Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A small prediction for 2014...

If there's a Yes vote in September, the first we'll hear from John Rentoul, Euan McColm et al will be something along the lines of -

"OK, OK, so we've had the Nat-friendly Panelbase 'result'. Now let's get serious - when's the Ipsos-Mori declaration due?"

Happy Christmas when it comes - and don't forget to leave a carrot out for Santa!


  1. James, it's all well and good making a joke but I fear a Unionist cry of 'foul' if the Yes win is by a narrow margin and the real possibility of a collective Lab/Lib/Tory effort to thwart/repudiate the result.

    Merry Christmas and a Successful Yes Campaign to one and all!

  2. My prediction is that 'Yes' will never (be allowed to be) be ahead in the polls, and 'Yes' will win 75/25.