Tuesday, October 19, 2021

An important update on forthcoming Scot Goes Pop polling on GRA reform and independence

With grateful thanks for your patience, I'm pleased to be able to tell you that I've finally commissioned the comprehensive poll on reform of the Gender Recognition Act and related gender issues that I crowdfunded for in the summer.  However, this has been a much more challenging and stressful process than previous Scot Goes Pop polls, so I'll need to briefly explain how we've ended up where we are.

First of all, the fundraising process during the summer proved to be extraordinarily messy.  I already had a general fundraiser underway to support the blog itself, and I was reluctant to have two fundraisers running at the same time.  So when the GRA poll idea came up, I tried to use the general fundraiser to crowdfund for the poll - but that was clearly a mistake, because it made it too hard for people to visualise what the target figure was.  What complicated it further was that The National got in touch and kindly reported on my fundraising for further independence polling - but that meant I effectively had to stop crowdfunding for the GRA poll, because obviously independence polling and GRA polling are different things, and not everyone who helps to fund one will be interested in helping to fund the other.

Neither set of fundraising produced enough on its own for the type of full-scale poll I ideally wanted to run - although the two in combination did raise just about enough.  Nevertheless, I've felt honour-bound to keep the two sets of funds separate.  The GRA funding was the more successful of the two, and enough money was raised for me to be reasonably confident I could still commission a GRA poll if I shopped around for the most competitive rates and limited the number of questions.  However, having looked into that possibility and given it my very best shot (I put in an enormous amount of work over the last few weeks and was almost in despair at times), I'm afraid it just wasn't a runner.  There's very little point in spending thousands of pounds on a poll where the questions aren't the ones we actually want to ask, and don't even resemble the ones we want to ask.

So in order to break the logjam, I've gone ahead and commissioned a full-scale GRA poll from my first-choice firm.  That's a much better option anyway, because it's the comprehensive poll we had originally intended, rather than a half-hearted or slimmed-down effort.  However, it's also more expensive, and I'm going to cover the shortfall with my own money - I can't see any other way of getting the poll done in a timely manner, and it's important it's done soon because Holyrood may not be far away from making some fateful decisions.  

Obviously I'd rather only be losing that money temporarily, though, so to solve the problem I've set up a new dedicated polling fundraiser, which you can find HERE and which I will be promoting heavily as the results of the new poll are published.  The funds raised will compensate me for what I'm spending on the current poll, but mostly it will complete the funding for the next Scot Goes Pop independence poll (I'll keep my options open on the timing of that one but I hope it'll be within the next few months).

Just so you're aware, I've also added voting intention questions and a couple of topical political questions to the GRA poll - it would have seemed a wasted opportunity not to do that.

If you prefer Paypal to GoFundMe, my Paypal email address is:


And a reminder that the fundraiser page can be found HERE.


  1. I really do hope the questions are balanced to get a real view of how people feel - I trust you James

  2. Happy to contribute James. You shouldn't be personally out of pocket to cover such an important issue.

  3. Pension Pete Wishart and all the other WGD/SNP numpties are desperate to blame the Alba party for everything. As Alba have only been in existence since earlier this year who you gonna blame for the previous 6 years of inaction on Scottish independence. What a bunch of numpties.

  4. Ex British Labour in Scotland MP Harris goes to work for the Tories in their new U.K. in Scotland offices in Edinburgh. Always thought he was a self serving Tory just like a lot of them that used to enjoys the delights of London while pretending to be a socialist.

    Nowadays you can see the same in the NEWSNP - Sturgeon = Blair = Tory neoliberals.

    1. SNP attempting to screw the Scottish rail workers. Who are the Tartan Tories!

  5. Could people please refrain from posting comments that state or imply who they believe to be responsible for the leak to the Daily Record. I don't personally doubt the accuracy of the claims, but I wouldn't want to bet my life on a court of law accepting them as indisputable fact.