Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Gaelic musical that likes to say Yes

Ah, the Commonwealth Games.  Is this the greatest show that the far north of "the Middleland" has ever seen?  I've been so busy milling around Glasgow over the last few days that I haven't really had a chance to catch up with the reaction from other countries, but I was thrilled to spot a rave review on the CBC (Canadian TV) website last night.  Of course there have been lots of cultural events running in parallel to the sport, and last night I headed to Glasgow Green to see a free performance of Children of the Smoke, a sort-of-musical (although that doesn't quite do it justice) in Gaelic.  Unfortunately I missed the start, which probably means that I also missed a rough synopsis, so I couldn't make much sense of what was going on - but it did seem pretty extraordinary.  I spotted Kathleen MacInnes in the cast (although I must admit it took me 20 minutes to work out where I recognised her from!), and from what I read afterwards Patsy Reid may have been one of the live musicians, but as you can see from the photos below I was in the wrong vantage-point to see the musicians on the left.

In the last photo, you can probably spot a couple of cards on the side of the boat.  If the camera on my phone wasn't quite so rubbish, you'd also be able to spot that they display the Yes logo!  They were left up for a good couple of minutes at the end of the show.

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