Sunday, October 3, 2021

Sunday Miscellany

So a few miscellaneous things while I'm thinking of them.  First of all, I meant to mention last week that I was quoted in Alasdair Soussi's latest piece for the Al Jazeera website, about the UK Government's attempts to turn COP26 in Glasgow into a Union Jack fest.  You can read it HERE.

Secondly, I promised our regular commenter 'Independence for Scotland' that I'd let him know if I heard anything about how to buy Alba Party merchandise in a way that ensures the funds go to the right place.  The latest email update from the party reveals an online Alba shop is on its way, and that in the meantime merchandise can be bought by emailing:

And lastly, there's an uncharacteristically helpful headline in the Herald on Sunday suggesting that a Tory-funded poll has backfired by showing a majority of the Scottish public think "the Union is bad for the environment".  Skimming through the article, though, I get the impression this may just be a Scottish subsample from a GB-wide Opinium poll (albeit one with an unusually large sample size).


  1. Meanwhile the Wee Ginger Pets have been let out to exercise.

    Strathbungo Pony, normally to be found grazing near to the Hunterian Museum, warns of a Trojan Horse in the heart of the Indy camp. Many a true word spoken in cynicism.

    And from Andersonstown the top tip is “Hell, you can even take out a National subscription and fire away. Just say you are Alba if confronted. “
    But we already know about people keen to contribute to the regional fanzine. Skier say, Skier do.

  2. Thanks for the update James on Alba merchandising.


    This weeks quote comes from the nasty numpty DrJim. Now nasty Jim and his fellow numpties indulged in some more Salmond bashing. Not only the usual stuff but also saying Salmond was liaising/working with the Britnats on the Parliamentary Inquiry in to Sturgeons action. Nasty Jim of course is the numpty who openly admitted to grabbing women by the neck and forcing them out of premises but he continually runs down Salmonds reputation perhaps he should consider his own behaviour before he throws stones about but WGD numpties are not known for their self awareness.

    Anyway nasty numpty Jim says : " Unfortunately Nicola Sturgeons book won't be out for at least 10 to 20 years, she'll still be busy."

    Aye Nasty Numpty Jim she'll still be busy promising numpties like you an Independence referendum after the next election is won and you will be posting as Dr Jeminah saying independence is coming next year.


    1. In a recent article Kavanagh states that he is confident that the Scottish government will deliver on its promise of a referendum within the term of this Scottish Parliament.

    2. In another article not that long ago he said he was confident that a referendum would be delivered in two years time.

    3. He previously was confident the referendum would take place in the year after the May Scottish Parliament election.

    Thankfully I do not wager money on his referendum tips but the numpties lap it up.

  4. Well at least you got to comment James, it is a pity that no one states the fact that the drugs problem is a reserved matter.
    Unfortunatelly it comes over as anti Scottish Government, the Greta Thunberg comment for example which said that NO country was doing enough but was attributed to Scotland by our wonderful media,and no mention that the staff problems are caused by Brexit, but again made out to be problems caused by the Scottish Government.

  5. James, hope your first Alba NEC meeting went well and you found it productive, inspiring and enjoyable. If not all three console yourself that my SNP MP Kirsten Oswald is not fixing the agenda and speaker participation. Oh and Fiona Robertson is not asking for your preferred pronouns at the start of the meeting.

  6. "about the UK Government's attempts to turn COP26 in Glasgow into a Union Jack fest."

    And they will and the Quisling Sturgeon will let them and the Quisling Press and Media will aid and abet them in it.