddled with hate and calling for physical violence.  But the fact that such a prominent example has occurred today is nevertheless a catastrophic setback for the self-ID campaign and the image it has tried to cultivate of itself.

And the fact that this is far from being the first time is why the SNP parliamentarians can't be given a free pass in saying that it was something they couldn't possibly have foreseen.  Senior SNP politicians, most notably Nicola Sturgeon, are notorious for avoiding pro-independence rallies because of paranoia about being seen to be around campaigners dressed as William Wallace, or who might be carrying placards that could be interpreted as anti-English.  It therefore must reasonably have occurred to them that if they attend pro-self-ID rallies, there's a risk that the behaviour on display will be very similar to previous rallies about the same subject.  Which begs one simple and obvious question: "why didn't you at least turn around and check?"

The unwarranted suspicion that the politicians knew exactly what was going on behind them and were comfortable with it can be pretty easily explained by the blind eye they've turned to similar hate speech so many times before.  They literally only seem to notice anger and hate when it comes from those they disapprove of, rather than from their own allies.  They've never had any difficulty lecturing a generally very well disciplined Yes movement about the supposed need to "put its house in order", so it's arguably long past time for them to deploy some of the same tough love on a considerably less disciplined gender self-ID movement.

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  1. DN Kavanagh is a Tory sympathiser but can't admit to it openly because from a tactical point of view he doesn't want left-wing independence supporters to realise that his worldview is so alien from theirs. He was never going to answer your question for that reason.

    1. He's also on distinctly rocky ground in accusing other people of using "silly" or "not remotely serious" language when he's the one suggesting the elected government of Scotland is comprised of "amateur student politicians" who want women to be killed and eaten.

  2. The WGD numpties claim the SNP politicians were set up. In their world none of those protestors holding the signs could possibly be any of these nice people who support GRR. They don't say who the false flag people are and thankfully their paranoi did not extend to saying it was Alba people. The impression given is that they think the Tories hired them to stand behind the politicians. Delusion and paranoi - hallmarks of the numpties.

    I've seen a lot of SNP politicians at independence marches over the years but never my MP Oswald. Being kind to her perhaps walking from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green is just to much for her and she has not got her priorities all wrong. Naw scrub that - she is more interested in GRR than independence.

    1. Of course, I could be completely wrong and some anonymous numpty may pop up and tell me it is all the work of that bad man Campbell who clearly hired them to stand behind Oswald and got Cairnstoon to draw the guillotine on the sign. Oh and to complete the conspiracy it was me, Campbell's wee pal, who gave him the idea.

    2. At last, you admit being Campbell's wee pal !

    3. He was banned by Campbell for being a nuisance and insulting everybody, he called himself Cubby then, he also trolls the National and the FM under the name A Bruce

    4. Anonymous - you must be the same pathetic numpty anonymous from the previous article who posts pish that a 6 year old would be embarrassed by. No wonder you are anonymous - the courage of a mouse.

    5. Suprise surprise WGD numpty Bob Lamont has obviously read my post and realised how stupid his paranoid post was and retracts and apologises. Lamont now says:- " My apologises - having looked at the video clip on YouTube from the National, it was clearly not a hit and run as first thought ....."

      Now Lamont lives in Romania and numpties like Skier say Campbell should not be talking about Scottish independence because he lives in Bath but showing their usual intellectual inconsistency they have no problem with numpty Lamont having his say from Romania. Free speech not for all - just for those you like - is the way of these numpties on WGD and numpty anonymites on SGP.

    6. It's not even intellectual inconsistency from the numpties - one minute I am Campbell the next minute I am Campbell's wee pal and the next minute I was banned by Campbell. Please do make up your minds. 😂😂😂😂

      The thing about these anonymite numpties is that they have no argument so they attack the messenger.
      PS - if I was to post on The National I would choose Robert the Bruce not A Bruce 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Anyway enough of this nonsense there is plenty SNP and WGD nonsense to highlight.

    7. Squeak squeak - what's that noise - oh it's the courageous mouse again.

  3. My guess is that the explanation is - unintended outcomes aggravated by lack of political nous.
    Many, mediocre SNP MSPs probably never thought through that their GRR project would pile up opposition to itself. That opposition then raised the profile of GRR ultras at public and political events. This has now been allowed to go on long enough for SNP MSPs to be 'locked in' with it.
    It's a bit like the speech in Macbeth about being so far in already that it is easier to keep going than turn back.
    This is the, fairly obvious, price of letting the 'tail' of the politically sectarian GRR movement 'wag the dog' of the clumsy and inept SNP Holyrood group.

  4. Twisted Skiing much?

    "scottish_skier says:
    January 22, 2023 at 9:51 am

    Every party supported the reform of this bill until the Tory party saw an opportunity.

    We should not forget supporters of Alba saw this opportunity first, in particular a certain English blog.

    Although I give the author of said blog credit for getting me to support the bill as I found I was being lied to about it by them."

    Like Alex Salmond saw the opportunity to learn more about the Scottish justice system?

    1. It's the middle of January. He should be in Chamonix with his "French wife" SKIING.

    2. But look what I just found. Do you think he could be staying at the previously unknown Swiss resort of Qanon rather than Gstaad?
      And add "feminist mother" to Skier Bingo.

    3. "Only sexists think men can't be feminists"

      If he'd studied the history of feminism for even five minutes, he'd know there's at least a subset of feminists who think men can't be feminists.

      ("Merfs"? Male-Exclusionary Radical Feminists?)

  5. Here are two ( so called ) independence supporters discussing HR23 on WGD.

    Alec Lomax says:- " Alba's latest wheeze is to dissolve the Scottish Parliament. Perhaps because they can't get any of their candidates elected to it."

    Dr Jim says in reply:- " That's exactly right Alec, and if there's any kind of General Election they know they'll lose the existing two in Westminster that nicked their votes from SNP voters and end up with even less than they have now."

    The same traits as Labour in Scotland on show here. It's all about political party. They have just moved from Labour to SNP. Trying to get independence via HR23 is just an Alba political party wheeze according to Lomax.

    Independence supporters - you're having a laugh - party drones more like.

  6. Why is Sturgeon & co. only enthousiastic about a cause where one gets one's balls cut off... telling.

  7. WGD numpty 'Jumpin' Jack Collatin is for once spot on with this post.

    Jack says:- " I am sick fed up hearing about the f*****g Trans Bill. Can we give it a rest and get back on track. " You're not the only one who would be jumpin with joy if that happened. So Jack tell your SNP colleagues to get on with the referendum that has been promised for about 6 years now and vote for HR23.

    Jack also fails to note that it is his great leader who has been pushing the GRR that he is fed up hearing about so I am happy to remind him of that fact.

  8. More intellectual inconsistency or dishonesty or just plain stupidity allied with loyalty by WGD numpties.

    A number of numpties quite rightly complain about Sajid Javid suggesting payments should be made for GP appointments and A&E appointments.
    Legerwood, davetewart, not my real name. The trouble is that these SNP numpties support the SNP president Mike Russell ( he of the 11point plan and horsebox ) who wrote a book saying the whole NHS should be privatised and people given vouchers.