Monday, June 13, 2022

#Referendum2023 : All Systems GO! The starting gun has been FORMALLY fired, and either a Referendum Bill or a TIMESCALE for a Referendum Bill will be set out SHORTLY

Today has seen multiple further hammerblows for the dwindling band of cynics who are inexplicably sceptical about the majority SNP-Green government's cast-iron guarantee that an independence referendum will be held in 2023.  When asked if the Scottish Government's new paper about independence meant that she was formally starting the Indyref 2 campaign, Nicola Sturgeon replied "yes".  That's crucial, because of course the SNP leadership have started the Indyref 2 campaign on many previous occasions, so the fact that they are doing so "formally" on this occasion is tremendously heartening.  That ol' starting gun will actually stay fired this time.  And it's also emerged that one of two things will happen "shortly" - either a Referendum Bill will appear, or a timescale for a Referendum Bill appearing will appear.  I'm hugely reassured that there's no third possibility that a timescale for a timescale will appear - if that had been the case, I might have worried that we were being strung along.  So the only remaining concern is that when we see the timescale shortly, it'll just say that the Referendum Bill will be along shortly or "in due course".  But I'm sure there'll be far more specificity than that.

Let's celebrate this latest thrilling landmark with another update of the #Referendum2023 Countdown Clock.


There are just 206 days until the earliest possible date for #Referendum2023 (5th January)

There are just 556 days until the last possible date for #Referendum2023 (21st December)

(Note: the Countdown Clock calculations assume that tradition will be maintained by holding #Referendum2023 on a Thursday, and that it will be before Christmas.) 


  1. But but WGD numpty Alex Clark said there already was a timetable and nasty WGD numpty Dr Jim said there already was a date set for a referendum. Just who is telling pork pies?

    Hey whatever happened to wee Patrick Harvie and his promise many months ago that a date would soon be set for the Scottish Parliament to debate the Indyref2 debate. The Parliament goes in to recess on the 2nd July until the start of September so I'm guessing nothing will happen any time soon.

    Today's lesson - do not believe anything Alex Clark/ Dr Jim or wee Patrick tell you about Indyref2. Oh and you can add Sturgeon, Blackford, Russell, Robertson, Somerville, ........ to that list.

  2. Is it total coincidence this sort-of-announcement from Sturgeon pops up the day after Salmond is on TV asking for it, or am I just cynical?

    1. Not really cynical, you just don't understand cause and effect.

    2. So you think Salmond bounced Sturgeon into it? Genuine question.

  3. We all want this to be true - so why wont the sick feeling of doubt in my stomach go away. (Today's ideas are built on yesterday's experiences)

  4. Bring On The Hamster!

  5. Dr Jim is a tethered donkey. We can expect him to start kicking out more but things will just get tighter.

  6. In her interview yesterday Sturgeon said she would not be carrying out an illegal referendum. Sturgeon said the same on Jan 2020 when she said there would be no referendum due to Johnstons refusal of a sec 30 as it would be an illegal referendum (she actually also used the words wildcat referendum).

    Salmond said on Sunday the referendum is not illegal the sec30 is getting Westminster to honour the outcome.

    My view is that holding a referendum is not illegal. If a Scottish parliament cannot ask the people of Scotland a question then we are without doubt a colony. I also doubt that Westminster will honour a yes vote whether or not there is a sec30 granted by the criminal in Downing st. This is the character (Johnston) who another Tory described as having a moral vacuum. This is the character who lied to get Brexit done and now wants to tear up the Treaty he signed. I think Salmond is being naive if he believes he can trust this gang in London.

    Does Salmond trust Sturgeon - I doubt it.

    Fool me once - shame on Sturgeon - and she did fool me in 2017. Fool me multiple times - shame on the numpties.

    But hey the WGD Tory who loves Sturgeon The Bathtub Admiral says we should all be positive about the announcement. I'll believe it when a legal date has been set for the referendum.

    PS The BBC Reporting Scotland didn't even have it as its headline news.

  7. We'll see - maybe the Greens have some fight in them ? The SNP is not a nationalist party - no fight in them... but one can always hope.