Thursday, June 3, 2021

One law for the children of Daddy, and another law for everyone else?

So this is, as far as I can see, a legitimate observation - Jack publicly resigned from the SNP in precisely the same way that the defectors to Alba did, and yet he's been readmitted well within the two year period that he should have been automatically banned for.  It seems that different rules apply (or different interpretations of the rules) if your stated reason for resigning was that the SNP weren't taking a sufficiently extreme stance on identity politics.

I must confess I had no idea before this exchange that Jack harboured such bitter hatred towards me on a personal level.  I've met him twice in real life at 'separatist dinners' and he seemed very pleasant and friendly.  As a result we followed each other on Twitter for a number of years, although he quietly unfollowed me (in fairness he didn't block me) after the 2019 general election.  I'm 70-80% sure the reason he did that was a single tweet I posted listing my personal five favourite results from the election, which amounted to aggravated thoughtcrime because Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath was one of them.  It wasn't top of the list, I hasten to add - East Dunbartonshire was, but it seems that simply celebrating a pro-independence win is deemed a form of "bigotry" these days.  If memory serves me right, Jack had said he would like to campaign for Labour in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath, and he also gave a pretty strong indication that he wanted Joanna Cherry to lose her seat - which was even more outrageous, given that Ms Cherry, unlike Neale Hanvey, wasn't suspended from the party, and her only credible challenger was the Tory candidate.  

I've belatedly put Jack out of his misery and blocked him, along with a few of his ultra-zealot tag-team chums.


  1. Sums up what is wrong with SNP. Such aggressive negative energy is sad to see.

  2. Well said James. There's no excuse for anyone backing a unionist candidate

    1. Agreed. We all remember this!

      There are even a small handful of seats where there’s a legitimate argument for indy supporters voting for Unionist parties.

    2. Indeed - Jack Deeth's position in the 2019 election was essentially identical to Stuart Campbell's position in the 2021 election, and for the same reason. They both regard the trans issue as being more important than independence, and their support for pro-indy candidates is conditional on that. They would rather support a unionist candidate who agrees with them on the trans issue than a pro-indy candidate who doesn't.

    3. The trans issue AKA the GRA. The top subject for discussion in food bank queues all over the country.

    4. Lauder 'mixed sex' public loos. You can see the use of the dual male/female sign. Even the disabled is 'mixed sex'; open to all genders; as is the case for disabled loos everywhere. Maybe disabled people just don't have hang-ups here.

      Picture of loos

      Anyway, shocking, scary stuff! Terrifies gammons from Somerset I hear. Also Kenny Macaskill in the right-wing Scotsman.

      FHS. Face palm. Kenny, mixed sex toilets do offer both sexes 'their own single sex space' as per my picture. Mixed sex loos offer even more privacy as you don't have stalls, but yer own wee loo facility with sink etc all tae yersel.

      My main objection is you need to pay a small fee to use the lauder ones. But then I guess kids would smoke weed and stuff in them if that wasn't the case (I would never have done that as a teen!).

      They are clean and very private as is.* Got to say I prefer them to the old school, piss smelling gents with stalls and a urinal that they replaced, especially if you need to sit on the throne for a while (sorry).



      Selkirk toilet attendant wins national award for cleanest loos

      Douglas Heatlie won Scottish Individual Cleaner of the Year for his continuous efforts in cleaning Avenue [mixed sex] public toilets in Lauder.

      But hey, loos before indy!

  3. Jack, whoever he is, is a git - unpleasant, judgmental, arrogant - I wouldn't waste energy on this person.

  4. What a mess the SNP is in.

    If I needed any further vindication of my resign to resign the party membership the statements made by these people in your exchange with them has provided it.

  5. I've never heard of Jack Deeth, nor has anyone I know. I guess he's largely a nobody then.

    Anyway, some very good news here:

    Chris Hanlon pledges not to step down from SNP NEC despite allies doing so

    Hanlon added that he could see more “reformers” elected onto the body again when the ­internal ­elections happen at this year’s ­conference.


    I now await the 'You are just an SNP central HQ stooge' personal attacks on me for not wanting him to resign like Cherry did (and I was disappointed by).


  6. I'm afraid I've never heard of Jack Deeth, but I'm sure he must be pivotal on our regaining our independence.

  7. How are England gonnae explain tae the Europeans that Scotland isn't a country when we're in their group at the Euros, with Wales at the tournament too? If Scotland's not a country, neither's England or Wales, so all would need to be disqualified in favour of 'Team GB&NI!'.

    England can only be allowed to win the Euros if it and Scotland/Wales/NI are all countries. Otherwise, why can't the e.g. Germans field a team from every federal region?

    Also, do the Czech Republic regret leaving their union with Slovakia? What about Croatia going for independence from the Yugoslav union?

    Something for the commentators to mull over.

    Anyway, that bodes well.

    We'll likely get gubbed in the first roond as usual, but the Euros are a PR disaster for London re iref2.

    You can be 100% sure No 10 will be hoping Scotland lose badly in the hope that puts us off indy. So much for 'feeling the UK lurve'.

    1. Strangely, it seems that the only people who think the breakup of Czechoslovakia was a bad thing are the Czechs and the Slovaks. I don't think there has ever been an opinion poll in favour of the outcome. The international idea that it was really good looks engineered rather than based on reality.

    2. I dunno. When we play respective teams at the footie their fans seem very supportive of their indy nations.

      Whatever the realities of the dissolution nearly 3 decades ago, the evidence is firmly that they don't want to get back together. After all, respective populations only need to vote for it and they freely choose not to. I guess the reasons for small nations to be alliance that united them in the past just don't exist any more, not with the EU union.

      Bit like the Irish, Australians etc don't for vote 'rejoin the UK parties'. No former member of the UK/Empire does.