Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Scot Goes Popcast with special guest Alex Salmond

Well, you can't say you haven't been getting top-class guests in the Scot Goes Popcast recently - Miss PunnyPennie in the last one, and today for the sixth episode I was joined by none other than the former First Minister of Scotland, former leader of the SNP, and current leader of the Alba Party, Alex Salmond.  He's been extremely generous in giving time to several new media outlets - I believe he was interviewed by quite a few bloggers today in the aftermath of Alba's campaign launch.  I'm not holding my breath about getting the same access to Willie Rennie.

Question I asked Alex include -

* On what basis was he excluded from the BBC leaders debate?

* Is there any contradiction between him asking people to give both votes to the SNP in 2011, but saying this year that SNP list votes are wasted?

* Will he undertake to support any initiative the SNP take towards delivering independence or an independence referendum, even if he doesn't think it goes far enough?  In other words, will he ensure that the perfect doesn't become the enemy of the good?

* Will there in future be internal democratic elections in Alba to choose candidates and the leader?

* Hasn't Alba's creation given controversial journalist David Leask the satisfaction of saying that his schtick about "the real SNP" and "alt-Nats" has been sort-of-proved right?

If you have any problem with the embedded player below, the direct link to the podcast is HERE.

You can also listen to earlier episodes of the Popcast - 


  1. Alright. You got me. I’ll listen this time!

  2. "On what basis was he excluded from the BBC leaders debate?"

    On the basis that he is an actual Scot Nat who believes in Scottish Indy I would have thought. It seems he also also been excluded from the Anglia (STV) TV debate as well even though they have more members than the Fib Dooms now and are on course so far to win more seats than the Fib Dooms. Bias doesn't come close to describing the prevailing anti Scottish culture at the EBC and its commercial version at STV.

    1. Indeed, flat out gaslighting from our beloved "national broadcaster".

  3. Nice interview. Salmond’s got his head round every aspect of this crucial moment. He gives lucid, honest and sometimes even quite humble answers to the lot of them. He’s surely right up there among the very best voices in Scottish politics today. And the other one’s already getting my constituency vote!

    The more I hear from Alex Salmond directly, the more my list vote leans away from the Greens where it’s always been and towards Alba.

    The more I hear from the Greens, meanwhile…

  4. Will listen when I get the chance. Should have asked though if he'll stand down candidate's in areas where SNP have a small percentage lead?

    1. Salmond covered that when he was talking about the up side of voting Alba, also he did give a very good tip to SNP about concentrating on the constituency vote.

  5. What a scoop you got there, well done.