Monday, September 20, 2021

Update for anyone lodging a complaint about the Daily Record's lies

A reader has just emailed me.  He had complained to the press regulator IPSO this morning about the Daily Record's blatant lie that the new Redfield & Wilton poll shows a "drop in support for independence" (in fact the result is literally identical to the previous poll).  IPSO wrote back to him requesting supporting evidence within seven days about the results of the poll and how they show no change.  Just in case anyone else finds themselves in the same position, I'll copy and paste my reply - 

Hi ******,

Thanks for your message.  I presume that in order to have made the complaint, you must have provided the link to the Daily Record article, which itself includes the figures IPSO are requesting.  However, just in case, here is the Record link -

The poll was commissioned by Politico, whose write-up also includes the figures - 

And here is the link to the previous Redfield & Wilton poll from last month, showing identical numbers of Yes 44%, No 47% -

As further supporting evidence, you could also provide IPSO with the list of polls on the What Scotland Thinks website - which is run either by John Curtice or by his close colleagues. Since Professor Curtice is President of the British Polling Council, that should be considered a reliable source. It clearly shows that both the new and previous Redfield & Wilton polls had identical results -



When I checked the Record link, I was half-expecting it to have already been taken down or corrected - they've had several hours to get it sorted, and umpteen people have pointed out the inaccuracy to them.  But nope, they're just sticking their fingers in their ears as usual.


  1. Aye you know your stuff on polls James. Thankfully I don't think I have ever disagreed with you on polling details in any of your articles.

    But I still hold the view Curtice is a Britnat. WGD numpty indyref2yespleasenicola thinks I am very bad to use the term Britnat but I think he is very bad to worship warships, tanks,aircraft carriers,nuclear submarines and all the rest of the weapons of war.

    I digress - Curtice is President of the BRITISH Polling Council so I always view his comments through that prism.

  2. I see that the SNP have voted along with the Conservatives and Lib Dems against Scotland having a state owned not for profit energy company. This, of course, despite the SNP conference passing a resolution for the Scot Gov to set up a state owned not for profit energy company only ten days ago and the setting up of a state owned not for profit energy company being promissed by the SNP only a couple of years ago (and then not delivered on).

    But indy ref in by 2023 is guarenteed to happen, right? After all the SNP always keep to their commitments...

    Oh, and the Greens voted against it as well .....

    1. I'm waiting for Mr Energy Expert of WGD to perform some gold medal standard hairpin turns on this.

  3. Meanwhile in the land of the numpties and the home of the doggers Skier asks - you wonder why anyone ever questions that I support independence. Um could it be because you are a liar, a fantasist and a Sturgeon propagandist.

  4. Could this not have been done very easily by nationalising People's Power based in East Lothian who went out of business last week.