Thursday, October 25, 2018

In Coatbridge South? Don't forget to vote before 10pm

It's statistically inevitable (or highly likely at least) that a few readers of this blog are residents of the Coatbridge South ward.  If you're one of them, and if you haven't voted SNP in today's by-election yet, please do us all a favour and pay a trip to your local polling station before 10pm.  This is an unusually important contest because the SNP and Labour are so evenly matched on North Lanarkshire Council.  As far as I can see (and admittedly it's always a bit hard to get up-to-date figures), if Labour win tonight they'll be the largest party by one seat, and if the SNP win they'll be the largest party by one seat.  Either way, Labour will remain in power thanks to their grubby informal deal with the Tories, but that state of affairs will be considerably less comfortable for them if they're only the second-largest party.

On paper the SNP should have every chance of taking this one - they won the popular vote in the ward last May.  But unfortunately since the general election there have been a number of local by-elections in former Labour heartlands which have seen significant swings from SNP to Labour.  So the result could go either way, and every vote counts.


  1. JAMES, what difference would a Nat si make as opposed tae any other coonciller in Coatbrig?

    1. So basically what you're saying is that the SNP are no better or worse than any other party? If you feel that way, I have to wonder what you spend your life whingeing about.

    2. Glesga2 AKA GWC AKA The Hon. Cordelia Bracely-Dubois of the 77th (Manky Shirt, Self Funded) Auxiliaries.
      The never-ending Tory.

    3. Glegsa2,
      James supports the SNP and Independence (please don’t call them Nat Si’s, it does the unionist case no good), so of course he is going to advocate an SNP win. Wouldn’t you want a unionist party to win? I know I would.

      Come on be reasonable - you’re posting on a pro-independence forum and should show more respect as a guest, in my opinion.

      In answer to your question, it wouldn’t make MUCH difference but any small victory (for either side) becomes a big victory when the polls are already so close (averaging like 47-53% last time I checked)!

      Sorry if I’ve offended but I think that, through your choice of language, you’re currently trolling rather than looking to pursude.

    4. Glesga2 AKA GWC AKA The Hon. Cordelia Bracely-Dubois of the 77th (Manky Shirt, Self Funded) Auxiliaries doesn't do reasonable.
      Its crush on Yaxley-Lennon tells us all we need to know about its political persuasion

  2. Labour hold....just.

  3. is the vote in yet?

  4. What a shame. Congrats to Labour on the strike yesterday. Upped their dismal profile.