Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll: Scottish public think Nicola Sturgeon has outperformed her fellow world leaders in her handling of the pandemic

Last but not least in the Scot Goes Pop / Panelbase poll, we have an opportunity to see how Nicola Sturgeon shapes up in a league table of selected world leaders - and we all know how thrilled our unionist friends always are to see Ms Sturgeon receiving her due recognition alongside her fellow world leaders.  Bear in mind that this is a poll of voting-age respondents in Scotland.  

How good or bad a job do you think the following leaders are doing in their response to the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak?


Very Good: 2%
Good: 5%
Bad: 13%
Very Bad: 68%

Neither Good Nor Bad: 9%

Total Good: 8%
Total Bad: 82%

Net Rating: -74

I know there appears to be a small discrepancy in the numbers, but that'll be due to the effect of rounding.  As you'd expect, Trump has an abysmal reputation across all demographics and partisan loyalties, and interestingly there's no difference between Yes and No voters on this one - he has a net rating of -75 among people who voted Yes in 2014, and -74 among people who voted No.  There is, however, a slightly bigger difference between people who would currently vote Yes and No, which is logical enough, because the No coalition has shrunk in recent months and has presumably been left with a bigger percentage of right-wingers.  Trump's least-worst rating is among Conservative voters, but that's not saying much - exactly half of Tories say he's done "very badly".


Very Good: 29%
Good: 37%
Bad: 9%
Very Bad: 12%

Neither Good Nor Bad: 12%

Total Good: 66%
Total Bad: 21%

Net Rating: +45

What leaps out at me here are the differences between voters for the various unionist parties.  Ms Sturgeon has won over both Labour and Liberal Democrat voters, who give her net ratings of +28 and +51 respectively.  The die-hards who will presumably always say she's performing badly no matter what she does are mostly to be found among Tory voters, who give her a net negative rating of -21.


Very Good: 5%
Good: 14%
Bad: 21%
Very Bad: 43%

Neither Good Nor Bad: 15%

Total Good: 19%
Total Bad: 65%

Net Rating: -46

Ouch.  Would it be tactless of me to say these figures are a "disaster" for the unionist cause?  In a reverse mirror image of the results for Ms Sturgeon, only Tory voters give Mr Johnson a positive rating - although there are plenty enough Tories who hold him in disdain.  28% of them think he's handled the crisis badly or very badly.  The only other group where he gets even close to respectability is current No supporters, who give him a net negative rating of 'only' -13, but of course that'll be largely because such a significant percentage of current No supporters are Tories.


Very Good: 18%
Good: 34%
Bad: 5%
Very Bad: 4%

Neither Good Nor Bad: 23%

Total Good: 52%
Total Bad: 9%

Net Rating: +43

You wouldn't think there'd be such an ideological and/or partisan element to people's appreciation of Ms Merkel's assured response to the crisis, but in fact it appears that anti-European prejudices are rearing their ugly head here.  No supporters are more grudging than Yes supporters, and her least good numbers are to be found among Tory voters - although even they give her a positive rating of +18.  


Nicola Sturgeon: +45
Angela Merkel: +43
Boris Johnson: -46
Donald Trump: -74

I'm sure Douglas Ross and George Foulkes will gladly confirm that this outcome makes us all feel incredibly proud to be Scottish.  

* * *

You can read my comment piece in The National on the BBC results from the poll HERE.


  1. Delighted to have contributed again to a SGP poll. The findings will make very bad reading for unionists .I truly feel we are coming near to the end of the union.

    1. If you read the BBC's "Have Your Say" you'll find that the knuckle-dragging neanderthals of the Tory Party will have no difficulty in turning these numbers on their head and concluding that Bozo has been a brilliant success while Nicola has been a disaster.

    2. Malkie, agree I boycott everything from the BBC, TV, Radio,BBC web news, sport news. Only watch FM COVID/ FM Questions and I was addicted to HYS and stopped it all 2 months ago. What the TORY HYS users fail to realise, they have already lost

  2. Sturgeon has indeed worked extremely hard and effectively at controlling the virus and trying to get the necessary funds out of Westminster for Scotland. No reasonable objective person could think otherwise. The unreasonable 21% are probably the Tories.

    That great thinker Skier of course says that Sturgeons efforts have not helped increase the numbers for independence. Not sure how he knows that - in fact he does tend to contradict himself a lot - so will probably now say that Sturgeon's performance re the virus has raised the percentage wanting independence. Must be very confusing being Skier.

    However, we will never know how well Scotland could have done as an independent country.

    1. I simply noted that the gap has been slowly closing since the middle of 2017, crossing over early 2020 before the pandemic. It began when May said No and crossed over just after Boris Said No.

      So the pandemic - or the Scottish government's management of it - did not create the Yes majority. Which is an evidence based conclusion.

      It may have added a few%, but because the trend is a continuation of a pre-pandemic one, it's not possible to conclude that the covid management is the main factor.

      There is zero doubt that Sturgeon is a popular leader. However, most people don't make constitutional decisions based on 'cos sturgeon' or 'cos Salmond', or even 'cost Boris'. They instead tend to react to the much bigger, long term picture. At least in terms of the permanence of decisions in terms of the nation as a whole.

      Do you support indy because of Salmond? I imagine not. Are you against it because you don't like Sturgeon? Of course not, that would be stupid as fk.

    2. Scoop Skier - I support the reinstatement of my country Scotland's independence and the ending of the Treaty of Union.

      You blindly support a political party.

    3. Why don't you both stop this senseless 'I said/you said' stuff and be more positive. If you can't agree try ignoring each other, let someone else do the criticism.

    4. It would be good for this site if you two would just disengage from each other. Let someone else do the criticism, and ease up on the egotism.

  3. Westminster is walking into a trap of its own making. Nicola Strugeon predicted this and soon the trap will snap shut. She is surrounded by civil servants who are chosen by the union civil service commission - whatever they call it, which probably means in Scotland's case the security services. I think she is treading very cannily and will certainly deliver independence with the Scottish people very soon.

    1. Unionists don't like the way I keep posting this, so I will.

      "The competition was conducted by the [UK] First Civil Service Commissioner in accordance with the [UK] Civil Service’s recruitment principles, which provide for an open competition on merit, with the First Minister invited to choose between those candidates deemed suitable for appointment.

      Leslie Evans said: “It is a privilege for me to undertake this role, following Sir Peter, who is leaving the organisation in such good heart. I’m very much looking forward to working closely with my civil service colleagues, our partners in the public, third and private sectors, and the UK Government, to meet the challenges and realise the opportunities that lie ahead for Scotland.”

      Her words say it all really. 'I'm looking forward to working with the UK government to deal with Scotland'...

      There is no Scottish civil service.

    2. Breaking news by Scoop Skier - the Scottish civil service is part of the UK civil service. Tell me something that I didn't know already.

      There should of course be a proper independent Scottish Civil Service if Swinney had done his job in the Smith Commission. N. Ireland has its own civil service independent of UK civil service control. That's what Swinney should have held out for.

      Scoop Skier - tell me what did Swinney get from the Smith Commission that helped independence? Is this going to be another question Scoop Skier cannae answer?

    3. Penny. - " Nicola Sturgeon predicted this " - interesting - what did she say and when?

    4. If you read the news, everytime Westminster refuses sect 30, ect. Nicola Sturgeon says this only boosts support for independence. This is true, according to the polls, the Yes support is growing.

    5. Penny, I would hope that people would see the sec 30 refusal as an outrage but you say every time Westminster refuses - well the last time was a year ago and the time before that was the weak now is not the time dance with Theresa May back in 2017. So not very often. If that is a winning strategy why not ask again in the last year.

  4. Aye Skier, they're worming away within our democracy to undermine Sturgeon's Scottish government.
    Anybody spinning this as some internal conflict are playing London's game.
    They know it but we can see it too.
    Others will keep on stirring. It's in the job description - create division and weaken the Indy movement.
    We're angry with the BritNats but they're even more angry with Johnson for undermining their operations on the ground in Scotland.

    1. Any pro-indy person / blogger commenting on the matter would point out time and again that Evans and the main 7/9 complainers were direct, fully paid up employees of the British crown. Top ranks hand picked by Whitehall for the job managing the northern colonies whoever the uppity natives elected.

      If people don't point this out every time, don't trust them.

    2. Scoop Skier doesn't know who the alphabet women are. He cannot even get the number correct - there are ten of them. He says the "MAIN" complainers - how does he know that when he doesn't know who they are. He posts pish as usual.

      He says it is all about Evans but has not got a clue about the Harrassment inquiry.

      He says they are all hand picked by Westminster but he does not know who they are - as ever Scoop Skier posts pish.

      All of Scoops multiple personalities think ignorance is just a natural state to comment from.

    3. Here is the court record of the 9 women who were considered to have claims worth putting to the jury.

      Only unionists would try to pretend that 7/9 were not in the direct pay of Whitehall.

    4. Hey is that the Pink Panther personality - the man dedicating his life to identifying unionists - Sado.

      So Pinky is that definition of how the alphabet women can be categorised as per when the allegations took place or as at the time of the actual trial? Take your time (as you usually)do answering - because you do not have a clue who they are!

      I will remind you of what McWhirter wrote in the Herald - he attended the trial unlike you - the overwhelming majority of the complainers are very senior SNP personnel.

      A random Pink Panther Unionist hunting detective or a journalist who attended the trial - oh that's right absolutely everybody who does not fit into one of your personalities ideas of right and wrong is a Unionist.

      There is a long list of questions sad Unionist hunter Skier cannae answer eg just when is this referendum date that you said will happen shortly after the May 2021 election. Other than Blackford no one else in the SNP is rushing to say that there will be a refendum next year - did you not get the message - are you not really an SNP member.

  5. Still no reply from Swinney as to why they have kept hidden the fact that Sturgeons Principal Private Secretary had two meetings with one of the complainers during the period the new Harrassment process was being developed. I guess Sturgeon was too busy to tell Swinney what to write.

    Similarly, still no word on releasing legal advice from Swinney. Perhaps Swinney is waiting until the Committee has finished its report before releasing it or perhaps he is just waiting for Sturgeon to tell him what to do. She is after all very busy.

  6. She's busy doing the job of looking after the welfare of the people.
    That's what she's paid for. These polling figures show the people are onside with the SG strategy.
    BritNats don't like it.
    They'd prefer to see folk die as long as we're dying British.
    It's madness. Time to admit defeat and get round the big table to negotiate the terms of Scotland's withdrawal from the UK.

  7. For those who think I can be a bit critical or even harsh about the SNP leadership I give you Lothian Lad:


    " I f*****ng hate the SNP now. And I'm still a member. Only because I hope to vote out the Britnats that have riddled the party.

    I f****ng hate the SNP for failing Scotland.

    At a time when we could easily reach independence with them being given mandate after mandate they sit on their hands and keep their mouth shut.

    The time for heros has come. Not careerist SNP politicians.

    We need to organise the Indy grass roots. Scotland is being relentlessly attacked and they do f**k all!,

    Not acceptable indeed! Eh Blackford."


    Now aren't you glad to have me posting in my mild and friendly fashion about the failings of the SNP leadership.😇

    1. Well it would appear that some of your fellow members think the SNP is riddled with unionists.

    2. You have been at pains to tell us how britnats have infiltrated the SNP.

    3. The British civil service would not being doing its job if it didn't have 'independence supporters' and 'SNP members' attacking the SNP.

      But they are easy enough to spot as they don't sound/act like either. They talk about 'braveheart' and 'Britnats' for example; something indy supporters don't do as they are just normal people.

    4. Hey Pink Panther - obviously a post by your personality who thinks he is Inspector Cluseau.

      Perhaps Inspector you need to get out and about more - WGD has written many an article explaining why they are Britnats - but on the ball Inspector Cluseau thinks WGD is a Unionist.

      I'm sure WGD will be worried that one of your mad personalities is calling him a Unionist.

      You really are an embarrassment to this site. GWC was the pits but you have taken over this role.

    5. You explain to us how the SNP has been infiltrated by 'britnats'. You then provide examples of 'SNP members' attacking the party, just as you'd expect 'britnat' infiltrators to do.

      All my family and a good proportion of my friends are normal people that support indy. None of them use the term 'britnat' other than occasionally in the way I'm doing now. Same for SNP politicians etc. Most Scots support indy. They are just normal people who talk normally; not incessantly about 'Britnats and braveheart'.

    6. So what - you are still calling WGD a Unionist because he has written on a number of occasions explaining why they should be called Britnats and Mr Kavanagh refers to them as such in his articles but you as usual you say anybody who thinks differently from you is a Unionist. You see yourself as some sort of demon Unionist hunter - does this personality check under the bed each night for a Unionist. Saddo.

      You are a sad confused person who even says English nationalists are unionists - a stupid comment.

  8. If you want to see division in a camp, look at unionism right now.

    Even the BBC is going for English [not British] Johnson's throat now.

    Hot on the back of Major/Broon interventions, Brit Tories taking out Cummings and BBC 'British unionist devolution is a disaster' gate comes:

    Covid in Scotland: How do Scots rate their leaders in the pandemic?

    PMQs: Starmer accuses Johnson of 'fuelling' the break-up of the UK

    Plan A seems to be going super well. >50% Yes completely turns the tables.

  9. There are two types of 'unionist'. British unionists and English nationalist imperialists/colonialists.

    They are not the same, and they have been increasingly at odds with each other over Brexit, Scotland and N. Ireland.

    They are now fully locking horns as only the first has any hope of holding the UK together in the longer term. Johnson is the latter.

  10. I think the poll mostly shows how badly informed Scots are.

    Taiwan: covid deaths - 70. Population - 30 million.
    Scotland: covid deaths - 5000. Population - 5 million.

    Taiwan has had no lockdowns, what so ever. It has regular flights to all points in China. Their test'n'trace system was masterminded by a transgender computer hacker. Government TV plague briefings are fronted by a cartoon cat.

    I know which government has done well. Most Scots don't.

    1. Taiwan is an independent country.

    2. Rather than a region of one of the worst affected in the world.

    3. Also has full responsibility as to who comes and goes into or from their borders being an island.

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  13. The BBC commissioned a poll from Ipsos-Mori and came to the same conclusion as your poll. I see the usual greetin faces are saying the same thing as per.

    1. BBC is gunning for Johnson due to the clear and present danger he presents to the British state.

  14. UK government reporting 80% higher new cases per day per capita in the rUK compared to Scotland over the past 7 days.

    1. UK government also reporting 41% higher rUK deaths per capita over the same period.

  15. Good to see R below 1 and % positive below the 5% WHO threshold today.

  16. Cases in England are ~80% higher than Scotland and deaths 41% higher per day.

    It's why it's locked down completely; Johnson refused to act again until it was too late.

    1. Amazing one of your multiple personalities who doesn't post pish. Pity about all the rest.

  17. Very good to see panelbase confirming what I've said all along, i.e. that support for Yes isn't 'cos Sturgeon' in the same way it was never 'cos Salmond'.

  18. I should stop responding to trolls. Ends up looking like I talk to myself once James has tidied up :-)

    1. You do that anyway.

      I notice that Mike Russell re-twatting an attack on Sweden. Which doesn't make much sense, since Sweden is currently suffering a disasterous currently has 2 C19 deaths per Million, while Margaret hilda Murrell's Scotland is basking in the safety of 10 deaths per Million.

      It's almost as though her entire strategy is total bollocks.

      Destroying the entire economy of your own country in order to prevent independence is High Treason. Why are there still people who can't see just how evil she is?

      One death per 80,000 under 45 over 8 months. C19 is harmless by any standard definistion of the word.

    2. Ah yes, because only under-45s exist.

      (I've no idea whether your statistic is accurate, but just thought I'd make the obvious point anyway.)