Saturday, May 7, 2022

Analysis of local election results

Just a quick note to let you know that I have an analysis piece in today's edition of The National about the local election results and what they tell us about the future of Scottish politics.  You can read it HERE.


  1. Great campaigns from the Alba candidates, they deserved a lot better.

  2. Time continues to run out for an independent Scotland because the anglicisation of Scotland continues at a pace. Look at Moray.

    1. It was always a miracle that the SNP managed to get MPs elected given the presence in Moray of two major military bases. There has been a demographic shift in the area in recent years with an influx of new British nationalists in addition to former military personnel who remain in the area. The latter might be unique to Moray, but the former are an important factor in the election of mediocre Tory MPs in the Borders, Galloway and Deeside.
      I'd expect Argyll to go Tory soon. Orkney and Shetland already are Tory in the former of their Liberal proxies.

  3. Lots of glee about Alba from the WGD numpties. The mad liar Irish Skier even offers Alba advice ( guess what, it's a load of pish). Anyway they haven't realised yet that when Sturgeon fails to deliver independence they will only have themselves to blame ( or will they turn on their new besties Wee Patrick and big Lorna.).

    Perhaps the big dug should rename his site the Sturgeon Glee Club.

  4. Arch WGD thicko Hamish100 surprisingly posts this: " Non delivery of referendum or date of one in the next year will cause folk like me to say enough."
    My opinion is that people like Hamish are so slavishly loyal to Sturgeon that he will never say "enough". He hasn't even got the courage to quote a deadline for himself. I've got news for Hamish - you've been played - Sturgeon will always have an excuse. I mean she even blatantly said in Jan 2020 she will not hold a referendum that is illegal and it will not happen in 2020 as promised.

    People like Hamish are all over the place. One minute he says a referendum should only happen when we will win it the next he is threatening rebellion if it is not next year. Who is to blame for this shambolic situation. Sturgeon that's who and to quote Lord Foulkes she is doing it deliberately.

  5. I was disappointed to see a comment on another site which said that Alba only got 0.7 % of FPV . However, I was heartened by the thought that, as Alba stood in less than a tenth of the seats, this crudely translates to 7% , which is enough to get lists seats.

    1. Actually you're both wrong. Alba stood in approximately one-third of the wards, so if 0.7% is the correct national vote share, that would probably translate to around 2% if they had stood in all wards. So very similar to last year.

  6. " Are there planned independence marches now the elections are over"

    The words of WGD thicko Hamish100. You could never accuse these numpties of being clued up.

    Of course there are YA NUMPTY Hamish.

    I'll help you out Hamish and clearly you need all the help going.

    Glasgow 14 May

    Dumfries 11June

    Faslane 30 July

    Inverness 20 August

    Falkirk 10 September

    Edinburgh - 1st October

    I very much doubt many of the numpties will attend as Sturgeon has not told them to.


    Neale Hanvey on Iain Lawsons blog describes the disgraceful behaviour of the SNP towards him and makes it clear HE won his seat not the SNP. Hanvey claims Somerville ( Sturgeons pal who is now in charge of the education of our children in Scotland and that is a disgrace in itself) phoned all his friends and campaign team and threatened each of them.
    He also makes it clear that that the SNP are now a party of devolutuion now content with the current situation.

  8. I reckon that if Sturgeon cannot find herself a new job in some other country next year the odds are that she will try and cut a deal with Johnston for Devolution max and say that is the best she can do. That of course would put her in line with Cameron, Clegg, Milliband and Gordon Brown of the infamous vow. Would the numpties accept this? My guess is that they are so enthralled with Sturgeon they would accept Sturgeon's vow mark 2. This would, of course, mean they are all unionists.