Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wisdom on Wednesday : More from Parnell

"Why should Ireland be treated as a geographical fragment of England? Ireland is not a geographical fragment, but a nation."

Said by Charles Stewart Parnell, leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party at Westminster in the late 19th Century. Now, can you think of any other nation to which his maxim might possibly apply? For some reason TV weather forecasts have popped into my head...


  1. Hello James.

    Sorry to intrude but if TheUnionDivvie is about could he point out on PB that the same 'mysterious' force that prevented prominent PB poster Richard Tyndall from posting is now affecting me on PoliticalBetting. I am totally unable to post on any browser. It's not a ban curiously enough but PB just will not allow me to post. To be fair it still smells very like a cowardly new way to ban posters by other means which would hardly be surprising given PB, TSE and Smithson's track record on such things.

    BTW I agree with your assessment of the Greens duplicity on the EU elections. Pretty shoddy stuff from Harvie. It's the kind of tactic that makes me view the greens as little better than the lib dems if they keep it up.

  2. The greens using the list vote only and not putting up any contest for fptp seats in the Scottish elections was equally revolting behaviour.

  3. Anon : I don't have any problem with them doing that. Apart from anything else, it costs a lot of money to stand in the constituencies, so it makes perfect sense for them to concentrate their resources on the list vote where they have the better chance. But what they shouldn't be doing is hoodwinking people into thinking that the list vote is some kind of second preference vote.

  4. I'd be interested in why Anon1 is "revolted" by a party choosing only to stand on the list. Seems a slightly mental reaction.