Monday, April 18, 2022

Just two hours left to register to vote in the local elections

If there are any independence supporters in your life who aren't yet registered to vote (young people, for instance), now is the time to give them an extremely urgent reminder that they have until just before midnight tonight to register in time for the local elections.  The link they'll need is HERE.

And of course tell them to vote til they boak as well, but save that advice until after they've registered - time is very short!


  1. Independence For ScotlandApril 19, 2022 at 2:09 PM

    Anna Soubry ex Tory MP on Sky news says if we accept that the UK is a decent country we cannot accept what Johnson has done.

    Yeh well the UK is not a decent country it is a shithouse of a country and Sturgeon runs the northern shithouse section of the UK because people accepted what Sturgeon did.

  2. WGD numpty Legerwood has this to say about the Wee Alba Book: " A bit like their Wee Alba Book which was pushed through our door the other day. The foht is so small I cannot read it even I f I wanted to."

    You didn't expect some sort of intelligent analysis/comment from a WGD numpty did you.

    I think Legerwood should have gone to Specsavers.

  3. I se the Alba broadcast focussed on energy prices. An excellent choice. As I have been saying to friends and family for years it is a disgrace that Scotland has such great energy resources but the people of Scotland get absolutely zero benefit from it.

    The SNP on the other hand continue to pump out the Britnat propaganda document called GERS. You would almost think the SNP don't want independence. You would be correct.

    Vote SNP for continued devolution.

    Vote Alba to end London ( Sturgeon ) rule.

  4. The big dug in his latest article says: " Thanks to their majority of almost 80, Johnston will comfortably win the vote in the Commons tomorrow. "

    Oh well not even Mr Kavanagh can get it right all the time. Was he advised by Blowhard Blackford.

    The sad but funny comment btl is this by WGD numpty barpe: " When will Ian lead his troops out of that Chamber, finally?

    This will never happen barpe. Blowhard Blackford is imbedded in to the Westminster set up but numpties like barpe cannae see this.

  5. Blowhard Blackford being interviewed by his fellow Britnat Wark on Newsnight says: " I'm PROUD of Parliament today."

    Blackford is talking about Westminster not Holyrood but WGD numpty barpe asks: " When will Ian lead his troops out of that chamber, finally."

    Troops 不不不不不 YA NUMPTY barpe. Blackford could not be more settled in unless his name was Wishart. I'm guessing this is the same numpty that used to post on SGP as barpe49 but has very sensibly decided to stop advertising his IQ.

  6. It’s no wonder that there is such a low turn out for council elections, and that the results are such an unreliable way of assessing political preferences.

    Firstly most people really don’t understand the STV system. Many I’ve spoke to think they can, or only need to, vote for one party

    Secondly, finding out which candidates are standing in your area, and what their political positions are, is nigh on impossible.

    As an example, here is a search on the Highland Council for ‘council elections 2022’. No list of constituencies, no list of candidates. How can we expect ordinary people to enage with this?

  7. It's time to give the carpet baggers Boris and Strugeon an electric shock and vote Alba. Desolve the Union.