Monday, December 23, 2013

Denis the Double Standard

I do actually have a modicum of human sympathy for Denis MacShane today - my only real problem with the guy is that he's a pompous, sanctimonious windbag who invents 'facts' to support his feeble arguments and then just cranks up the pomposity and sanctimoniousness even further whenever anyone calls him out on the lies. I don't want everyone like that put in prison. But then those of us who don't go around blaming the most vulnerable in society for all of the country's ills, and who are willing to take account of mitigating circumstances that may explain those people's failings, are actually in a position to express sympathy for MacShane without being hypocritical. Tom Harris is, to put it mildly, not in such a position, and yet he still posted this extraordinary tweet a few hours ago -

"Thoughts are with my friend and former colleague @DenisMacShane on this awful day. A good man."

So it seems that, in Harris-world, teenage mothers, immigrants, the homeless and benefits claimants must be mercilessly condemned as the authors of their own misfortunes, but the Great and the Good must be understood. Remind me - just why did you join the Labour party in the first place, Tom? Ah, that's right, because it's not "some sort of charity set up to help the poorest in society". Yeah, I think a number of us are certainly forming that impression.

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If the events of the day have put you in the mood, why not delve into the archives and try out the Scot Goes Pop Denis MacShane word-search puzzle? You might as well take the chance to limber up, because Word-Search Wednesday will be making a thrilling one-off return on Christmas Day!

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  1. As I said at the time of the word puzzle, he really is a prat.

    As of course is Bomber Harris.

    Like you, I don't think that fools should go to prison for being fools.

    But I am inclined to think that people who defraud the government out of so much money just because they can, because they are above reproach, should most assuredly go there, if for no other reason, "pour encourager les autres".

    Although, in fairness, that would only work, if prison was meted out to them regardless of their positions. MacShane is just one of those unfortunates who had upset enough top people to find himself used so that they could say... Oh no no no, even ex ministers aren't above the law.