Wednesday, November 9, 2022

It's long past time to take a zero tolerance approach to the Trumpian lie that gender critical feminism is "far right"

Suing people for defamation is probably a luxury that only rich people can really afford, but if I was in that position I would be extremely tempted right now to take action against Mr Jérémie Fernandes - someone who I don't know from Adam, apart from what is written on his Twitter bio, which states he is "SNP Councillor for Elgin City North / SNP Group Business Manager / Information Professional  (he/him)".  I must say I find it hard to believe that people like this chap are really the best a party of 100,000 members can do in terms of local council candidates.

What he's tweeted ticks all the boxes for defamation - it's an intentional, bare-faced lie designed to wrongly and maliciously damage my reputation.  I have never, ever "asked for money from far-right activists".  I have of course fundraised, but I've done it on exactly the same basis as the SNP, ie. I've invited donations from the independence movement, which is generally centre-left and left-wing in character.  I suppose if you really look hard enough you can find a tiny minority of self-defined Yessers who are neo-fascist nutters, such as Siol nan Gaidheal - but, let's be honest, we all know that isn't what Fernandes is referring to.  He's talking about gender critical feminists, pejoratively known as "TERFs", many of whom have found a home in the Alba Party, of which I have been a member since last year.

The acronym "TERF" is in fact a helpful clue to the true nature of the people Fernandes is painting as fascists, because it stands for "Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist".  Radical feminists are generally found on the left of the political spectrum, not the right.  And feminists of no sort are found on the far right.  To paint left-wing progressives as "far-right" is, let's call a spade a spade, a Trumpian lie.  In fact, ironically it's a textbook example of the "Big Lie" propaganda technique pioneered by a genuinely far-right politician, namely Hitler's propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels.

It's high time we took a zero-tolerance approach to this lie, regardless of the pedigree of the people pushing it (perhaps the most high profile and frequent offender is the Ochil & South Perthshire MP John Nicolson).

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Especially for Jérémie, here is the link to the ongoing Scot Goes Pop fundraiser.


  1. The guy has a cheek making that comment about your fund raising but if you consider the background of the SNP raising >£600k way way way back in 2017 for the purpose of an independence referendum then some people just have no self awareness at all. Did the SNP say in their fund raising page - oh and by the way we will not be holding the referendum in the next five years and we will have to get permission from the Britnats first. No they did not. I say > greater than £600k because who knows the exact amount as Murrell has had to give amounts back to people.

  2. John Nicholson SNP MP and ex employee of Sturgeon's key and valued institution the British State propaganda broadcaster the BBC.

  3. (he/him) - is it now almost mandatory for SNP people to state their preferred pronouns. What's wrong with the WGD NUMPTIES? Come on now Dr Jim are you she/her or he/him or just not sure. Get with your great leader's programme. Bonus points if you go for a new birth certificate from the nu SNP. Will the Presiding Officer of the future ask each MSP what their preferred pronouns are for today.
    This whole business is a vote loser.

  4. Fascist is as fascist does !
    Fabricated witch hunting is a basic tactic of fascism. I know nothing of this numpty Fernandes. If his position on some feminists is accurate as reported then he is certainly on the road towards an award of the 'Order of Goebbels'.
    As for my former party tolerating imbeciles who think like this.....

  5. The maddest thing about this is Jeremie has a blue tick on twitter. Like he's an important somebody. I can see a need for media and top celebrities but non entitiy political council candidates haha. World's gone mad. People are so self absorbed.

    1. Maybe he's at the vanguard of Musk's brave new world of "blue ticks for the plebs if they can pay".

  6. The SNP in Moray was infiltrated by the Transgender Fascists years ago and to its detriment.