Friday, February 26, 2021

The "real SNP", in numbers

It's lovely that controversial journalist David Leask is now a freelancer, and can punt his conspiracy theories about dark Russian involvement in Scottish politics in a variety of publications, not just one.  I don't pay the Murdoch Levy, so I can only judge his latest piece for The Times by its preview, but it seems to be yet another outing for his beloved but wholly synthetic narrative about there being a distinction between what he calls "the mainstream or real SNP" and an "alt-Nat" tendency associated with Alex Salmond.  Needless to say, the "mainstream or real SNP" are, conveniently, the people who already share Leask's paranoid obsession with Russia and those he thinks can be won over, while the "alt-Nats" are the lost causes who inexplicably go through whole days without even thinking about Russia.  

As I've pointed out many times over the years, though, it's mind-bogglingly bonkers to define "the real SNP" in any way that excludes Alex Salmond, given that he led the party for nearly one-quarter of its entire existence to date, is thus far the only person to have led the SNP to an overall majority in the Scottish Parliament, and was the leader of the Yes campaign in the only independence referendum to have actually been held.  If Mr Salmond isn't the "real SNP", who on earth is?  Here are some numbers to amplify the point...

Length of time served as SNP leader (with percentage of time since the SNP's formation in 1934 in brackets):

Alex Salmond: 20 years (23.0%)
Gordon Wilson: 11 years (12.6%)
William Wolfe: 10 years (11.5%)
Arthur Donaldson: 9 years (10.3%)
Robert McIntyre: 9 years (10.3%)
Nicola Sturgeon: 6 years (6.9%)
Andrew Dewar Gibb: 4 years (4.6%)
Jimmy Halliday: 4 years (4.6%)
John Swinney: 4 years (4.6%)
Douglas Young: 3 years (3.4%)
Alexander MacEwan: 2 years (2.3%)
Bruce Watson: 2 years (2.3%)
William Power: 2 years (2.3%)

(Note: John MacCormick seems to have been regarded as the de facto leader from the party's founding until the 1942 split - but his official position was National Secretary, meaning his current direct successor is Stewart Stevenson.)

Number of Westminster general elections fought as SNP leader:

Alex Salmond: 4
William Wolfe: 4
Robert McIntyre: 3
Nicola Sturgeon: 3
Gordon Wilson: 2
Arthur Donaldson: 2
John Swinney: 1
Alexander MacEwan: 1
Bruce Watson: 1
Jimmy Halliday: 1

Number of Scottish Parliament elections fought as SNP leader: 

Alex Salmond: 3
Nicola Sturgeon: 1
John Swinney: 1

Number of Westminster elections won as SNP leader: 

Nicola Sturgeon: 3
All others: 0

Number of Scottish Parliament elections won as SNP leader: 

Alex Salmond: 2
Nicola Sturgeon: 1

Number of overall majority Scottish Parliament wins as SNP leader:

Alex Salmond: 1
All others: 0

Length of time as an SNP First Minister: 

Alex Salmond: 7 years
Nicola Sturgeon: 6 years

Number of independence referendums secured as SNP leader:

Alex Salmond: 1
All others: 0

Number of independence referendums fought as SNP leader:

Alex Salmond: 1
All others: 0

Length of service as an SNP parliamentarian:

Winnie Ewing: 32 years
Alex Salmond: 30 years 
Andrew Welsh: 29 years
Roseanna Cunningham: 26 years
Margaret Ewing: 24 years
John Swinney: 24 years

Length of time as SNP group leader in the House of Commons:

Donald Stewart: 13 years
Margaret Ewing: 12 years
Angus Robertson: 10 years
Alex Salmond: 6 years
Ian Blackford: 4 years
Alasdair Morgan: 2 years

*  *  *

I have an analysis piece in The National today about yesterday's Ipsos-Mori poll putting Yes on 52% - you can read it HERE.  


  1. An excellent analysis.

    You can't argue with the facts.

    1. Others do, you just need to look at the below the line comments from some who post under numerous names.

  2. David Leask has some weird ideas and I don't rush to waste time reading his copy.

    Salmond is an integral part of the history of the SNP and this case doesn't change that. He was not even a serving politician by the time it all unfolded. However, he has gone a bit "Infamy! Infamy! they've all got it Infamy!" A conspiracy involving so many players just isn't feasible in my book. Not saying the original allegations were not malicious but having been made I can't see how due process could be avoided if Me Too is to mean anything.

    Alex, does have an ego and he may well feel he should have been believed but this is the modern world and it doesn't work like that any more. It is a sad state of affairs but the Weinsteins (and all their sleazy predecessors that got away with it) have made the work place a far more complicated place to manage.

    It is a beautiful day, I'll probably take the dog up the hills this afternoon, I won't be inside watching TV.

    1. HandandShrimp

      A classic statement of ignorance combined with I want to remain ignorant but I am certain of my understanding of what has been going on. You should be embarrassed to post that comment.

      The "due process" you refer to was unlawful and cooked up specifically to get Salmond. There already was a process in place when the initial complainers came forward but they were told to hold back until they got the Salmond process prepared and signed off. But you think nae bother.

      Truly shameful when independence supporters care nothing that Salmond has been persecuted for over 3 years now.

    2. "I can't see how due process could be avoided if Me Too is to mean anything."

      Due process *was* avoided in the original investigation, that's the whole problem.

    3. I think the investigating committee has been so derailed by government secrecy and deflection that the government's internal investigation procedure will not even get revised. Even though it has been proven illegal, and that is the whole point of the committee.

      Years after the event, the government is still trying to pretend they didn't get found guilty in court, never mind the rest of the stuff.

      No one will ever believe the FM (or possibly any FM) if she ever says she is going to be honest / transparent / whatever, ever again. I think that will be the main legacy of the whole shitstorm.

    4. Mouse: What happened to your flounce of yesterday? You were never going to darken our door again, if I recall?

    5. For sure James, the HR team did not cover themselves in glory. However, you might be surprised at how often a complaint falls by the way side due to a technical error in the process. A letter going out at the wrong time, wrong person contacted etc., It happens in the courts too. But is human error or an over enthusiastic HR person a conspiracy? We know the grievance process was mucked up and that is why Salmond won his judicial review. However, a process fault doesn't alter the seriousness of the original allegations which is presumably why Evans was keen to pass it over to the place. As the CS boss she had a duty of care to the complainants. It was not her place to judge the veracity of the complaints.

      In my view rape allegations should have gone straight to the police. As a retired CS I would not have considered using the grievance process to handle something so troubling. It really isn't designed for that purpose especially given the allegations were against someone no longer in office. However, I understand the women were reluctant to go to the police and their concerns were initially taken on board.

    6. Why on earth would anyone think their employer is qualified to investigate serious sexual assault?

      Why on earth would any employer think they were qualified to investigate serious sexual assault?

      As far as I can make out, the complainers were told to shut-up. By their employer. For the sake of independence. Until there was a bunch of stuff on Facebook much later about a film producer. Followed by an illegal internal investigation. Backdated until the beginning of time.

      Make of it what you will, but it's seriously incompetent.

    7. HandandShrimp - your ignorance is incredible.

      1. The Police submission to the Inquiry states the police told Evans they do not have the expertise to carry out this investigation into the complaints and advised them not to proceed with their own investigation. It's there in the Inquiry website.

      2. The new process specifically designed to get Salmond was declared unlawful by the Court of Sessiion judge because it was unlawful. Nothing to do with a process error.

      3. Evans passed it over to the Crown Agent Hardie. Evans was Hardies line manager at the time according to Salmonds submission. Hardie is ex secret service.

      4. They were reluctant to go to the police because they were lying and didn't want to perjure themselves.

      HandandShrimp I doubt you have read any of the papers posted on the Inquiry website but you are happy to post your opinions based on ignorance.

    8. They were reluctant to go to the police because they were lying and didn't want to perjure themselves.

      You highlight the key need for 9+ individual motives here to explain how they overcame this supposed reluctance to perjure themselves, risking jail. Why do it? What was the reward? And for conspiracy to be proven, it must be a joint motive where each party worked with the others to knowingly commit a crime.

      That's the conspiracy theory problem. Far too many people involved and a clear, viable motive for each is needed. Otherwise, it's just not believable. Each time this is on the news, it doesn't sound believable because it requires far to many motives. 1, 2, 3 maybe. But 12+ with the CPS, police etc in on it too? It's fantasy.

      A crime must have a predetermined criminal motive, otherwise it's not criminal.

    9. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - what is your motive for lying all the time on here. I don't know but it doesn't mean you don't lie. I can speculate on your motives but you are motivated to lie for some reason. Perhaps you think you are helping independence. Perhaps you are just an arse.

      This sentence "A crime must have a predetermined motive, otherwise it is not a crime". lends credence to the latter possibility.

    10. What I said is correct. Predetermined motive is required.

      If I accidentally push over your ladder and you die, it's death by misadventure. If I plan to push over your ladder to try and kill you, it's murder. The difference is motive.

    11. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - what utter pish you post.

      So what is your motive for lying all the time? Do you think you are going to get the Sturgeon star medal or something in the future?

  3. Yet someone or some people wrote Salmond out of the SNP history pages. Who was it? Should SNP members not be told. Do you know James? Do you think this decision should have been taken without member agreement?

    Are SNP members not fed up with being treated with contempt?

    1. Don't try to speak for members. If you want to complain, join. You sound like Boris Johnson believing he can speak for Scots.

    2. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - you really really cannot read well can you. His the hell do you get by reading PhDS or are you lying about that as well.

      I am posing questions you illiterate diddy not speaking for anyone. The SNP want my vote I have the right to pose questions.

    3. I am a member and don't feel treated with contempt. I think Salmond as important as any member; it's bad to idolise / hero worship individuals. His role was as important as those who trudge the streets leafleting and chatting on doorsteps. He just had a skill set suited to one particular role, but alone he was worthless; he could only be a good FM because of the other hard working members and those that voted to make him so. I don't think the SNP should put any leaders on pedestals.

    4. Smearer Skier ( liar since 2014) - so says the Sturgeon fan boy. What a liar and a hypocrite.

  4. Genuine Question to all the Salmond supporters.
    1. Sturgeon falls and the Independence campaign collapses ?
    2. Salmond is found wanting, the conspiracy theory is diminished, Sturgeon moves forward and Indy is delivered ?
    Which is it ?

    1. That sounds like a false choice, rather than a genuine question. How about we establish where the truth lies and then take it from there?

    2. So what are your priorities James ?

    3. Did you read my reply, ST? It appears not.

    4. ST - genuine question for you. When did you stop beating your wife?

    5. IFS when did you become a dick ? ... genuine question

    6. ST I see you are now realising what a stupid question you posed. Well done I always like to see improvement in the intellectually challenged.

    7. But NOBODY is calling for Nicola to go. Not anybody in the SNP or even Alex himself.
      Today he came up in my estimation, and it's clear the SNP will not be having a meltdown any time soon.
      Cue severe frustration among opposition parties and TV journalists who had already written the "SNP crisis" headlines in advance.
      What came out of this for me is that Leslie Evans is lucky to still be in place. The phrase wilful incompetence comes to mind, and for me she just has to go. Her usefulness to London is less and less obvious.
      I'm looking forward to Nicola's spiel next Wednesday.
      Let's put this "civil war" that never was to bed and get on with the real fight for independence.

    8. You are clearly deluded if you think Sturgeon is going to deliver Indy to us. Oh and what Indy campaign. If there is one then it isn't the SNP leading the campaign that is for sure. You are clearly a troll or a Sturgeon sycophant - which is it????

  5. I’ve just found that Lesley Evans and I were born on the very same day. Separated then only by a few miles of the Irish Sea and now by a few other things likely including our pension sizes. I feel a bit weirded out by that.
    Over in Holyrood, Alex Salmond seems to have retained his sharp mind and his skills in clear explanations.

  6. Very much an anti-climax IMO. Nothing new. Salmond sharp, calm and well spoken as always, but nothing new; just his submission repeated. Which I guess is as it should be.

    Still no evidence of any huge conspiracy at every level; just he's clearly pissed off with the 4 (inc 3 SNP) individuals named in his submission. And of course 'London's woman in Scotland' Leslie Evans, which I have no time for either.

    I was interested to hear this. Confirmed what I thought was the case. Did sound like total BS of the highest degree to me, i.e. that Murrell somehow ran police Scotland and the london met.

    Alex Salmond: Crown Office told MP there was 'no evidence' Murrell pressured police

    THE Crown Office told Kenny MacAskill there were no messages from Peter Murrell pressuring the police to investigate Alex Salmond, the former First Minister has told the Holyrood inquiry...

    ...Speaking about the messages - which Salmond supporters believe point to a plot by senior allies of the First Minister to bring him down - the former FM told the hearing: "In July of last year because rumours had been current in the SNP for some time about such messages, Kenny MacAskill wrote to the Crown Office, and I have a copy of the letter which I will give to the committee, asking if there was any evidence of pressurising the police by Mr Murrell and he got a reply saying there was no such evidence.

    1. You have lost track of what the inquiry is about.

      I can't blame you - there does appear to have been a concerted government campaign to do just that. People seem to have forgotten that it's about the Scottish government acting illegally.

      It wasn't 'botched' as per the bizaire and beholden language of the Scottish media. It was illegal. It was found criminal in court.

    2. No, I know what the enquiry is about thanks. I think Evans should resign just as Salmond suggested after he successfully challenged the UK civil service in court.

    3. It was illegal. It was found criminal in court.

      No, it was a civil case. Seems you have not been following things. That or you are trying to mislead people deliberately.

      Just as your average joe on the street often breaks the law (e.g. by parking on a double yellow line), so government / company legislation may do so too, even if there was no real malicious intent.

      The case didn't rule anything malicious was going on; just that procedures had not been followed, resulting in apparent bias, rendering things unfair for Salmond.

    4. I get the feeling that next you will be claiming that the Director-General of Health and Social Care in Scotland is a spy from Moscow, and was appointed by Chairman Mao.

    5. You've lost me. And everyone else I imagine.

    6. The messages show Murrell asking Ruddick to get people to pressurise the police.

      Therefore neither Murrell or Ruddick would personally directly be pressurising the police. Therefore no evidence of Murrell pressurising the police. Doesn't mean others didn't on behalf of Murrell and Ruddick.

      So once again Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) is a liar or he really really cannot read well.

  7. As for 'leadership has failed'. On a single, minor issue (in the big scheme of things) in some aspects maybe, but that's it. As Salmond said, Scotland's justice system can hold it's head high. Northing wrong with it or Scotland's intuitions. However, some individuals (e.g. Evans) have been found wanting.

    I'm not sure that 'failure in leadership' on this issue can really include Sturgeon as she had no part in the investigation and should definitely not have due to the obvious conflict of interest; her 30 year 'like family' relationship with Salmond.

    Same applies for Swinney, which does highlight an issue; what happens in such a situation, i.e. who can independently act on behalf of ministers when a minister / former minister is under investigation, but the person concerned is very close to the FM/DFM?

    1. You think that the government acting illegally is a minor issue?

    2. This happens all the time. Legislation often falls foul of the law.

      You must live in some sort of bubble to not notice the courts ruling against governments regularly. It would be a dark world if that were not the case.

      It doesn't mean anything malicious is going on.

      Salmond won; the system worked.

    3. No, it doesn't happen all the time. It happens almost never.

      And surely you can't think that writing and passing laws is somehow illegal.

      You come across as a baloonheid.

      Goodbye forever.

    4. Shall we tally up?



      Seems Scotland has had it's erse whipped here.

    5. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) shows his low moral standards.

      Lying - no problem to Smearer.

      Unlawful actions - no problem to Smearer.

      Plotting to send an innocent man to jail - no problem to Smearer.

      Smearing - no problem to Smearer.

      Hiding evidence from a civil case and a criminal case - no problem for Smearer.

      Abuse of government power - no problem for Smearer.

      Waste of millions of pounds of public funds - no problem for Smearer.

      What a fine upstanding member of the SNP. Are people like you really let loose in places of learning.

  8. Britnat Labour in Scotland was famous for its large number of low flying jimmies.

    A couple of the SNP version of low flying jimmies, Allan and Watt, seemed to have a script in front of them today I am certain a Special Adviser prepared for them. Smearing Salmond just like Smearer Skier ((2014). Salmond swatted them away like the insignificant Sturgeon minions they are. MSPs allowing someone else to put words in their mouths at an Inquiry. Pathetic.

    1. I was impressed with Salmond's staunch defense of Scotland's institutions of government and law.

      After all, Holyrood is very much his legacy because he was the first FM who had a majority so could actually make changes if needed. Which he did, e.g. on the ministerial code.

      We can trust James Hamilton's (international independent observer / advisor on the ministerial code since 2013) enquiry as Salmond's legacy for example.

    2. It didn't go the way all the hype over the last few days led some to believe. Listening to BBC radio this morning it was to explosive, turned out to be a damp squib

    3. Linda you just keep on getting your info from the BBC like a good Britnat. Like Smearer Skier he is also quoting the BBC all the time.

      It is now getting clearer who the REAL indeoendence supporters are and it ain't the I'M with Nicola mob. If you are standing with Nicola you are standing in the gutter. Remember to always wear your wellies or your feet will stink with all the shit around you.

      Allan, Watt, McMillan all showed real party loyalty today to the great leader - reminded me of Gaddaffi and Hussein style loyalty.

    4. Unknown - you will need a few pairs of wellies for all the time you will spend wading about in the gutter of corruption.

  9. BBC will do their best to hype it up as will Wings over Bath and others, but it was decidedly underwhelming.

    1. J R Tomlin - got your wellies on because you are standing in the gutter.

    2. Salmond made the supposed Nationalists at the Inquiry look stupid. It is hard to see how Sturgeon survives this but she probably will with the backing of the Brit Nat Media including the EBC who have her arse well covered.

    3. SNP MSPs being fed what to say by the Sturgeon gang. That is Sturgeons SNP.

      A parliament should be able to hold a government to account. Watt, Allan and McMillan disgraced themselves. I expect that from Britnat MSPs not SNP MSPs.

  10. It was interesting that Alex for most of the time was allowed to answer the questions without the political heckling we're used to seeing at Holyrood.
    Well chaired by Linda Fabiani..
    I expect the same courtesy to be afforded to Nicola on Wednesday.

    1. I do hope so.

      I'm looking forward to cracking on with the election. I received my Tory Party leaflet the other day. We are apparently having a referendum in the early part of the next term if We get a SNP majority. A great encouragement to get out there and secure that majority.

      Thought I'd listen to Radio Shortbread news this morning at 8am. The inquiry appears to have gone off the boil. I suppose the content had already been posted days before so no bombshell or smoking gun but its absence was a surprise.

      Most inquiries fizzle out into obscurity with little or no consequence, look at Blair and Iraq. I may be wrong but if Nicola is holed below the waterline it may take a long time for the ship to sink and possibly not until after a referendum (and probably not at all if it is a successful referendum).

    2. HandandShrimp - another so called independence supporter relying on Britnat media and Tory leaflets to kid himself on that there will be a referendum. Delusional stuff.

  11. Fishing Expedition

    Part 2.

    Susan Ruddick goes fishing.

    In the appendices to Salmonds final submission is a copy of an email dated 28/8/2018 sent out by Susan Ruddick Chief Operating officer of the SNP.

    Subject: SNP Employees and our duty of care to you

    Dear Colleague

    The past few days have seen new stories concerning allegations of sexual misconduct.

    I can appreciate that seeing such reports can be upsetting and distressing.

    Within SNP Headquarters, I am responsible for the taking forward the delivery of measures to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of employees and other people who might be affected by Party activity.

    As such , I wanted to write to let you know that this support is also available to you.

    We take our responsibility, whether you are current staff or a former employee, extremely seriously.

    Even though you may not have worked directly at SNP Headquarters, I am here to help and can provide advice, counselling and, if needed, access to mental health support services.

    If you wish to talk to me about any of these matters, please contact me at :redacted or redacted.

    The wellbeing service I manage is confidential and independent of any official reporting mechanisms.

    In terms of the communication channels for reporting concerns, the SNP is firm in its belief that allegations of bullying and Harrassment must be taken seriously and that anyone who considers that they have been subject to such behaviour must feel able to come forward.

    Our procedures are aimed at ensuring anyone can raise concerns directly and in confidence, including the option of choosing to do so to someone completely outside the immediate party structure. The external route is redacted, a solicitor with Kennedy Scotland. Her contact details are:redacted and direct dial: redacted.

    Alternatively, individuals can report any matter on a confidential basis, either formally or informally using the internal route. The point of contact at SNP Headquarters is Ian McCann
    who may be contacted at:redacted and direct dial:redacted.

    With thanks Sue.

    1. This communication was never mentioned by Murrell despite being specifically asked about communications on this matter.

    2. This communication was only sent to certain people, targeted.

    3. Anne Harvey called it a witch hunt.

    A clear fishing expedition even though the police were now investigating.

    1. Is that the genuine article???

    2. Looks like the sort of thing that my HR department at work send out.

    3. Iainm - as I say above it is in the appendices in Salmonds final submission document freely available on the Inquiry website.

    4. We have already read that on the internet. Give us something new. The fishwife of Bath must be gutted the way things have gone.

    5. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - attempting to cover up wrong doing once again dies not answer why Murrell did not disclose this had been sent out despite being asked about SNP communications that had been issued on this subject matter..

    6. Have you not got something like

      'Hi my little minx,

      The plan to take out Salmond is all going pure dead brilliant. A,B,C D etc are all now on board and ready to lie for us so you can be sure he won't be taking his old job back lol!. I even managed to persuade X to sleep with him for effect. She didn't ask anything for that. Just did it for free. Police Scotland are totally in my pocket; brown envelopes all gratefully received with some winging their way to the met in London. Had dinner with W last night; he's looking forward to staying in our Tuscany retreat this summer and says don't worry about the CPS ;-). See you tonight.

      Love, P.

    7. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - you are up to your neck in shit in the gutter.

    8. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - lets see a copy of your works fishing memos. Prove it.

  12. Unknown - got your wellies on because when standing with Nicola you are standing in shit in the gutter. Guess that's where you deserve to be.

  13. Salmond makes an important point here. He was after all involved in preparing these procedures.

    BBC's Sarah Smith apologises after saying Alex Salmond wants FM to resign

    When asked by Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser if Nicola Sturgeon should resign if she is found to have broken the ministerial code, Salmond said: "Not for me. I believe the First Minister has broken the ministerial code but it is a finding that can be discussed, at least by this committee, by Mr James Hamilton. It's not the case that every minister who breaks the ministerial code resigns...

    He is of course correct. The degree of the breach and the motive for it are all considered. It's like parking on a double yellow line; it is not always illegal. If it was worn away or covered in mud and you didn't see it, you have not broken the law. Or you had to stop for an emergency reason for example.

    I guess the huge problem for Salmond is that if Nicola Sturgeon has shown a 'failure of leadership', then he is openly admitting that he too has also shown a failure in leadership as he selected her and trained her to take over the helm of the SNP/Scotland for ~30 years.

    At my work, when I make the decision to hire someone and train them, it is a huge responsibility as it's own my shoulders if I make a bad judgement. I will have shown failure in leadership if I pick badly. It would be terrible for my legacy if the team I personally left in charge when I retired totally messed things up.

    Sturgeon going down would be a disaster for Salmond's legacy. He would need to openly apologise to the party for making such a grave error in judgment, failing in the most important task given to him in his final days. People trusted him to select the new leader when he stepped down. I believed him when he backed Sturgeon as the best person to lead the fight for independence. I totally trusted his judgement.

    I will need an apology from him if he was wrong here.

    1. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - you don't just need wellies you are up to your neck in shit in the gutter.

    2. Did you trust Salmond's judgement on Sturgeon when he handed her the keys to the leader's office and Bute house? He crowned her himself.

      It's like Obi Wan and darth vader in star wars.

    3. Smearer Skier ( liar since 2014) - see when you are selecting people for your team do you ask them if they are ok with lying as well as bashing rocks. Personally, I think you are lying about having a team just like you lied about having to leave Scotland to get work. Liars will lie.

      Salmond showed what it is like to tell the truth in front of the Committee unlike most of them who have pitched up before.

      You feel at home with Nicolas gang because like you they are liars and people with low morals.

    4. Alex Salmond presented his case well enough, proving he's naebody's fool and refused to be manipulated by the committee's Unionist members..
      However for me he failed to prove a calculated SNP plot had been enacted to end his political career, and surely that was the basis of his grievance.
      Despite Sarah Smith's claims on BBC News he did not call for NS to resign.
      No smoking gun then, and a huge disappointment for the dark forces in the London-rule bunker.
      I look forward to Sarah Smith resigning on account of not being capable of reporting basic facts accurately. Aye, right.

    5. Sarah Smith will not resign she takes after her mother and is a British Secret Service plant in the BBC.

    6. Ramstam you ain't that great on getting basic facts right either. You are on the Trump road of loyalty to the leader no matter what. Guys like you will ruin any chance of Scottish independence.

  14. Baillie asks "Mr Salmond has been very careful not to call for Nicola Sturgeon to resign does that mean you have forgiven her for her handling of this."

    Salmond says " NO it means that the people I've named and the evidence that I have put forward I believe there is documentary evidence for the reasons that they should consider their positions."

    These people include all the Senior management in the SNP including Sturgeons husband, Sturgeons Permanent Secretary and Sturgeons Chief of Staff.

    You are expected to believe poor wee Nicola didn't have a clue what all of them were up to all these years.

    So anyone saying Salmond has cleared Sturgeon of any wrongdoing is a liar. Yes that's you Smearer Skier.

    1. These people include all the Senior management in the SNP including Sturgeons husband, Sturgeons Permanent Secretary and Sturgeons Chief of Staff.

      Women must be guilty by association huh. Classic women hating.

      If Sturgeon was involved, the this is very much Salmond's fault. We trusted him to train and choose his successor. It's one of the key responsibilities of leadership. I hope Salmond did not fail in this. If he did, he has a lot of apologizing to do. He asked us all to trust him on Sturgeon being right for the job and we did. If Yes parties don't get a majority due to all this, that will be the legacy of his really poor judgement of character.

    2. Hey Smearer when did Peter Murrell become a woman when did Ian McCann become a woman.?

      You are swivelling around in the gutter desperately thinking up more and more nonsense. You must be stinking of shit and you deserve no less.

    3. Salmond didn't mention sturgeon as being malicious in his submissions. He has not called for her to resign; only for evans to do so.

      Sturgeon is her own woman; she is not her husband.

    4. Smearer Skier ( liar since 2014) - then why has she not suspended Murrell, Ruddick, and McCann. If the SNP didn't have to pay their wages they could have some money in the bank for an independence referendum.

      Just how much do the three of them get paid in total per annum. Any of you SNP members know?

    5. Nope, thought so. You are being ripped off.

  15. Smearer Skief (liar since 2014) - "only for Evans to do so" lying again.

    Sturgeon is leader of the SNP - Salmond called out The Chief Executive, the Chief Operating Officer and The Compliance Officer.

    #Lying for Sturgeon.

    1. My poor wee lamb. I get the feeling ever so slightly that you may not like the FM? Best thing to do when you get overwrought is a have a nice glass of cold milk and plain chocolate digestives. Do you have digestives in the cupboard? If not we can come around with some.

    2. Yes, that's what I said; he us unhappy with 3 folks in the SNP, not Sturgeon.

      Sturgeon is Salmond's leadership legacy.

      It's why the papers are full of pics of them over the past 30 years as Salmond built his legacy, readying Sturgeon for the helm of the SNP and but house.

      If Salmond's golden child goes down and indy with it, Salmond's legacy will be two lost opportunities for indy.

      No bones about about. I trusted him on Sturgeon. Did you or didn't you trust him all those years about Sturgeon?

    3. Unknown - I wouldn't let scum like you anywhere near my house. Best stay unknown.

  16. As for Salmond advocating a vote for another party or starting one...

    If he's just told everyone he's a terrible judge of character who failed in his leadership of the SNP, stupidly handing the reigns to someone who's been a disaster for the party and indy, he's going to struggle on getting anyone to trust him a second time.

    Voters / members trusted his judgement on sturgeon. How could he ask for that trust again after making such a giant fuck up? How on earth could people trust he's selected decent candidates for any new party?

    Aye, on any revamped 'Party History' section of the SNP website, if it were to be truthful, it would need to detail that it was Salmond who put Sturgeon in Bute house. That members and voters trusted his judgement in handing over the helm of the SNP and Scotland to her. This can be accompanied by photos of the two together over the years.

    It's why this is such a big story. For Salmond to attack Sturgeon is an admission of his own failures.

    1. Which is why unionists are so very keen to ram this all home.

      Two birds with one stone.

    2. Talking to yourself again Smearer Skier (liar since 2014). MPD kicking in again.

  17. " It is ironic, the plotters in the criminal trial are in the main Nicola supporters, yet irrespective of the final outcome of this Inquiry they have permanently tarnished Nicolas image and legacy. She will be remembered as the leader who presided over the biggest split within the SNP of all time. The leader responsible for the creation and rise of at least three rival pro independence parties. The first SNP leader ever to leave office with more pro independence parties for the electorate to choose from. The leader who lost the SNP their monopoly. No previous leader has been responsible for such a terrible failure."

    1. These conspiracy theories of yours must wear you down. Thinking too negatively must impact on your mental health. Have an early night. Things are not going as you hoped and it can unsettling for you and your other conspirators. The so called pop parties egged on by the Unionists won't win any seats.

    2. Unknown - Says the diddy who has neither the wit nor energy to come up with a moniker. Changed your wellies yet they must be stinking standing in the gutter with Sturgeon.

    3. There have been other independence parties standing for the Scottish Parliament during Alex's time as leader. We had the Scottish Independence Party/Scottish Free Party and the Scottish Enterprise Party standing in constituencies and the list in 2007 if my memory serves me right. They fizzled away through time.

    4. Marcia - I congratulate you on telling the truth (a rarity these days for I'm with Nicola people) but I suspect the rise bit will be different this time. Independence supporters like me will not continue to accept this type of wrongdoing from the SNP.

      You say Alex's time as if he is a pal but you support what has been done to him. With friends like you .........

    5. IfS, did you back Salmond when he chose Sturgeon to take over, i.e. you backed Sturgeon for the job?

      Or have you been against Salmond and his leadership strategy all these years?

    6. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - i dont believe you work at a college of university.

      1. You really really cannot read well.

      2. You seem incapable of remembering things.

      3. You lie. Liars would eventually get caught out in an academic scientific environment. How many papers on rock bashing do you think you would get away with lying. I mean you ain't very good at lying. You probably work as a janitor or something at a uni.

      As I have stated many times I have always voted SNP but I am not a member. I am not in favour of gradualism because it means never. If nothing changes in the leadership of the SNP May will be the last time I vote SNP. I have told Kirsten Oswald that I won't be voting for her in future unless there is major change in the SNP.

  18. The Scottish government that Sturgeon is FM of is guilty of ignoring the instructions of the highest Civil court in the land and ignoring a search warrant issued on behalf of the High Court of Justiciary but according to the # I'm with Nicola bampots on here that is ok - nae problem they say. Disnae bother me. Truly unbelievable.

  19. Salmond yesterday shown a light on those who would turn our Scotland into a place devoid of any common decency, people who do not know right from wrong, a Scotland of low morals for the sake of a political party and it's corrupt leader.

    If that light is on you get your wellies on because you are standing in the gutter and shit levels will only rise and rise. However, MSPs like Watt, Allan may have already bought most of the stock of wellies.

    1. I hope you are not pointing the figure at people Salmond chose for the job? That would make the failings his fault.

    2. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - pointing the finger at people like you. You are so devoid of any common decency you need a pair of fishing gators you are so deep in shit. Ruddick likes to do some fishing to try and catch a Salmond she probably has an extra pair.

    3. I am pointing out that if you select someone for a job, you are responsible for how they perform. It is a failing of your leadership if you put someone unfit for the job into that position.

    4. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - you are posting pish. You are responsible if you are their current line manager. So once again you are lying or you are an idiot. I tend to think you are both.

      Apart from that the SNP members are responsible anyway. It's their party they chose Sturgeon and elected her leader. So that's you if you are not lying and are a member but you lie about so much I have my doubts you are a member because you never seem to have a clue about what is going on in the party.

    5. How does retiring absolve me of anything?

      If I had a successful research group, mentored someone to take over when I stepped down and recommend them to the whole team who trusted me on that, are you saying I've no responsibility if that person then e.g. sacks the whole team and illegally defrauds the uni the moment I've left?

      I think I would deserve my team an apology, but then I like to think I am someone of integrity.

      Salmond told us all to back Sturgeon and we trusted him because he was close to her. We trusted his judgement of character. His training. His keen eyes for those that could not be trusted and might damage Scotland.

      I like to think he chose well as she's done pretty well so far. Probably why he's not called for her to resign.

    6. Smearer Skier (liar since 2014) - says "...,I like to think I am someone of integrity."
      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ comedian Smearer.

      Make up your mind Smearer is Sturgeon guilty of wrong doing or not. If she is not guilty of anything then what are you prattling on about. If she is guilty of something then pray tell what is it in your mind. You Pratt.

  20. Anyone want to tell me any independence blogger who does not know the truth of what has been going on.

  21. For goodness sake McLetchie Scottish branch leader of the most corrupt party in the UK had to resign because he pochled some extra taxi fare expenses.

    Just how do you think Murrell, Ruddick and McCann plotting to jail the first ever SNP FM was a course of action that was going to help gain Scottish independence. They didn't care then about Scottish independence and they don't care now.

    1. You must be a joy to live with, always negative, throwing insults around. Have a good night.

    2. Unknown - all you do is troll and post personal insults. Try and use your limited brain cells and think up a moniker that will allow people to immedistely recognise it is you. I suggest ARSE.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.