Friday, April 30, 2021

BBC Scotland's exclusion of Alba from the leaders' debates is now utterly indefensible after BBC Wales set a precedent with an ultra-inclusive debate night featuring leaders of several tiny anti-devolution parties


  1. Outrageous stuff from the state broadcaster.
    Looking at the polls, meanwhile, I have the impression we might be dealing with something like "shy Alba voters" who may not feel comfortable talking openly about voting for the new pro-independence and pro-women party but will do so nonetheless.... I certainly hope so.

    1. Is Alba not also pro-men?

      This issue of GRA affects both sexes equally. This is why I struggle somewhat to trust people (men in particular) banging on about the GRA thing. Why do they only shout about 'womens rights!'?

      It isn't anything specifically do with women, but changes would affect both sexes equally. Self ID applies to females who wish to have their legally recognized gender changed to male too.

      Where are the 'Man = adult human male' flyers?

      If people with concerns about GRA talked about overall impacts rather than just trotting out the most sensationalist soundbites they can think of ('pro/anti-women...rapists in the ladies'), I'd be much more open to listening. Seems the public are similar.

      Anyway, it's women who will decide which party is more pro-women, and not mansplaining men. As things stand, women really like the SNP. The favoured party of women voters by a country mile; no wonder given it's strong female leadership.

  2. James, you're a star. They can dismiss the observations of most bloggers on this matter... But definitely not these from you.

    The BBC are trolling us in a display of disdain and contempt. It's not spoofable. And we should get unspiofable onto their charter.


  3. Correct.Westminsters propaganda war against Scotland.
    BBC in Scotland are bot doing this f their own Deciding who can debate and what can be debated in Scotland.
    BBC in Scotland are not doing this of their own volition , their new leader has specific instructions from westminster.

  4. Do BBC Wales & BBC Scotland have autonomous decision making powers for debates?