Saturday, July 2, 2016

How Scotland voted in the EU referendum, according to Adam "IT'S THE LAW!!!!!" Tomkins

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

Remain a member of the European Union : 1,661,191 votes (62%)

Leave the European Union : 1,018,322 votes (38%)

By the way, are you remotely interested in remaining a member of the European Union if Scotland is no longer represented within European institutions by a UK Tory government that only 14.9% of you actually voted for?

Yes : 0 votes (0%)

Heavens, no!  This referendum had nothing to do with remaining a member of the EU in general.  EU membership without the London Tories to represent us?  No bloody way, José : 2,679,513 votes (100%)


  1. Has the site been hacked?

    1. Glasgow Working Class 2July 2, 2016 at 10:58 PM

      You Nat sis do hate democracy. The remain idiots marching in London today do not realise that the UK has not left the EU yet!

    2. Gwc2 is a right wing racist bigotJuly 2, 2016 at 11:03 PM


    3. The poster above is a far-right racist troll from EnglandJuly 2, 2016 at 11:04 PM


    4. GW2 is a cowardly Asshole!!!

    5. Glasgow Working Class 2July 2, 2016 at 11:32 PM

      Square Goo then Paul! In the Yes Bar.

    6. The poster above is a far-right racist troll from EnglandJuly 2, 2016 at 11:45 PM


    7. Delightful stuff from the troll. All he has are insults and threats of violence.

    8. If that Gutless Twat was to turn up from his English Hovel it will be the day it's Tory Masters tells it too. If it had the Bollocks!

    9. Glasgow Working Class 2July 3, 2016 at 6:28 PM

      Whit aboot the Square Go ya shitebag.

    10. Delightful stuff from the troll. All he has are insults and threats of violence.

  2. Bumblefuck tories for untiyJuly 2, 2016 at 11:44 PM

    The Cameroons are running about in a most amusing manner screaming 'safe pair of hands' as it becomes more and more obvious Hideaway May is their one and only comical answer to the utter chaos unleashed by their own galactic level incompetence and stupidity.

    The Cameroon jellyfish are desperately trying to gloss over the fact that they are so hopelessly short of ideas and terrified of letting May near an open debate they have begged Dacre and Murdoch to basically run Hideaway May's campaign for her as they hatchet job and attack any tory in sight that isn't her.

    I certainly don't see how that could ever backfire spectacularly down the line, like it did with Coulson. LOL

    The more the Cameroons and May 'biff the Brexiteers' the worse it will get for them when the split breaks out again.

    You can't just pretend there are no Brexiteers in the tory party, you silly twunts.

    If May bumbles into Number 10 the Brexiteers will merely smile put their knives away and polish them every single time May tries to shift any blame on anyone but herself. Which is ALL she has ever done for those who somehow weren't paying attention.

    Hideaway May has still to face the tory membership. They are quite obviously going to ask her about immigration and when all this 'divisive' Brexit/leaving the EU stuff actually happens.

    So have a totally bewildered and inept tory party that self-evidently doesn't know who to trust. The hatchets, insults and knives are still flying about in that Party with total abandon. Along with a membership that will obviously want straight answers on immigration. Combined with the same incompetent Cameroon jellyfish who caused this staggering Hypershambles in the first place.

    It's looking REAL fucking spiffy twits, I've got to hand it to you.

    Oh and finally, the public at large isn't going to give a flying fuck which tory it was who promised £350 million on the NHS every week or a crackdown on immigration. All they're going to remember it was a tory and not give a crap about excuses.

    Good luck! :D
    Perhaps the twats had best have a quick recheck of just how many of those MPs the Cameroons and May have now seriously pissed off it takes to call another leadership down the line. Here's a clue, more than enough.


  3. G.W.Ass anytime Fool! But only if you have the Guts to put your name up. Go on then Coward!!!

    1. Imagine him pleasuring himself each time you react - you'll soon stop.

    2. Conan. I've stopped - and I never even started. Please send bleach to remove image from mind...

  4. Glasgow Working Class 2July 3, 2016 at 9:30 AM

    Have I told you that I am an arsehole yet?

  5. Brexit isnt happening.

    Now talk of them triggering article 50 next year. Enpugh time for the recession to have really taken hold. Public opinion changes and may can campaign on a new election, her mandate, to stay in the EU.

    Boris and gove killed off for good as well as the brexiteers. Eu ref was only advisory.

    1. Bumblefuck tories for unityJuly 3, 2016 at 10:57 AM

      The Westminster establishment are terrified of letting May near the tory members in an election (hence the desperate flapping about demanding a coronation) never mind putting her to the test of a GE .

      So no, even they don't want to roll the roullette wheel on a GE any time soon.

      As for Brexit not happening, it'll be the lightest of Brexit lights - but unlike the westminster establishment's contempt for Decomcracy in Labour and the Tory party's internal politics - they can't just dump a cornerstone of the entire Democratic process.

      Could a Brexit 'lite' then be transitioned into another ref down the line to re-enter? Possibly, but not without eliminating the causes of the hypershambles in the first place.

      Austerity would make another hypershambles inevitable whereas finally addressing the inequality chasm with anti-austerity measures would ensure the kippers and far-right never become a problem again. A problem, lest the tories forget, which is very firmly on their doorstep even with some advances in Labour areas.

      Check the electoral map again Cameroons.

      There's a reason you have a wafer thin-majority and had panicking desperate Eurosceptic tory MPs mobilising against your leaders for years.

      Do not delude yourselves that this is going to be something May can possibly tackle with vapid rhetoric.

      You need to finally grow some balls and stop demonising every marginal group in sight like foreigners, immigrants, poor people, the unemployed etc. If you don't then Farage and the next Brexiteer coup will eat you alive.

      You lost this referendum because you stupidly thought anti-EU and anti-foreigner/poor people rhetoric could never possibly come back to harm you.

      Do you seriously think that now?

  6. When (if) negotiations start, the government in London will have ONE objective---to protect the status of the City of London.
    ALL else will be expendable as bargaining chips---fishing, farming, first born children ( no I made that one up!)---but we should all be aware that "things will change" and not for the better for most of us.
    Scotland HAS to be gone by then!

  7. Blairites of Mass DestructionJuly 3, 2016 at 10:26 AM

    Dr Nafeez Ahmed ‏@NafeezAhmed · 39 minutes ago

    EXCLUSIVE: Senior Labour Party insider reveals plan to oust Corbyn was in play 10 months ago …


    This investigation provides compelling evidence that the coup to depose Corbyn has been conceived and led by a cohort of senior Labour politicians with close ties to Tony Blair, and others who align themselves with the New Labour ‘old guard.’

    Those who began leading discussions and plans for the coup appear to have operated across a range of different institutions and networks linked to the centre and centre-right of the Labour Party, and have attempted to leverage their connections in these networks to push forward the campaign to oust Corbyn.

    If our Labour insider is correct, then the coup plans were motivated by the self-serving fear that Corbyn’s transformation of the party would mean Blairite, centrist and centre-right politicians lose their power, popularity and perhaps even their positions.

    In that case, then the coup is not at all about ‘saving labour’, or ‘saving democracy’ – it’s about saving the Blairites from the democratisation of Labour.

  8. The so-called united kingdom continues to disintegrate. Great to see.

  9. There is a Scottish poll for Westminster in the Sunday Times Scotland edition:

  10. The Great Westminster UltrashamblesJuly 3, 2016 at 2:31 PM

    On of the most meaningful parts of the ultrashambles is that so many are not just looking on but speaking out about it.

    If anyone thinks it's just a few folk here on James blog then boy! are they living in that westminster bubble again.

    Pick a party. I don't care if it's greens, labour the lib dems or whoever. It's thousands of blogs and hundreds of thousands of posts and millions/tens of millions of tweets.

    Some of those are FAR more acute and cutting than anything seen on James blog. I could name about a dozen right now.

    Indeed the most informative parts on here have usually been cut and pasted such is the web nowadays.

    So where does this go? Leave aside the petty political pointscoring/viper-pit and remember this.

    It's not just scotland who has an outward looking multi-cultural, tolerant younger generation. It's E&W and NI too. Whatever else happens, they will not put up with anything that threatens or changes that. Those who say they don't vote are simply wrong and will be proved very wrong indeed if anything ever does.

    Count on it.

    We aren't just talking about one generation either.

    Everything indicates that attitudes not only have changed but will keep changing and are not about to turn back now.