Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wisdom on Wednesday : A question that's been asked for a very long time...

"I have long said to myself, what are the advantages Scotland reaps from this so called Union, that can counterbalance the annihilation of her independence and her very name?"

The National Bard, Robert Burns, writing in 1790.


  1. Would be delighted if someone could tell me, been trying to get an answer from BT for years.

  2. Scott

    Just to give you a heads up I have just been polled by some company who would not tell me who commissioned the poll but it was obviously the Liberal Democrats and was mainly about North East Fife constituency.

    Very biased questions geared to all the Lib Dem achievements in Westminster.

    Will this be only NE Fife or be part of a larger poll?

  3. They may be polling several Lib Dem-held constituencies simultaneously, but it won't be a national poll. If it's an internal poll for the Lib Dems, they'll be looking to see how much danger they're in of losing the seat (the answer will presumably be "a lot"), and to test out which specific messages resonate most with floating voters.

    Also, if it's an internal poll, it'll never see the light of day (unless it's leaked).

  4. I live in East Dunbartonshire and was polled by Survation on behalf of the Liberal Democrats in November. Obviously given I am a former Labour voter and member but now find myself staunchly in the SNP camp for all elections, I'll not be polled again!

  5. Should have mentioned, someone I know from Yes Argyll has reliably informed me a similar poll was conducted there around the turn of the year by Survation. From what she believes, the SNP are in first place, with Tories and LibDems a fair bit behind in close proximity 2nd/3rd place respectively, with Labour slightly further away again down to 4th.

  6. The answer to Robert Burns' question is obvious - a monopoly of trade with the empire.

    Wait, what, there is no empire any more?

    In that case, I can't think of any advantages...