Sunday, December 5, 2021

An offer to my keyboard warrior critics: step out of the shadows and debate me openly on the next Scot Goes Popcast

There are a number of keyboard warriors on the Wee Ginger Dug blog, the vast majority hiding behind a username that does not reveal their identity, who seem absolutely obsessed with me.  They regularly make passive-aggressive comments, some of which refer to me by name, others that don't but leave little doubt that I'm the target.  I made one of these individuals an offer earlier this evening - come out of the shadows and actually debate with me properly on the next edition of the Scot Goes Popcast.  Let's see if your claims about me, or about the Alba Party, or your absolute faith in the SNP leadership to deliver an independence referendum in the absence of external pressure, can withstand scrutiny or cross-examination.

So far I haven't heard back from him, so I'm now going to extend that offer to any of the regular tag-team on Wee Ginger Dug, or indeed to anyone who participated in the extended and often abusive Twitter pile-on as I was publishing the results of our comprehensive poll on GRA reform and related gender issues.  The deadline to email me and accept the offer is tomorrow night - the reason for that is simply that I'm keen to record one more podcast of some description before the end of the year, and if no-one comes forward I'll need time to contact potential guests.

This is not in any way a trap - if you listen to the previous Popcast episodes you'll find that I don't hog the discussion and that guests are always given space to develop their points.  I won't edit the recording in any way unless there's an exceptionally good reason (for example a legal issue or something like that).

If you'd like to volunteer before the deadline, my email address is:

On past form, this will be the moment when a large number of very noisy people suddenly fall totally silent.  But go on - prove me wrong.


  1. The fault lies also with WGD who refuses to step in and control his blog from the toxic cultists. But then again, he is not called Pay Pal Paul for nothing. That is what happens when you are beholden to readers who finance a house or holiday for you. I think that Scottish Skier is the worst, and who now infests the National.

    I think you will have to find another guest for your podcast as I wouldn't expect any of them to have the courage to take you on.

  2. Nobody will face you. I know you're not a fan but Stu Campbell has a standing offer to cover the bets of anyone who believes Sturgeon will EVER call a referendum. Despite him being a hate figure, not one cultist has taken him up on it. Even if he didn't pay up it would be an ideal opportunity to humiliate him but no takers - they know he's called it right.

  3. Douglas Clark: For obvious reasons, your two comments will not get past pre-moderation, because for the most part they're just your usual extended rant about the fact that I have pre-moderation switched on. However, I would interpret a small part of your first comment as meaning that you wish to take up the challenge of debating with me in the podcast - is that correct? Although you're not one of the people I was referring to (the WGD tag-team or the people involved in the Twitter pile-on), I'd be perfectly willing to have you take part if no other volunteer comes forward. If you're serious, email me by the end of this evening.

  4. Obviously James, you have been inundated with numpties wanting to be a guest on your podcast and explain how we can all help make the Great Leader even greater. It must be a difficult decision whether to choose your old favourite Skier and have him tell you what you must do for him to return the £20 or even Hamish100 ( probably very boring) or Dr Jim ( perhaps not, he does post about Nicola shooting her enemies etc could be dangerous) or indyre2yespleasenicola he can show you his collection of model warships and explain why you are too trusting and why it is good to worship weapons of destruction. I would not select Alec Lomax - the odd snidey one liner would not make interesting viewing.

    A difficult choice but I am sure after due diligence you will select well.

  5. Sorry to keep this anonymous James but I am well known to some in the SNP who would likely have a go at me for supporting you.
    Regardless, you are entirely correct.
    These intolerant fools might as well be on the MI5 payroll for all the good they do for the Scottish Independence Movement.


    Hamish100 disnae seems impressed by your invite James.

    Hamish100 says: "I see the juveniles want to "have a go " after 4pm at the school gates. Sorry , why would we wish to promote your ego's."

    Some blah blah blah as Greta would say about election results is finished off with: "Whether you like it or not (and they don't - like the unionists ) the only way forward is supporting the 2023 referendum plan."

    Plan? Where is this plan Hamish? A plan normally has dates and action points and allocated responsibilities oh and a budget and a cost plan. It's just the same old promise. The only difference is who is making the promise this year Sturgeon or Blackford. YA NUMPTY

    Nasty numpty Dr Jim gives Hamish some advice - keep your head firmly stuck in the sand Hamish. Or as Jim puts it: "Ignore and don't read it Hamish.............. bad behaviour's all they have to offer." Comedy gold from Dr Nasty the king of bad behaviour.


    1. Hamish, Dr Jim et al have spent so long talking to themselves in the echo chamber of the Dughoose, I imagine James' idea of a public debate caused them to have explosive diarrhoea!!! Beats Skier's verbal diarrhoea I suppose😁.

    2. Felix, the mad liar Skier has had another ticking off from the WGD moderator and has apologised yet again. This is probably the third apology he has had to make on WGD in the short time he has been posting there. His diarrhoea disnae seem welcome even on WGD where they prefer people to post pish. Is his jaikit on a shoogly peg? If so where will he go next?

    3. I did notice that but assumed it was another pop at our host. I did say to James at the time of Skier's 'defection' that it was only a matter of time before he drove them round the bend too! Ironically, I doubt any site will show him the tolerance James did on here so he may have shot himself in the foot. But fair play to the mods on on WGD as it proves even the Dughoose has its limits

    4. Never let it be said that the mad liar Skier doesn't keep up to date with things.

      On Dec7 2021 Skier says on WGD: "If the SNP is stuffed full of Labour type troughers with no interest in Indy , Sturgeon should be their new darling. She should be getting the soft touch from Jackie Bird etc. ". Ya NUMPTY Skier.

      Jackie Bird left Reporting Scotland a long time ago. I don't know about Bird giving her a soft touch but she does get a very easy time of it from the Britnat media. For example, Clegg is rumoured to have dropped a report about Sturgeon in exchange for the leak about Salmond. The other Jackie alluded to it during the Scottish Parliamentary Inquiry in to the persecution of Salmond by the Scottish Government.

    5. You mean Jackie "lets call that Devo-Max" Bird.

    6. BobM - yep that's the one. She's passed the crown of top Reporting Scotland Britnat to Islay's Glenn Campbell.

  7. It's really important that we all understand that, contrary to all appearances, Hamish and Dr Jim actually won the debate hands down by running away from it.

    Douglas Clark: Stop playing games. If you want to debate me on the podcast, the way to arrange that - as you've already been informed twice - is to email me, not to attempt to post yet another insulting and barely intelligible comment on this blog.

    In point of fact you've already missed the deadline, but I'll stretch it just for you if you email me soon. But I'm not going to wait forever.


    This is a commonn phobia in the SNP leadership but unlike all the other phobias that the SNP have written screeds of paragraphs on this one somehow never gets a mention. I wonder why.

    Like all phobias there is a solution - vote for Alba and it will soon be a thing of the past.

  9. The WGD numpties regularly state that Johnson is the biggest recruiting sergeant for Scottish independence. Yet today Blackford tells Johnston he should resign. So who are the numpties - is it Blackford or have the WGD numpties been posting pish again.

    Is Blackford trying to get rid of Johnson to stop the yes vote going though the roof? Or is he just a numpty?

    You couldn't get a clearer reason for Scottish independence on full display at PMQs today when Blackford tried to cajole the Tory MPs to get rid of Johnston. The point being that the people of Scotland can NEVER get rid of a PM it has to be English MPs.

    Remember in November last year Blackford promised an independence referendum by the end of 2021. You cannae trust Johnson on anything and ye cannae trust Blackford on independence. What a shithouse this UK Union is.

    1. The WGD numpty UndeadShaun very kindly illustrates my point:

      " Dross has said Johnson should resign if he knew about the party. Is the power ebbing from el presidente. Hopefully not as he is a good independence campaigner."

  10. As Shirley -Ann Somerville goes about her job as Scottish Education secretary more and more Scottish parents decide to remortgage their house to try and get their kids in to a private school and out of the clutches of this nutter.

    True - perhaps.

    Harsh - no.

  11. Douglas Clark: You sent me an email at 6pm which I replied to at 6.18pm. For the avoidance of doubt, this was the reply I sent you:

    "Hi Douglas,

    Stop playing games. Just give me a clear answer - do you wish to take part in the podcast? Really simple: it's either "yes" or "no". If your answer is "no", kindly stop wasting my time. If it's "yes", give me some idea of dates when you'll be free to do the recording on Zoom. No more evasive waffle is required: it's make your mind up time.



    Almost two hours later at 8.09pm, you attempted to post a comment here claiming I had never replied. My experience is that direct replies to emails arrive in the person's inbox 99.9% of the time. As much as I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt, for "game-playing" I would now say "deliberate dishonesty".

  12. Craig Murray reveals on his twitter that a Detective Inspector from the Serious Crimes Division, no less, interviewed him today over who leaked the message from Peter Murrell ( remember him) to Ruddick telling her to pressurise the police to act against Salmond etc.

    1. This crime happened well over a year ago. Why interview Craig now? They could have got hold of him quite easily in Saughton prison over the last 4 months.

    2. To me that is harassment by the police. He is only out of prison a number of days and they come knocking on his door.

    3. The UK is becoming a police state. This is where politicians are directing the police to investigate or not investigate as appropriate in England and Scotland.

    4. When this information was leaked numpties like Skier said the messages were fake and then numpties made up nonsense to try and say the messages are being misinterpreted. Does a Detective Inspector of Serious Crimes Division investigate fake messages a year later.

    5. As the messages are not fake why are the Police not investigating the conspiracy to send Salmond to jail on false charges?

    6. More evidence of the police/COPFS being under state control is the harrassment of the independence supporter Sean Clerkin. The charges were left hanging over him for many months before being dropped at the very last minute. Police/state harrassment of independence supporters yet again.

    Sturgeon and Johnston both on the same road towards more and more authoritarian control and lies to cover up their misdeeds.

    This all stinks and that is because the UK Union is a shithouse.

  13. A strong defence by Sturgeon of Somervilles school kid sex questionnaire at FMQs. Is that why the 2021 Census has been delayed in Scotland. They want to ask similar questions to everyone in Scotland to ensure we all get the best services possible.

    A nosy parkers charter. A perverts hit list.

    So there you have it in Sturgeon's answer - 14 years olds have sex. The normalisation of under age sex.

    Somerville and Sturgeon always know best. No doubt the numpties will support her.

  14. Hey, how come the WGD numpties haven't said that I am Dominic Cummings ?😇