Thursday, September 11, 2014

A polite message to "effing" David Cameron

Mr Prime Minister, sir.

The reason I am voting Yes is not that I want to, in your words, "give the effing Tories a kicking".

As you may be aware, this is not a by-election, or a meaningless protest vote based on emotion or anger.  The long-term future of this country is at stake next Thursday.

It is for that reason that I am very calmly voting Yes, to ensure that Scotland is never again ruled by a Tory government it didn't vote for.

Can you understand the difference?  Take your time.


  1. Replies
    1. Nick Robinson is probably applying some Kames Jelly to his ringpiece at this very moment.

  2. Yes, better luck next time thinking of a "witty" name.

  3. The prime minister of England David Camoron goes abroad on a foreign trip to Scotland and gives a speech in which he curses, how rude.

  4. Another incredibly sunny day with the Yes campaign running at full tilt on the ground.

    The hilarious westminster omnipanic continues to be an amusing diversion with out of touch twits shrieking witlessly at the top of their lungs. They clearly haven't a clue that the diverse Yes campaign groundswell has been built over years.

    Nor do they seem to understand that a panicking and hysterical No campaign doesn't actually look too edifying to the scottish public who didn't just arrive in a jet or train from Westminster.

    Now the No campaign and the out of touch westminster bubble media are back to rehashing the same old cretinous scaremongering that got them into this utter panic in the first place. You have to conclude they are a wee bit 'dolly dimple', to say the least. ;-)

    Meanwhile the sheer scale and importance of Scotland's Independence Referendum is being hammered home.

    Nick Eardley ‏@nickeardley 1h

    More on #indyref registration numbers … 97% figure based on last year's pop figures (see @SH_IpsosMORI)

    Colin ‏@_mozza_ 3h

    Here's a breakdown of the final registration figures per local authority area: …

    Whatever else happens it is abundantly clear that scots are taking this far more seriously than the westmisnter bubble pundits and media ever have.

    As for the out of touch comedy fop Cameron, let's just say his 'intervention' isn't going down too well with labour voters.

    Labour voters who are now being asked to vote No to save Cameron from heartbreak.


    Calamity Clegg has also weighed in and who doesn't trust him? :-D

    Yet more comedy from the incompetent fop on monday to look forward to as well.

  5. Did you see John Prescott babbling if Scotland and England had a united football team '' we could beat the Germans !!!''

    Pathos. England still obsessed by the war, Maybe a Zeppelin dropped a bomb on his house and he's still got a brooding resentment about it. I wonder when the English will get over the war ?

  6. Since neither Scotland nor England could beat Germany, you wonder how that's supposed to work.


  8. @juteman, that made me laugh out loud. Brilliant!