Monday, November 5, 2018

New podcast

Just a quick note to let you know that myself and Peter A Bell are the guests on this week's edition of the Through a Scottish Prism podcast. Topics under discussion are the Budget, the prospects for a Brexit deal, the "anti-semitism" row concerning the Grouse Beater blog, and the timing of the second independence referendum. You can listen to the podcast HERE.


  1. Maybe one for discussion.

    Darran Marshall

    From the BBC Politics Journalist Darran Marshall.


    14 minutes ago

    A majority of Scots would back Independence in #indyref - according to new poll.

    Yes: 51.4%
    No: 48.6%

  2. Am I correct in understanding the French let the people of New Caledonia freely hold referendums on independence? In fact they have an agreement that specifically facilitates these at regular intervals? You know, like how democracies work (i.e. neverendums)?

    If so, I suggest, so long as Scots want to be in a union, we become ruled by France rather than the 'You need English permission and now is not the time' UK.

    The wife is French so I speak a little of the lingo too.

  3. Channel 4 prog tonight, an utter disgrace and embarrassment to Brit broadcasting. UK = England wi bells on.
    Prof.Curtis playing his Brit part by confirming what the establishment wanted to hear, that the Scots were swallowing the medicine and wouldn't be rocking the boat any time soon.
    He's well worth his knighthood I'm sure. But nae bluidy use to Scotland.

  4. Fell the lurve.

    Only a minority of brits worried about Scotland leaving the UK over brexit.

    Q. If Brexit leads to Scotland leaving the United Kingdom and becoming and independent country, would you be:
    Concerned: 46%
    Not concerned: 46%
    Don’t know: 8%

    English voted Brexit; they're ok with the end of the UK. It's the brit unionists in England that voted Remain.

  5. New survation poll : 54 to 46 to STAY IN EU. FYI.

    1. LOL

      But to reverse brexit would be the biggest national humiliation in English history. It would make Suez look like a glorious pinnacle by comparison.

      Scotland would vote for independence simply because it couldn't face being governed by such a chickenshit country. I mean if you want to be continually shat on by a dominant neighbour, at least pick one with some baws.

      Nope, there's no getting out of this hole down south; the 'Great falling flat on its face' is unstoppable now. The final inglorious end for what's left of the empire.

  6. Poor Nat si losers we are oot of the EU ya Jock moochers. Who are you grovelling tae next ya erse lickers. Fook aff tae yer Oirish Republican pervert child abusing homeland ya knobs. SCOTS WAE HAE.

    1. Oh, who's got a bitter wee face then? Who looks like they've been eating pickled limes? Who sounds like Nicholas Soames at a vegan weekend retreat?

    2. Bag ah chips WIE curry sauce does me before Brexit, HIC. Wheres the iron bru hen.

    3. GWC AKA The Hon. Cordelia Bracely-Dubois of the 77th (Manky Shirt, Self Funded) Auxiliaries and its unrequited love for Yaxley-Lennon.
      Poor, miserable, incoherent Cordelia and its desperate need for human contact.
      So sad.
      So very funny.