Thursday, November 4, 2021

SCOT GOES POP POLL FUNDRAISER UPDATE with more options for donating - and how the mainstream media has covered the latest poll so far

So apologies for the slight lull in the release of data from the new Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll, but the bulk of the results is actually still to come - we have six or seven more GRA or gender-related questions, plus no fewer than three more sets of voting intention numbers, including the all-important question about voters' lower preferences in the local elections next May.  Part of the reason for holding back briefly has been just in case some part of the mainstream media is interested in running one of the remaining results as an exclusive - as you may have seen, the second GRA question featured in the Sunday Times at the weekend.  The National also reported on the questions about Royal interference in the independence debate, the devolution of broadcasting powers, and whether the recent shortages of petrol and goods has strengthened the case for independence.  You can read my own analysis pieces in The National HERE and HERE.  I believe Neale Hanvey MP has also mentioned the poll in his column for the Fife Free Press.

FUNDRAISING FOR POLLS: As I've mentioned a few times, the crowdfunding for this current poll didn't reach the required amount, and I'm having to cover the shortfall with my own money. So to be able to run any further Scot Goes Pop polling, on independence or on any other subject, we're going to have reach the £6500 target figure in the new fundraiser, or at least come very close to it.  So far we're just over the halfway mark, which is a fantastic start, and a million thanks to everyone who has donated over the last couple of weeks.  However, there have been potentially ominous signs of the donation rate slowing in recent days, so please bear with me as I continue to promote the fundraiser heavily - there's simply no point in leaving the job half done.  It's really important that we as the pro-independence movement crowdfund our own polling from time to time, because there's no other way of ensuring that the questions we want to be asked are actually asked.  The grim alternative is that all polls will be commissioned by anti-independence clients, with the inevitable slant in the way the questions are posed.  (That was exactly the problem we faced during the long indyref campaign, with very few exceptions.)

One issue that always comes up when I crowdfund, but has come up even more this time than usual, is that some people are slightly allergic to donating via a fundraising platform like GoFundMe - they would prefer a more direct payment option.  I've received a few emails from people saying "I would have donated if I could pay you without going through a middle man".  When I launched the fundraiser, I did actually give my Paypal details as a direct payment method, but I'm happy to do so once again.

Paypal email address:

Paypal is actually by far the most convenient option, both for me and for those making donations, because the money is transferred immediately and without any fuss. A number of people have already chosen to donate that way.  All you need to do is make sure the above email address is entered accurately, and when you're asked if you wish to attach a note just put "poll" or "fundraiser" so I can easily earmark the funds and add them to the running total.  (But don't worry if you don't do the latter bit - I hardly ever receive money via Paypal for any other reason, so it'll be pretty obvious what it's for!)  

However, some people have an allergy to Paypal as well as to fundraising sites, and have urged me to provide my bank details so they can donate by direct bank transfer instead.  If you'd really prefer to donate that way, please contact me by email. My contact email address is different from my Paypal address, and can be found in the sidebar of the desktop version of this blog, or on my Twitter profile.

And of course there's still the option of donating via the GoFundMe fundraiser page itself, which can be found HERE.

I know times are really tough at the moment, but thousands of people read Scot Goes Pop every week, and if just 10% of them were to donate just £10 each, we'd reach the target straight away.  As expensive as polls are, I do think the five Scot Goes Pop polls run so far have provided excellent value for money - for example by repeatedly demonstrating that there is substantial public support for a 'Plan B' option if a Section 30 order continues to be refused, and by showing that voters think Brexit makes the case for revisiting the issue of independence.  Of course some people are unable to donate for very good reasons, but one really important thing you can do is to spread the word on social media, and among your friends and family.

Thank you all once again for your amazing continued support.


  1. good effort James,
    the results are very telling so the questions need asked

  2. So Sturgeon has a mandate to hold Indyref2 and she claims she wants a gold standard sec 30 referendum preferably in 2023 but 6 months after the election in May she has not requested a sec 30 from Johnston. Why not?

    That is the question all independence supporters should be asking. However, the pet dog WGD numpties are distracting themselves from reality by posting a picture of Sturgeon with Angela Merkel and saying how great the Great Leader is.

  3. I remember not all that long ago when the was rightly ridicule about people making to much of Biden making one of the first calls as President to the UK ( the special relationship is stronger than ever etc etc)

    But must admit the last 24 hours makes some of those claims seen quite mild mannered. Amongst the best i've seen are:

    Bidden is going to support Scotland rather than the UK becasue the Brits once shot at americans.

    Scotland will have a better relationship with the US than the UK because lots of Scots live in America.

    Of course if you are not completely buying into this, you are not a 'proper' independence supporter.

    But of course it makes a perfect distraction to cover up the fact that Scottish government ministers are attacking environmental organizations during a global environmental summit and the lack of progress on indy.

  4. Meanwhile in the land of the doggers and the home of the numpty the Great Leader Sturgeon is officially to be classed as Scotlands very own superhero. She will soon join Marvels Avengers as the Procrastinator. I saw her in a picture they cry.

  5. Professor John Robertson: It really is very sad to see an eminent professor reduced to attempting to troll a blog with teenage insults that seemed desperately dated even when I was a teenager.

    Of course as an expert in media manipulation you know exactly what technique you're using here. It's similar, for example, to how the Tories attempted to hold back the tide against devolution. They knew public opinion was overwhelmingly against them, so instead their angle was: "Yeah, but nobody really *cares* about this. They care about *other* stuff instead. This is so *booooring*."

    Actually, people do care. Now, kindly take the hint - and take it elsewhere. Thanks.

    1. Shocking. Just shocking. Is this the professor that the WGD numpties hero worship.

      It might be worth reminding the good professor that people used to say that nobody cares about global warming.