Monday, December 2, 2013

The Strange Death of UKIP Scotland, or 'Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining'

Here's the bad news, folks : Nigel Farage has sacked Lord Monckton as "leader" of "UKIP in Scotland" (if the latter isn't a contradiction in terms). The party's administrative body has also been disbanded, prompting Monckton to declare that UKIP in Scotland has ceased to exist. ('Ceased'?)

But here's the good news : Monckton and his co-author Edwina Currie now have much more time to crack on with their long-awaited historical masterpiece Salmond : The Labour Years.

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  1. A tome well worth taking time over, in order to assure absolute accuracy.

    Munguin's Republic promises a full book review, with competitions and prizes of first (and possibly last) editions for the lucky winners.