Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Excitement about #Referendum2023 builds to new crescendo as Nicola Sturgeon uses US trip to repeat her guarantee that Scotland will have an independence referendum in 2023

Have you noticed the step-change in independence campaigning from the SNP?  The public meetings, the street stalls, the constant buzz about imminent referendum legislation?  Nope, me neither, but we know it must be going on because a referendum is DEFINITELY HAPPENING NEXT YEAR.

Associated Press interview with Nicola Sturgeon, 17th May 2022:

AP interviewer: "Is the plan for Scotland to still hold a referendum on independence next year?"

Nicola Sturgeon: "Yes.  I was re-elected as First Minister round about this time last year, and was re-elected on a very firm mandate to offer people in Scotland that choice."

As every good Catholic knows, it's important to renew your Vows periodically, so it's great to hear such an unambiguous and emphatic reaffirmation of the SNP-Green government's #2023ReferendumGuarantee.  It's ON, folks.  This calls for an update of the Scot Goes Pop #Referendum2023 Countdown Clock...

There are just 232 days until the earliest possible date for #Referendum2023 (5th January)

There are just 582 days until the last possible date for #Referendum2023 (21st December)

(Note: the Countdown Clock calculations assume that tradition will be maintained by holding #Referendum2023 on a Thursday, and that it will be before Christmas.)



  1. Whatever happened to wee Patrick Harvie's announcement some time ago that there would SOON be a date set to debate the date of Indyref2?
    Or does he suffer from the same delusion as WGD numpty Dr Jim that a date has already been set.
    Sturgeon is turning the whole campaign for independence in to a laughing stock. This debacle is all on you SNP members and Green members ( assuming any of the Green members actually care about Scottish independence).

  2. The mad as a bucket of frogs, Scottish with a Northern Irish protestant granny, nicophant numpty weel kent liar Skier is now saying on WGD how the unionist media now supports Alba against the SNP with the other nasty nicophant numpty Dr Jim. What a parcel of rogues.

  3. If Indyref2 by some miracle does happen next year it will be a disaster. The SNP cannae answer simple questions re independence ( e.g. NATO - Spain kicked out the American nuclear weapons but still subsequently joined Nato. ). Half hearted/useless answers are the order of the day from SNP politicians re independence. Defending GRA - now that is different. They will go in to a referendum still producing GERS which tells the people of Scotland that we have a massive deficit. Sturgeon and her gang just don't want independence. Only people who aren't even a half - wit can see that.

    1. I don't think they're planning to hold a referendum next year, but if by any miracle they are, for heaven's sake let's not try to talk them out of it. The Yes campaign would be a lot bigger than just the SNP.

    2. Yes, the indy movement is bigger than the SNP, but who do you think the media will platform to represent indy?

      I'm at the stage I think better not yet than under Nicola.

      Tomorrow may be different.

  4. The WGD numpties are back to one of their favourite subjects - moaning about the BBC. It seems they think the BBC should have given more gushing/fawning coverage to her overseas trip. This is the BBC who Sturgeon gave money to and called it a key and valued institution. If the numpties want the BBC to worship Sturgeon like they do then Sturgeon probably needs to give them a lot more money.

    Arch thicko Hamish100 says this about the BBC:- " Political bias and maybe even religious bias courtesy of the state broadcaster of England." I agree with Hamish so why does Hamish not wonder about Sturgeon's love of the BBC? Answer - he is a numpty.


    The Skier who never seems to go skiing says this about flag flying at club football matches:- " Tricolours, Welsh flags, French flags - those of new Scots - should be welcome. So we should take care in framing comments. That's all. Hope that makes sense." No it makes no sense and is utter pish.

    National flags have no place at CLUB football matches. Only idiot Rangers fans fly the union flag because they have no international match to follow a British/ UK team. I saw no German flags being flown by the Frankfurt fans in Seville because these fans are there supporting a football CLUB not a country. You can always rely on Skier to post pish.

    As an aside I accidently found myself looking at Skiers website - last entry Jan this year - and it is an article slagging off Salmond and Tasmina for being in London and actually taking pictures near the security services building which the tosser then implies they have an involvement with. No wonder his last article was Jan - nobody looking at your blog then Skier. 😩😩😩😩